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  • Buddhist beings who are not in Hinduism?

    I was reading about Shenje, but could not find him in Hindu literature. What other great beings are in Buddhism that are not in Hinduism and vice versa. And did Buddha meet these beings himself, like the baka brahma?

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  • Reference to when Buddha had to dumb down his teachings in order to get them across?

    I forgot where I read it, but Buddha had to teach less than the full truth(even lie) to some of the people he met because that way he was able to atleast get some of his teachings in to people. It also went in to say that because some people are so ignorant or unready for the teaching, that it is acceptable to give them the necessary "kick". Can someone send me a link to somewhere or expand on this.

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  • What are the gurus missing that Buddha's have and why are they teaching?

    If I should learn guidance from a guru to be taught directly, and there is only a handful of buddhas every [whatever long period of time Buddhists/Hindus assign the smaller periods of time on earth( several thousand years or so)], then what have the buddhas come to know that the earthly gurus do not yet have?

    This post is not about the legitimacy or history of using gurus, keep the answers in the context of the question.

    2 AnswersReligion & Spirituality2 months ago
  • History of the word evil?

    Was just listening to Nikolaus Schrek about how the church of Satan wasn't evil enough, and thought it an interesting concept, since I am familiar with what laveyan satanism really is. I also listen to black metal and read some interviews from some guys in those bands, and have started to get the sense that the word evil has a long and unknown history to most, and that in its totality of meaning there is a part of it that does not translate to only hate and violence, etc.... Where can I read more of this?? 

    3 AnswersReligion & Spirituality2 months ago
  • Is there a phrenology of the face, or body types?

    I've read phrenology has to do mostly with the sizes of the cranium, but is there a term that concerns itself with facial geometry or bodily geometry. It would be like how palmistry also concerns itself with the shapes of hands and fingers etc...

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  • Why do modern movies suck so bad?

    I am not a historian in movies by any means, but it seems like most movies today are total crap. I love movies and there are some great ones, but the ones that really do well are terrible. I love to go to people's houses and see how they decorate and what they like to collect. I almost always see people's movie collection with nothing but action and "young adult" comedies. I was reading a biography of Gustav Flaubert today on why he hated the newspaper, and it seemed eerily similar as to why I hate modern movies, and media in general. I feel the psychic milieu of the most recent generations are becoming more and more degraded, not in a way that is unique to this generation, but in a tapping into an inherent weakness of disposition that is inborn in all humanity, past and present. Is the zeitgeist we are consuming/creating in most modern movies lowering our potential,  have popular movies always had a disposition towards mental impotence, or are neither correct?

    My roommate was watching the dodgeball movie and I had to walk away. I know there is some kind of lesson that is learned in all movies, but I feel these types of movies don't satisfy something that I wish they would. they make me feel as if my intelligence is being taken advantage of in a way. My roommate asked me why I didn't like these movies, but i can feel what I want to say, but do not have the words for it. Help me out or tell me why I'm wrong.

    3 AnswersMovies2 months ago
  • Looking for good bands?

    I've spent most of my life obsessing over late sixties to mid seventies rock and roll, but over the past couple of years have started to really dig alot of other genres. I feel like I have an extremely good grasp on the golden era of rock, and have seen how so many good bands have really been forgotten in history, and how you can waste an eternity before coming into some real gold. I don't have a really defined cosmology of other types of music, so its nice that I can listen to stuff really unprejudiced, although I tend to miss the relevance it had on other bands.i don't know what my style is but I'll name some of my faves from a couple genres and hopefully some gurus can chime in. I'm mostly looking for black or death metal bands, but am cool with whatever. 

    Golden era rock(all subgenres)-Yes, leaf hound,  ELP, hendrix, jobriath, , Sabbath, country Joe and fish, early Grateful dead, blue cheer, ultimate spinach, relatively clear rivers, Dust, T2Newer rock-Sleep, Soundgarden, king gizzard and the lizard wizard, witchcraftFolk-Joni Mitchell, tyranasaurus rex, mamas papas, Sybil baierPunk-Dolls/thunders, minor threat, the germs, stooges, deathPop/indy-Anna Burch,devandra banhardt( some of his **** is ******* trash and some is killer), Cate Le bonBlack metal-Youna, Armageddon, gorgoroth(all eras), cradle of filth, immortal, craftDeath metal-Job for a cowboy, blood incantation, PortalClassical-.Alexander Scriabin, Rimsky-Korsakov

    5 AnswersRock and Pop2 months ago
  • How much the number of soldiers contributes to ability to win a war?

    Me and roommate in debate over how much sway number of soldiers contributed to win ort loss for each war. Does anyone have numbers of available soldiers, not how many died in action. He says it absolutely does, but I don't remember any of the major wars being fought by vastly outnumbered militaries, or where tactics and luck haven't played a huge role. I do know that the civil war was double people on the north than south. Wasn't even the civil war close in the end?

