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  • Gift ideas for 50 yo woman with no hobbies?

    My boyfriend has just moved in with his friend and his friends mum, who has been so welcoming to both of us, even though I just go there once a week. So her birthday is coming up and we want to get her a gift but have no ideas since we don’t know her that well yet. We plan to take her out for dinner but also want to get her something...she’s 50, doesn’t go out, has a 22 year old son and husband in Sri Lanka. She doesn’t wear make up, we know she wouldn’t use a spa or massage voucher. All she really does is cook and clean....any ideas?? 

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  • Am I wrong? Is my boyfriend just being selfish?

    My partner lives with 2 roommates, they’re a couple that own 3 dogs, one of which is not registered. These poor dogs don’t get walked, have not been bathed in 2+ years, their food and water bowls are never washed. they sh!t in the backyard abs since it never gets cleaned, they step in it and their paws are filthy, nails are extremely long - the list goes on! So I haven’t reported this because this might be a risk to my partners accomodation. However he’s moving out in a week, and I told him my plans to report their situation once he moves out. He was very angry about this because he wants to keep in touch with them (yet he constant talks sh!t about how filthy they are) and thinks that this would ruin their friendship. I told him he is being selfish and I’ve compromised my morals for a year, now I have no reason to hold back 

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  • Is it wrong that I don’t want him to meet everyone for Christmas?

    My ex boyfriend and I have started dating again, I told him I want to take things slow and see if we can work through things. He met my parents, they really liked him but he doesn’t know the rest of my family. For Christmas, I’d like him to have dinner with my parents and me... but I will have a separate event with extended family. I’ve known him for 6 months, is it wrong of me to not want him to meet everyone yet? I don’t want him to feel like I’m using him or I’m not serious.. but being in lockdown put strain on the relationship so I want to see what our relationship can be like after lockdown, if it can work. 

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  • Am I too sensitive? ?

    My boyfriend confuses me in the way he talks. Sometimes he responds to a question or statement and just sounds aggressive and patronising in his tone... but he says he’s not angry. He will often point out things I say or do that are “stupid” or “annoying” it seriously makes my blood boil sometimes when he puts so much emphasis on the word “stupid”. I’ve told him it upsets me and he just says that he says it but he doesn’t mean I’m stupid or annoying. Over time I’ve started feeling self conscious around him, I feel like my self esteem us getting slowly destroyed. 

    Im 28 years old, am I too sensitive? I’ve thought about breaking up with him many times, but then I wonder if I need to toughen up. At my age I feel like I should be able to disregard these things and not let it do this to me

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