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  • What is the current regulation of hindu minor child custody in gujarat for father?

    1. she left me and my two sons & went to her parents house before 2 yrs after long disputed married life of 8yrs with stri dhan.

    2. due to my prestige loss i left the city and my home & shifted to another state.

    3. about 1 & half year later she suddenly back and entered my house with her parents without my permission and stolen all important documents.

    4. i tried to settle the problem and went to my home. but she called on 100 no. & i arrested under 151

    5.after that i came back to my present place.

    6. i filed for divorce

    7. she filed 498 against me, my mother & sister. we are on bail

    8. she is living in my home in Gujarat,given ist floor on rent

    9. we are living on rent in uttrakhand

    10. i have two sons, elder age 8yrs,younger age 5 yrs

    11. i want to go back my home with my sons who are living with me.

    12. what's the remedy to kick this cruel women from my home

    13. how can save my sons from this cruel lady

    14. what is the current rule about hindu minor child custody

    15. how can i take my property back.

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  • My wife registered 498a against me, what should i do?

    my wife registered 498a against me in ahmedabad. please help me with your valuable advice,having following question to you respected members-

    1. i am out side of gujarat from more than 2 years when she left me and my 2 sons(8yrs. & 4 yrs.)

    2. she went with stridhan and all my gold chain, ring etc

    3. when i was out side of gujarat she suddenly came with his parents to ahmedabad entered my house without my permission and the costly all things along with my all important documents sent to her parents house.

    4. we tried to compramise and came to talk her at ahmedabad but she called '100' and i was in lockup whole night under section 151. after bail i returned back to my working place and now she registered 498a against me and against my mother and married sister what should i do?

    5.till today warrant could not be issue,how i can avoid arresting and how can i kick my cruel wife from my house?

    6. how i can save my sons (custody) ?

    7. i allready filled Divorce case before 498a in another jurisdiction,one notice sent cauld not received by her.

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  • Domestic violence act 2005/2006 is compoundable (can be taken back) ?

    if complaint registered under Domestic violence act 2005/2006 then it can be taken back or not ? explain legally.

    3 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police8 years ago
  • Regulatory authorities should improve efforts to evaluate the effectiveness of the various reporting mechanism?

    How Regulatory authorities should improve efforts to evaluate the effectiveness of the various reporting mechanisms in operation in their countries in the field of Clinical Research ?

    1 AnswerMedicine9 years ago