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  • Why do people assume that I don't go out?

    Most people assume that I don't go out. They think I stay home and watch tv and read books. I remember one of my coworkers asked me what I do on the weekends and if I go out at night. I told her I hang out with my friends and sometimes I go clubbing. She was shocked when I said I go clubbing. Another example is my past friend asked me if I went to this place ( I don't remember the place). I was about to answer and she just cut me off and said you don't go out. You never been there.

    Well I have more but I'm not going to discuss them.

    I don't understand why people assume.

  • How to be happy when you have food intolerances and indigestion?

    I have lactose intolerance and I can't eat dairy products. Now, I have to avoid them because if I eat them I get stomach and gas pain for three to four days. I really like to eat certain food such as ice cream and pizza. I also can't digest certain food such as beans and nuts. I get gas pain and gas. In addition, I can't really eat food with a lot of seasoning on them because they cause me to increase my stuffy nose. When I go out, I can't eat beef and pork. They are usually very seasoning.

    I know I am not the only person who has lactose intolerance/food problem but I don't know how to be happy. There are limited food I can eat. For example, if I go to a birthday party I can't eat cake or if I go out with my friends or someone, there are limited food I can choose from the menu. At home, I can

    make food without dairy or little seasoning, but I need to go out. Do you people who have food intolerances have any suggestion to make me happy? I do have a headache when it is time to eat.

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  • Am I doing something wrong in my job search?

    I am currently working but I am not so happy. The people I know who graduated from my college with me are making more than me. The lowest even make 10k more than me.(Some of them are my age and some are one or two years older than I am) In addition, some of my coworkers at my job tell me I can look for a better job since I have a college degree. Some of my clients tell me that also. I am still making entry level position salary. I graduated from college seven years ago. I know I should be happy that I have a job in this economy and should not compare with others but I'm not happy. I know I'm doing something wrong in my job search or something but I don't know what. Could any one give me some suggestion?

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  • Do you think there are limited places one can go when one is single?

    There are many places I would like to go but most of the places are usually go by couple. I can go but I feel awkward and embarrassed. Some examples are going to fancy restaurants (I do go to fast food restaurants, Deli and Cafes by myself and with friends),going horseback riding, and going canoes at the pond. There are more, I just name some. It wouldn't be a good idea if I go out with someone just so I can go to these types of places.What are your opinion about this?

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  • Why am I able to feel temperature and sensation on my right ear when I eat/drink?

    I feel my right ear are too connected to my throat. When I drink cold drinks, I can feel the coldness inside my right ear. When I eat spicy food, I feel burning in my right ear. It is a little bit painful. When I drink hot soup(opposite of cold) or hot drinks (opposite of cold),I feel hot on my right ear. Sometime I feel burn sensation. It feels like when you burn your tongue but it is mild burning sensation. I don't know why. I asked the doctor but he doesnt know. He checked my right ear and everything is normal. My hearing is fine and I don't have TMJ. It is annoying me and I feel uncomfortable. When I drink room temperature drinks,I don't feel anything. Does anyone have this and know why?

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  • How can I improve my memory so I can be more outgoing?

    I realized I have poor memory when it comes to detail. I really don't talk as much as my friends and the people I meet because I usually talk about myself in general. For example, one of my friends was talking about what happened to her while she was waiting for the bus. She told me about this person who was standing in front of her who was chatting with her and the details of the conversation and also what she was thinking about the conversation she had with the person while she was riding on the bus. If this was me, I would not be able to tell the story to her because I probably won't remember the conversation I have with that person. I would probably said to my friend that a person was talking to me while I was waiting on the bus and that would be the end of the conversation/topic.

    What could I do to improve my memory?

    Thanks a bunch.

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  • What to do now that I cause myself to be unemployed?

    I did something so wrong and stupid. On January 2012, I decided to quit my job to go full time to school. I was studying physical therapy assistant. Two weeks ago, I recieved a letter stating that I did not make to the program. The reason I quit because I was taking Anatomy class and I know I am not good at science. I want to get a good grade. Despite with a B, I was not accepted to the program. I decided to try other health programs that the school offers but my grade are not good enough. Now I am unemployed and don't really know what to do. It is extremely hard to find a job these days. How do I explain to the interviewer if she/he ask me why did I quit my job? gap on my resume? I already had a Bachelor in Business and I hate my previous job. I know in the end I have to think of a solution but can anyone give me their opinions and their advices.

    Thanks a bunch

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  • Why am I sometimes so smart and other times so slow?

    I can't figure out why I am sometimes so smart and other times so slow. I remember my ex boss asked me once why I am sometimes so slow and sometimes so quick and keen. Today, my mom asked the same question to me. Now, I am trying to figure this out myself but I don't know why. I want to be smart everyday. Could anyone give me an advise on this problem?

    Thanks a bunch.

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  • Do I have TMJ symptom or my retainer causing me to have tmj like symptom?

    I was wondering if I have TMJ. When I was wearing retainer at night I have some TMJ symptoms. The symptoms are : 1) clicking of the jaw 2) jaw stiffness when I wake up 3) difficultly finding the right bite. 4) jaw not close evenly and 5) tightness of the cheek. After I stopped wearing the retainer, I only have #1 symptom and #5. If I actually have tmj how can I prevent it form getting worse.