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  • Made up word in" how I met your mother" for good but not exactly what you want?

    Maybe it's a real word. The German guy (officer dangle) who skips out in the wedding with the girl who Ted's dating(narrowing it down...ha) explains that he can't marry her because she is good but still missing that price if her that makes her perfect for him. I don't want the Dutch gibberish word, but the real word if there is one.

    Singles & Dating2 months ago
  • Made up word in" how I met your mother" for good but not exactly what you want?

    Maybe it's a real word. The German guy (officer dangle) who skips out in the wedding with the girl who Ted's dating(narrowing it down...ha) explains that he can't marry her because she is good but still missing that price if her that makes her perfect for him. I don't want the Dutch gibberish word, but the real word if there is one.

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  • Word or phrase on unnecessary emotional attachments to words, or words that have become degraded in meaning by sentiment,culture, overuse?

    I understand that words transform through time, and sometimes end up having multiple or different meanings, but are there phrases or words that describe this. 

    I am especially interested how "big" words like peace, love, hate etc... have seem to take on such emotional power that people sometimes fail to understand them in context.

    I think emotionally charged words are called loaded language in rhetoric, but as far as both questions go I would like direction to which I can better describe this occurrence. Lead me to something to read or give me a good list of words that classify these phenomenas

    2 AnswersWords & Wordplay2 months ago
  • 30 y.o. son and mother can't reconcile?

    My mother says I'm disrespectful but I don't see it. I have no problem admitting that I like to poke peoples buttons, especially if I can get them to engage in conversations in "big" topics. I love philosophy, psychology, religion...etc, and enjoy in having deep, wrenching conversations. People have also told me that I have an impersonal sense of humor . My mother and I got into a really big fight and I am having a hard time convincing her that we are arguing about two separate things. She thinks I am a bratty child with no direction( I have had many jobs this year due to fighting with bosses-i do not tolerate rude people), but I can't get her to see that morals come first, and I always engage in civilized conversation , but most of what I present is too lofty for others and people take personally(usually due to an overinflated ego). My problem with my mother is that she won't try to connect with me, she does not understand what I am saying(calls it psycho babbel), and all I want to do is really dig into our problems so that we can have a deeper relationship. I want to engage and she wants to move past it, she sees me as a child with a superiority complex and I see her as emotionally insecure. Thoughts?

    13 AnswersPsychology2 months ago
  • Is there a word for words that have different meanings?

    I am aware of homonyms, homographs, homophones, etc... But am looking for the word that would describe the relationship for categories of a word such as how the Greek concept for love has multiple characteristics but is still broadly identified as live.

    2 AnswersWords & Wordplay2 months ago
  • Nissan 96 truck rattle under hood?

    Truck started making this noise a while ago, obvious rattling when accelerating. Mostly obvious when under load as opposed to idling. Haven't really driven since then. Old fashioned screwdriver stethoscope hears funky noise from power steering pump, but I took off the power steering belt and still heard the noise. When this first happened, I replaced the timing chain tensioner, which was broke in half, the power steering pump, and the oil pump. I'm trying to get this thing on the road again, but I am stumped.

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 months ago
  • What happens on an atomic level when electricity arcs between two contacts?

    What actually is blackening and putting of metal

    2 AnswersChemistry3 months ago
  • How much of creator is present inside of the demiurge's creation?

    Been reading about gnosticism lately and am curious to different ideas on yaldabbaoth/demiurge's creation of this universe and all of its dimensions and how much of the original God's influence or presence resides within it.

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality3 months ago
  • Where can I find free a/c, refrigeration online courses?

    Started as a helper for an Ac and refrigeration company and am trying to learn for free. Just spent a hour trying to find a free online course. Found many links but nothing of real substance. Right now I'm on YouTube and a college course book but would like an actual free course I can take.

  • Why does a refrigerating system need an evaporator?

    Im studying Ac refrigeration and I do not understand what this book keeps showing. Why have an evaporator at all? If colder vapor is going into a compressor and it's churning out hotter vapor, then that hotter vapor has to cool to become liquid(which has less temperature) why can't the compressor pump the low vapor at a lower psi? Wouldn't that equal hot liquid instead if hotter vapor?

    10 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs3 months ago
  • Best book for knowing how politics works?

    Would like to know the art of politics. both in theory and the history of it. Mostly interested in buy offs, physiological tactics, all the dirty stuff, but would also like to see the textbook side as well. 

    5 AnswersPolitics6 months ago
  • Are there grants to take one class at community college?

    I want to take a manual machining class, but I don t wanna pay 400 bucks. I graduated with a welding degree a couple of years ago if that matters. I m looking for options to get some free money for the class but I can t really find anything online. Most want you to take a full 12 credit hours.