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  • NVME SSD work with Asus Prime Z370-A MB?

    I have an ASUS Prime Z370-A MB and recently purchased an ssd with nvme. Did i waste my money? My friend is telling me that I might not get all out of it since it might not be supported, but i haven't got a for sure answer online. Any techi's know? I need to know if I should return it. It's a samsung 970 evo 2TB SSD

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  • What's happening to me health wise??

    Ok, I NEED to know if this had happened to anyone else or get some advice with a health problem. Before anyone asks I've seen doctor about this and he's uncertain. I've been having this thing happen when I'm laying on my stomach when I am in bed, and all of a sudden, things go white, there's a small black dot, and I collapse into my hands. This only lasts for a short time, but I either come to just fine with a high heart rate, or groggy and trying to refind my breath. Sometimes it even send s tingles throughout my body and makes me feel super strange.

    A couple things to note, I have sleep apnea, I am severely overweight, and I've been having chest pain and left arm weakness for a little while. I have gone to the doctor and they have done an EKG and said that they don't think it's something with my heart, and this has never happened before regarding sleep apnea. I sleep with a CPAP. It ONLY happens when I am laying on my belly, otherwise if I'm on my back I go to sleep and lay in my bed normally. This is only happened four times, and not even every time I'm on my belly. Does anyone have any idea or any advice on what this could be? I just hope it's nothing serious.

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  • Attachment image

    Is this a bruise or jaundice?

    this is a picture of my belly, I just want to know if these are bruises or if this is something more serious. I recently had a stroke and they put me on a few medications. Thought I'd ask.

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  • Painful Lump Inside Upper Bum Crack?

    So I'd been having some abdominal pain lately, but yesterday something new happened. I went to take a nap, and when I woke up the very upper area of my bum crack was KILLING me. So I felt the area, and right inside the top (not necessarily at the top) there was a huge lump that I could feel. When I looked in the mirror it is just bright red, but I can't obviously get a good look at it. I called my doctor but he's out till Monday. Is this worth going to urgent care to get looked at or can I wait?

    I don't expect it's anything to serious, but it bothers me it came all of a sudden, and since it's shown up, I've had more pain in my lower back and have felt more nauseous. Any info someone would have on this would be great. THANKS!

    p.s. It hurts like hell to lay on my back and it almost feels like I can grab the lump, could it just be a boil that got very infected during my nap?

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  • What are these symptoms of (Abdominal Pain/Cough)?

    So I've been having a problem lately. To note before I forget, I'm a 27 year old 430 pound obese man. I've had a sort of stinging abdominal pain that is more often then not like right above my belly button or right below the middle of my chest. Sometimes the pain will be in my lower abdomen, but generally it's been place labeled before. I also have started feeling the need to cough lately alot, and also sometimes kind of feel a little off.

    I take these meds every day: Amlodipine (for high bp), omeprazole (just in case its acid reflux), and a Large asprin (to thin blood to prevent clots. Could this just be a very bad stomach issue? I notice some flem comes up when I cough sometimes, but it doesn't feel like I'm sick. And sometimes when I move a lot the pain gets slightly more intense, but the pain is never more then like a sting. Any advice would be great.

    p.s. I have seen my doctor recently and wanted to ask others what they thought before I make the effort to spend money and see him again. I used to think it was an Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm but I think it's safe to say that's far from what it could be.

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  • Feeling pain all up and down back and chest/stomach?

    So recently I've been having lower back pain that comes and goes, now it's everywhere! My chest, my stomach, my hip, lower and upper back, and sometimes my legs. It'll sting for a little bit and then go away, but the back pain is more consistent. Especially in lower back. I also have headaches that come and go as well. I went to urgent Care and they gave me meds, but they thought it was nothing to serious, I'm still worried though. Especially cuz I still have a pulsing feeling in the middle of my back. Do I need to seek immediate medical attention or wait to see my primary care doctor on Monday?

    I also will feel weird in the head sometimes with my pain ...also sorry for repeat questions I'm just a worry wart.

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  • Do I need to go to the hospital ASAP? Head/Spine question.?

    So I m obese, about 460 pound male, so of course I have a lot of health issues, but one of them has been really bothering me lately. I ve had 3 consistent things, a feeling of my heart beating through my back while laying down, and consistent random pain right at the base of my back right above my rear, and a stinging pain that comes and goes in the very back of my this something serious? I wouldn t think it is but it s causing random feelings in my body that I m not used to.

    I also have bad anxiety but take regular medication for it, just didn t know if it was something really serious like an aneurysm or something. Any advice would be great. (I can t see my doctor till next monday which is why I m asking.)

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  • I need help in knowing what's wrong with my health?

    MRI isn't till September 4th. Here are my symptoms, 1. random heat flashes 2. Random headaches in the front, top, and back of the right side of my head (usually dull or stingy and doesn't last long) 3. random bouts of dizziness/uneasiness 4. nausea 5. stinging feelings in chest and behind eyes. (sharp and sudden, don't last long). My main worry is that this is the symptom of an unruptured aneurysm pressing against my brain, but i'm starting do doubt that. Could i have some kind of infection or anything else wrong with my brain? I also suffer from anxiety but i take medication for that. ANY HELP WOULD BE GREAT <3

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  • Sorry for repeat post, I think I have an unruptured aneurysm, how long till it bursts?

    I've been feeling these symptoms lately. Uneasy feeling in head, slight dizziness, vertigo (not anymore but earlier in month), slight nausea (comes and goes), Full feeling in right cheek/right eye. Random spotted headaches on front, top, and back of right side of head (not strong, very mild), fear of impending doom, and sometimes a pain behind my right eye. A lot of these random pains causes a chill throughout my body. I fear this is the sign of an unruptured aneurysm. I have an MRI set up sep 4th but thats so far away. If it is what I think it is, will I survive till then? Do i need to just go to the hospital? (which would kill my pocket book) If it could possibly be something else, WHAT! I'm worrying myself to death on this. I am taking xanax when needed and 1 325mg asprin a day, and some motion sickness medicine when needed. I'd just like some clarity on the whole situation since I'm only 26 and really don't want to die this young. Maybe when I'm 28 ;). Any advice would be amazing.

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