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  • How do I get my Mom to stop sleeping in my bed and using my shower?

    My Mom and her fiance recently moved into a new house with 4 full bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. She and her fiance are supposed to share the master bedroom, and my sister and I have our own separate rooms. My parents are separated, so my sister and I are only at my Mom's on the weekends.

    I've noticed that, in the new house and the previous house they were in, my Mom likes to sleep in my bed instead of hers. I've asked her nicely not to several times since it's pretty gross, but she always claims that it isn't because she showers before bed, as if she doesn't sweat or lose skin cells and hair while she sleeps. And I've recently noticed that she's been using my shower that is attached to my room, even though there are three others she can use and we even discussed who would use which shower since there are 4 showers and 4 people. I know she's been in my shower because there's hair on the wall that isn't mine and the shower head is always moved. And she has a perfectly good king sized bed in her room she can use. She and her fiance aren't fighting, and she's been doing this for nearly a year now.

    I'm getting really fed up with her ignoring my requests every time, and if she keeps it up I'm going to confront her about it. Is there anything I can say or do to make her see my side and stop?

    I'm female, BTW.

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