    Thanks a bunch.

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  • Is it normal to have involuntary lip movement?

    After I stop wearing the retainer at night, my lip starts to involuntary move. I am wondering is it because my lip is relaxing from the uncomfortable tight retainer I been wearing for 8 years. It does not move every second. It just move about 10-20 times a day. This is my three day of not wearing it but it got better. It didn't move as much as the first day.


    I'm extremely scare.

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  • How do you gain weight when you have a job?

    How can you eat every two or three hours if the job place only allow you to have one hour lunch break per day? This apply to every job places. I want to gain about 6-10lbs. What do you think I can do about this problem? I'm lactose intolerance so I can't drink whey protein.


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  • How do I look like my weight?

    I am 5'8' and 125lb. I am happy with my weight but there is a problem. I don't look like 125lb but less. Many people think I am 100lb and some think I weight less. I am skinny but I don't want to look like I have anorexia.( If I'm actually 100lb, I have anorexia) How do I look 125lb? Do I have to gain 10 more lb to look like 125lb? I just want to look like my weight. I am also wondering why I look less than my weight.

    Thanks a bunch

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  • Why do people mistaken me of having an accent?

    I don't like when people ask me why do I still have an accent because I came to the USA when I was 3 years old. I don't believe I have one because when I recorded myself I sound fine. I believe people think that because I have a strong nasal sounded voice. I talk through my nose because I have allergy. I have stuffy nose almost everyday. This encourage me to talk less and worsen the situation because now I have tongue tied with strong nasal sounded voice. I also mumble when I talk.

    How can I stop people asking why I have an accent and what I can do? or do I actually have an accent but I don't know and what should I do?

    Thanks a bunch

    I do see an allergist and it helped a little bit but I still have stuffy nose.

    I think people think I have one because when I pronounce the "L" in a word, it sounded like a "N". I use my nasal.

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  • Why I can't drink cold drinks/water?

    I can't really drink cold drinks or water. I get a stomachache. I thought because of the sugar in the drinks so I try to drink cold water but I still get stomachache even with or without food. I feel like a old lady but I'm only in my mid 20s. I could only drink hot and room temperature drinks/water. Does anybody knows the reason why?

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  • How to gain weight without getting indigestion?

    I try to add about 400 calories in my diet and on the third day I have indigestion. After that day, I can't eat much and I went back to eating about 1200 calories/day. Is there a way to gain weight without getting indigestion? I think I'm lactose intolerance so I don't think I can take whey protein.

    Thanks a bunch

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  • How do I know if I am asexual?

    I'm in my mid 20s and I never have a boyfriend. I started dating three years ago because my friends and sister said I probably have high standard on guys so that why I'm still single. So, I dated few guys who are and aren't physically attracted to me. None of these guys I find interesting. If it wasn't for my friends or sister, I still not be dating. Also, I just find guys physically attracted but nothing else. Like some girls would go up to them and ask them out. I am not afraid to go up to them. It just that it never occur to me to ask them out. In addition, If I'm walking down the street and I see a guy I'm attracted to me, I would said to myself he's cute and then I just keep walking.( After that one second of glancing at him I don't feel anything) Finally, I only think about sex when I'm having my period the first two days.

    Am I asexual or something?

  • Why is it difficult to make new friends when you completed school?

    I find it very difficult to make new friends when I'm completed/graduated from schools (college). My friends either moved to a different states or married with children. I usually talk to them on the phone or through facebook. I hang out with my friends that are married maybe twice a year. I would like to make new friends. First, I do talk to my coworkers and we did hang out outside of work. In the end, we are still consider "coworkers". One of my them is pregnant so she just want to go home after work and some of them got a new jobs. I do call my ex coworkers but we stop hanging out because their work schedules are different and they are busy. We usually hung out because we worked in the same company. Second, I go to gym and I do talk to people but we don't see each other when we leave. They are much older than me and/or they have children. They either want to hang out with their boyfriend/husband/children after gym. Third, I go to groups in but all the groups have similar goal. They are for dating. (I have no problem with finding a date)

    Why is it hard to make new friends when you completed school? It was easily to make friends when I was in school. I don't have any friends now and I'm not happy. Could you give me some suggestion?

    Thanks a bunch

    PS Does the friends that you made in schools is going to be the only friends you going to have for the rest of you life? ( I'm not talking about girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife) I wish my belief is wrong. Please proof me wrong.

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  • How to get rid of sleep lines?

    Could I use anti-wrinkle cream for my sleep lines? I'm trying my best not to sleep on my stomach. Could I get rid of sleep lines? I'm in my mid 20's but I look like I'm in my late 20's. I don't want to look older than my age.


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  • Do I have IBS or is it psychologically?

    After knowing the term and symptoms, I have IBS. My abdominal hurt before and/or after bowl movement. My stools are like pencil and ball ( Sorry for the description). I sometimes have constipation and gas. Do I actually have IBS ? How can I end this or get relief?


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  • How much should you eat to have bowel movement daily?

    I'm not sure if I eating enough each day that cause me not to have bowel movement daily. I do have bowl movement three times a week. I would like to have bowel movement everyday because if I don't I feel stuff up. I can't really eat much. The day I have bowel movement I eat more. I'm 5'8" and I eat about 1200 calories daily.


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