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  • Is this gaming rig good?

    hello friends i want to know whether this rig is good enough to run all games at ultra settings or not.

    processor-intel core i3 3220 3.33 ghz

    gpu-sapphire amd ati radeon 7850

    oc edition 2 gb gddr5

    RAM-2x4 gb corsair vengeance 1866

    mhz dual channel.

    SSD-80 gb intel x25 m (for windows 64 bits obviously).

    hdd-500 gb wd c blue

    psu -i ball sphinter 720 watts

    mobo-gigabyte b75 m d3h

    i want to max all out all games...

    here are some benchmarks in games ( resolution -1368x768)

    battlefield 3 ( at ultra sett)-100+fps

    crysis 3 (ultra sett)- 40+ fps

    saints row 4 ( utra preset)- 60+

    nfs mw 2012 (ultra ) - 60+

    i think these results are good but will i be able to max out upcomung games like battlefield 4,batman arkham origins,assassins creed 4 resolution is not very high (1368*768)

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  • is this gpu good for todays gaming?

    hello i want to kno whether gtx 570 is good for gaming or not i think it can max out all games till date....if any suggestions plz do tell me bcoz i am getting this card at very low price ..

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  • is this a good gaming rig?

    hello iwanna ask whether this rig is good enougg to max out all games and is future proof or nt. specs ---

    intel core i3 3220 3.33ghz

    6 gb corsair vengeance ram

    GPU-amd hd7750 crossfired with hd 7790 2gb ddr5 ( plz dont tell me it doesnt work... it is working )

    720 watts iball psu

    500 gb wd c blue hdd with intel 80 gb SSD

    windows 7 ultimte x 64

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  • Which graphics card suits me?

    hello i wanna ask which graphics cards is best for me for $150 or 7500 rupees (INR) i have to play games n do some sort of vedio editing plz tell a gud gpu which can max out every game till date.nvidia or amd both r acceptable

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  • RAM 4 gb or 6gb ddr3 ?

    hey i really want to know whether i should go for 4 gb or 6 gb ram (ddr3) bcoz some say that installing odd no. of sticks ( modules) is not so good.

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  • Very high temperatures plz help!!!!!!!?

    hey i really wanna know why my cpu n gpu temp are so high

    at normal state ( ,ie,not during gaming)cpu temperature--75-80 celcius

    gpu-40 c

    during gaming --cpu temp--120 c n gpu --70-75 degree celcius

    my case is not pretty good but still i m having 2 fan 1 at rear as exhaust n other at side for cool air intake

    plz suggest me a way to get rid of these high temperature

    i have cleaned my cpu n there is no dust remaining anywhere

    here are specs

    inel core i3 3220 with stock cooler

    geforce gtx 660

    8 gb ram

    i ball stallion 720 watt(it has a very big fan n i think it draws all the cool air in my case)

    plz dont tell me to buy a new case bcoz im not in a position to buy a new one

    any suggestion will be appreciated

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  • Is This a good Gaming Rig?

    hello...I want to ask whether this is a good rig or not

    CPU-Intel core i3 3220 3.33GHZ


    GPU-Zotac Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 2 GB

    MOBO-Gigabyte D2-b75-d3h

    PSU-iBall Stallion 720 watt

    HDD -500 GB Western Digital Cavier Blue

    If u fell something( except gpu n cpu) needs to be upgraded plz tell me

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  • which is more important in gaming gpu?

    hey i want to know which thing in gpu affects the most in gaming. these r 3 options

    1-memory bandwidth

    2- texel rate

    3- pixel rate

    4- amount of vedio memory .

    plz tell me soon as im looking to buy a new gpu.

    n also tell me which is better amd 7870 or gtx 660 ti but first ques is at higher priority

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  • should we put oil in food?

    should we put too much oil in food to make it tasty or delicious n put too much spices to make it good

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  • My gpu problem!!!!plz help me out.?

    hey guys i have sapphire amd radeon 7850 2 gb gpu .i purchased it 12 days ago .it ws working good for first 8 days and then the problem starts.

    i got multi-coloured lines on my computer monitor .this problem started when i started playing moh warfighter .but early i played this game there ws no problm but i when downloaded a savegame for moh the problm started from that time

    i deleted the save game but i gt no change

    even now my comp doesnt boot up

    when i recieve a multicoloured line a long continuous sound is heard

    i have tried all measure to correct it updated drivers

    my card is also properly inserted

    my systm specs are-

    intel core i3 3.33 ghz 3220

    2 gb transend ram

    gigabyte dh61-d2h mobo

    450 watt supply

    500 gb wd cavier blue

    amd 7850 sapphire edition

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  • Should I updrade gpu or cpu ?

    hello friends i have intel core i3 3220 3.33ghz and amd radeon hd7850 2gb sapphire edition.

    which thing i should upgrade to get a better fps in games like nfs mw2, crysis 3 , assasins creed 3.

    i should upgrade amd 7850 to 7970 or

    intel core i3 to i5

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  • should i upgrade gpu or cpu?

    hello friends i wanna ask whether i should upgrade cpu or gpu

    my cpu -intel core i3 3220 3.33 ghz

    my gpu_amd radeon hd 7850 2gb sapphire edition

    which thing i should i upgrade to get better fps in todays games like crysis 3 nfs mw2 , assasibs creed 3

    thank u in advance

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