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i m social person who believes in helping people as much as possible here. because i don't forget tht other people have helped me here..

  • Film of Shabana Azmi?

    Few months back, I watched a film of Shabana Azmi on TV. In this film, Shabana marries a man who wants spent his life in village to serve the people of village. Shabana also wents to that Village, they face many dificulties in village life, but her husband was determided to stick there. Shabana's some frieds come there. They laught at the situation of shabana Azmi. Shabana decides to leave village life. She comes to her parantal house and does job as a Guide in travell agency (Mumbai or Ahmedabad). But after few days, she feels lonely in her life and she returns to village and accepts her husbands work. Can anybody tell me the name of that movie and who was the co-star with Shabana Azmi? Its very ideal movie for the person like me. PLsssssssssssss help me.

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  • Why figure 12 is important in Hindu Dharma?

    During our lilfe, we hear much about number 12 in many things,like 12 hours, 12 births, 12 languages, 12 tapas (austerities), 12 Gaj (Measurement). Is there any important of 12 in hindu religion or any other religion?

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality10 years ago
  • marriage life safe due to another woman?

    i m married for 10 years. My wife is not ready to support in my life, however she loves me much but i need her support every moments. I started to live life as per my wish and during this, i came in contact with another co-worker lady. she is also married and mother of two. we fall in love and in private without knowing anybody, we got married with each other. but while our marriage, she demanded promise from me to keep my first wife happy at any cost and to keep my mother also very happy. she expects from me to be good husband towards my first wife. she tell tht i should give all love to my first wife only and then only i should love her. due to her constant efforts, now i am again rejoined with my first wife and i m trying to keep her happy. she (my first wife) feel surprise due to sudden change in me, but she doesn't know the real reason behind it. now, my transfer is made and i will have to leave the place where my lover is residing. I will not b able to live without her as she has changed my life in all aspects. she treats me like baby (she is older then me). I find great warmness in her...i m much depressed...I will not be able to meet her easily after my departure. plsssss help me.. my life without her will b like desert....

    4 AnswersMarriage & Divorce10 years ago
  • I m in luv wid older lady (5 years older then me). what to do?

    I was woriking in pvt firm. along with other emplyees, one lady (older then me, but much beautyful) was also working there. I worked there for 1 year n during all these time, I did not thing anything about her (I swear) and we always talked with respect with each others. She is married and having two children. She is pure hearted lady. I am also married and very happy with my wife. One day I got my transfer order and she invited me for dinner, i went, ate well, talked well (no any hint from any side), when I was about to go from her house, she wished me for my future and I also advised her about her work. We cought each other's hand and she kissed on my head (like mother). Suddenly we hugged each other for few moments. But when I tried to approach further, she cried and requested not to go further as she is much respecting me. I stopped and she came with me upto doors. She demanded promissed from me not to do this with anyother person as I am married person. (she is very matured in such aspects). I promissed her. She also demanded promissed from me to keep my wife happy by all means. I promissed. Next day I got her call, we talked for long time. She begged pardoned for yesterday's episode. I told her tht it was true feelings towards each other, she was under confusion. Next day again we talked on mob. and she confessed tht she loves me. After few day's talk, we reached to the exted that we decided to got married (in private without knowing anyone). we married each other in front of god. She requested me to treat our relation as a "divine love" (no sex). I was happy with it. She also talks with my wife on phone very nicely. Now after few days I will leave for new city and will not b able to live without her. I feel fear tht after my departure any other person will come in her life. She is much much beautyful ( I am nothing before her),she is financially sound (I am not much). She is having huge social life (but feels lonely). But she always clears tht I am the only person to whom she loves. (she does not tell lie at any time). HOW TO MAINTAIN THESE RELATION? I NEED HER VERY MUCH. PLS HELP.....

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  • Gujarati version of Jonathan Livingstone Seagull book?

    Very inspiring book "JONATHAN LIVINGSTONE SEAGULL" (By Richard Bach) is available in Gujarati language? If yes, from where I can get it? pls guide me.

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors1 decade ago
  • i have train from Lokmanya Tilak Termi. at 11=00 am. how can i reach easy there from vasai road?

    i m new in mumbai, i have train from Kurla (Lokmanya Tilak), i have to go from Vasai to Kurla. Which shall be easiest way to reach there. (Note : I have much lugguage and my mother aged 65 Yrs. so I want to avoid train)

    2 AnswersRail1 decade ago
  • can i get reservation in Kamroop exp. frm guwahati to tinsukia?

    i checked up trains from guwahati to tinsukia,but though, kamroop express runs daily through guwahati, i don't find tht train for the purposer of reservation from guwahati to tinsukia. why? giwahati is not allowed for reservation in this train? pls help me.

    2 AnswersOther - India1 decade ago
  • in may 2008, i have plan to go to trivendrum, v r 12 people, is there any cheap hotels?

    in next may 2008, v have trip to trivendurm, i need some names of cheap hotels (must b clean) with its rate. It is preferable to b near railway station. and wht r ther places to be visited in trivendrum in one day?

    3 AnswersOther - Destinations1 decade ago
  • my trip to varansi is on 2nd & 3rd NOvember. v r 10 persons. i want name of cheap & clean hotel & terrif?

    i will reach at varanasi on 2nd november noon with 10 persons. i want quite cheap but clean guest house/hotel. wht would b terrif and its name, address. on 3rd there is only one train for guwahati, wht is easiest way to go to guwahati from varansi? 5 persons r old aged with me.

    2 AnswersOther - India1 decade ago
  • any direct bus avalbe frm guwahati 2 new jalpaiguri?or wht wld b taxi rate between tht cities. v r 10 person?

    i want to go from guwahati to darjeeling by taxi (sumo or qualis)in NOv. is there direct bus service or can i get cheap taxi for that rout & how many hours journey between guwahati to new jalpaiguri/silliguri by road?

    1 AnswerOther - India1 decade ago
  • can anybody tell about female massager in ahmedabad with name of place and phone no.?

    as i did not find any ad in new paper for female massager like delhi and bombay, i want to know about female massager in ahmedabad.

    3 AnswersAhmedabad1 decade ago