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  • Why are some dog owners so snobby ?

    First I don't own a mixed breed 

    I have seen on this site multiple basically say horrible things about cross breeds which I just don't understand your 2000 pound/dollar dog is no better than a mixed breed dog. There lives matter just the same get off your high horse a dog is a dog get a grip seriously 

    7 AnswersDogs2 weeks ago
  • How to deal with mentally ill neighbour?

    OK first of all I have mental health issues myself and am part of a peer support network and my father and uncle are schizophrenic so I'm not saying anything bad about mentally ill but this neighbour is crazy she has cameras all over her doors she bangs on the floor upstairs (it's a flat) she threatens us she has attacked me she accuses us of talking about her we have phoned the housing to get her moved they won't do anything we have phoned the police we have phoned mental health teams and they don't do anything my dad has been sectioned for less than what this lunatic has done and thats not all her boyfriend who isn't mentally ill an is completely aware of her condition joins in and threatens us all the time he tried the door a few times and has peed on the door aswell and they have a young child who is about 5 and they start arguments in front of her ect and the kid is even starting to shout at us and call us names it's out of control and I don't know what to do we have tried the appropriate authorities and I feel like well I might aswell give the boyfriend a severe beating just to see if they will learn but I don't know what to do 

    2 AnswersMental Health3 months ago
  • Why is there no white prophets ?

    Just wondering why throughout major religions there have been no white prophets and I'm not talking about Mormons I'm talking about judism Christianity and islam even Buddhism and Hinduism ect 

    11 AnswersReligion & Spirituality3 months ago