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  • How do people who live in District of Columbia vote?

    They aren't part of a state, they don't have representation in the electoral college. Are they allowed to register with a boardering state? Or do citizens of the capital of the country they live in straight up not allowed to vote?

    5 AnswersElections6 months ago
  • What would be the best way to say "My father is dead." in Japanese? ?

    Like, hypothetically, if someone were asking about my family and asked what my father did for a living or how old he was or something like that, what would be the most common or polite way to explain that he's dead? 

    1 AnswerLanguages7 months ago
  • In Japanese, when saying the name of a pet, am I supposed to add an honorific?

    For example, if I'm speaking of someone else's pet, say maybe for example their pet's name is honda, would I say honda-chan or something, or just honda?

    1 AnswerLanguages7 months ago
  • What is the best paint for dishes? ?

    I have this tea pot, and I want to paint it. I want a long-lasting, food safe, waterproof kind of paint. What kind of paint is good for this? 

    1 AnswerPainting8 months ago
  • How are the break laws different for convenience stores? ?

    Most jobs are legally required to provide a ten minute break every two and a half or so hours of working(varies by state it seems, but most jobs will give you a break for every 2-2 1/2 hours) and a lunch if you are there for 6+ hours. 

    If you work at 7 Eleven, however, or some other convenience stores, breaks are not officially provided at all. If you are lucky, you might work in a store that will allow you to sit for a few minutes. You're typically allowed to eat while you work, but don't have a lunch break. 

    I understand it's not feasible to give 7 eleven employees official breaks as sometimes they are the only ones there, and cannot leave the store unnattended. But why don't break laws apply to them? Where do we draw the line officially, what kinds of businesses are like 7 Eleven and are not required to give breaks, and what kind of businesses are? Is there criteria that makes the law see 7 Eleven as a convenience store and exempt? 

    I am just curious about what is making 7 Eleven and similar businesses allowed to be exempt from the break laws that applied to every other workplace I've ever seen. What other kinds of businesses are also exempt? 

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics8 months ago