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  • Bitter cane ?

    What are the consequences that foreign companies have had on Haiti? 

    Why are companies drawn to Haiti? Do they fix unemployment? What were your reactions to the American men’s businessmen perspective’s about their role in Haiti?

    Politics4 months ago
  • Bitter cane ?

    After the revolution why has Haiti been ruled under so many dictatorships? Whose interest do presidents like Papa Doc Duvalier prioritize?

    Politics4 months ago
  • Bitter cane ?

    Why have so many Haitians left their homeland and migrated to the U.S. and the Dominican Republic?

    1 AnswerDominican Republic4 months ago
  • Bitter cane ?

    What are some similarities between Haitian migration discussed in the film and current Central American migration?

    History4 months ago
  • Bitter cane?

    Drawing from interviews describes the life of the peasants in Haiti. Who are they? Where are they coming from? Describe the labor that goes into the cultivation of coffee and sugar. What toll does that have on their bodies?

    Words & Wordplay4 months ago