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  • Looking for a show?

    So A long time ago I saw this show & I can’t remember the name of it. Please someone help me remember. 

    It’s about a clown and there was also an older woman with her older mentally challenged son, he was fat, brown hair, and had glasses and there was other characters in the show. The guy sang “there’s red and yellow and red and blue and indigo” 😭😭 I don’t think it was on SyFy. It wasn’t a scary show, but not a comedy either. 

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  • Why do guys do this to girls?

    So, to be specific me.

    Why is it that guys only see me as something sexual.. they don’t want to date me. They say I’m different & that it’s good.. they find me funny, beautiful, ect., by one I was told they didn’t see themselves with me.. yet a little bit ago asked if I wanted to do sexual things.. like seriously wtf. Anyways, it’s happened around 5-6 times now guys act interested, but then stop.

    I want a bf but at the same time don’t & I don’t want to have 1nighters nor fwb.. but it’s upsetting to think I want to get to know somebody & they to play me.

    I’m not a big flirt & I dress normal as in dresses or pants nothing really revealing. how do you guys think would get guys to notice me for me in a none sexual way if I’m being me 😂😂

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  • Please help?

    What does it mean when a guy says “Bored men shouldn’t equal depression.”

    Someone please explain what it could mean.

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  • Is this normal?

    Before anything, for the past week i’ve drunk Tim H’s coffe x3 cream 0 sugar. I stopped drinking it & Idk if it’s bc I don’t drink regular milk (I prefer almond) or whatever but my stomach has been bloated & I feel a pain in my lower abdomin. I have been tooting, but feel constipated. I’m worried but I think it’s gas..

    Please help

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management2 years ago
  • What is best?

    Long story short I’m really into this guy, we hung out a couple of times & he held my hand ect. He seemed to like me, but a couple days ago he started acting distant. So I found out today he still thinks about his ex (whome he wasn’t with for 2 years) I understand I was with my ex for 2 years as well before breaking up.

    It hurts bad. She cheated on him, ect.

    He just wants to be friends and do his thing right now & says he’s a mess. He said he does like me. Anyways, I really like him and want to give him his space, but I’m scared he’ll lose feelings ect. How can I stop being so clingy. Like I don’t mean to.. I like him a lot. I don’t want to be, but I can’t help it.

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  • Why is this happening ?

    I go to the gym everyday. I love the gym. I do bodybuilder training, but i’ve always been a heavy set girl. I’ve lost weight, yet my stomach seems bigger or looks bigger even tho I am losing weight everywhere. . I’m just curious as to if any gym goer knows why. . It’s irritatinf bc it’s just my stomach

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  • What should I do ?

    Dated A boy for 8 months, broke up then got back together. Dated again for A year & 4 months after the last break up so maybe 2years ypu could say. . Met A boy along the way bc my bf wasnt putting his attention towards me. My past bf was hardworking, bought me things I liked at times, took me to eat & movies at times. We broke up bc I kept being mean to him for A while bc he said he knew he shouldnt make excuses but he kept doing them. This new guy is sweet as ever, says nice things, has liked me for the longest time & has waited 7 months for me even after my breakup. But doesnt have A job. I dont want him buying me anything but no job makes me feel like he s lazy. Anyways, I ve been talking to this new guy for A min, but don t want to get into A relationship. I miss my last bf . ., Ive noticed Ive gotten deep depression & anxiety more & more often. ., I think I was my past bf. . But I dont want to break this new gus heart even more when I havent even given him A chance. . What should I do. .

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  • Why s that I feel alone ?

    I felt A vivid dream about my bf. . We ve been going out for almost 2 years.

    I don t remember much, but in the dream I told him I didn t want to be with him & I was mad & I told him lies to hurt him & then I felt bad & didnt want him hurt any more so I was apologizing, which got him mad & left my life for good. Idk why I dreamt that it sounded petty, but I do love him just sometimes I feel alone. . We barley see each other only the weekends. .

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  • Attachment image

    Cheek piercing ok or no ?

    I am scared this could be infected, but it had white liquid. Searched it could be A lymph, but i'm not quiet sure. It's A big bump & it looks irritated. .

    4 AnswersOther - Skin & Body4 years ago
  • Should I stop trying or keep my side & try more?

    Okay so there's this guy I used to work with & he left for college so he own't be coming back until May. Everything was going off said he liked me ect & started flirting, we both hit it off, but a small argument happened which I managed to get cooled off, but then something else happened & he just said we weren't really communicating equally meaning I had one way of saying things & he had a different way, he says he still likes me but prefers we stay as friends which hurts my feeling bc I don't really want him thinking of me as A friend in the future, like I told him i'd wait until May for him when he initally said he was cool with that I was worth it, but now it's idk. ., I like him A lot. ., but he basically now rejected me bc of the stupid fight. ., he just wants to be friends no matter what I say, but he says he still likes me & says he wants to forget the feeling but he'll take a couple months, but I don't forget even by months. . I asked him if we could go on One date at least when he came back he said no just ask friends. ., But should I wait until he comes back & continue talking to him & see if I can convince him I'm not like the other girls that hurt him. ., or should I just completely back off & ignore him from now on. .

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  • /: Should I drop my hopes ?

    Ok so I met this kid at work & we just started talking, he seems cool & all but I think I get infatuated too easily. Anyways, everytime on my lunch or break I go see him, he even goes on his breaks with me, we talk about his brother or him or his car or whatever, we supposedly are "friends". Anyways he seems happy when he sees me & I guess he makes me smile, he seemed shy asking me to later hang out, but this girl knows him from when they were younger && she says to be careful he's a player, he doesn't talk to other girls that I know of at work, like I've only seen him talk to 2 guys, other ppl get that vibe too like he's a pretty boy ect. Anyways I got his snapchat, which either he doesn't go on it or does but doesn't bother sending me anything he has not opened 1. I have his number but we dont even text. He has 2 jobs he says & is very busy. /: but if he DID like me he would at least try to text me, wouldn't he ? . ., how can I stop thinking about him bc Ik there's really nothing gonna go between us.

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  • :c Makes me sad.?

    Ok, so my bf left the house bc of my mum always saying stuff to me that she didn't like, but he still loves me & wants to be with me, she doesn't want me dating him & doesn't know that i'm still talking to him my dad does & he tells me that we can still be together. . I want to be with him, but my mum says a whole bunch of crap about him, I can't let him go just bc she doesn't want him & she goes on & on about crap & she knows I love him. ., I've been ignoring her & my dad says to be nice to her & maybe after a while she will let me be with him, which is bullcrap. ., Idk what I can do he's getting upset even more bc we're tired of this hide & seek crap. .

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  • Is she or not ?

    I have a friend that's a girl at work as I am one as well, everyone tells me that she says I'm cute (but not to my face, she only said it one time. Today.) & we always snapchat & Kik. She dresses like a boy & acts like one, but she's really cool & likes a lot of stuff I do. How do I know she's flirting ? Everyone I talk to says she flirts with me & a guy friend that quited had asked (Bc she asked him) if I liked girls. . So when her & I talk I don't think she's flirting Bc it doesn't seem like it. So are all my friends & hers messing with me or ?? (She's bi)

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  • Life story here. .-.?

    I had my bf living with me. At first I didn't want him to Bc we were still getting to date & my mum got him to stay, he was living here but my mum was the one who kept saying he didn't want to pay bills, didn't buy food, or thought about the rent. Which he did. All those things. & he did want to pay it from the start WHEN SHE WAS THE ONE WHO GOT ME TO DATE HIM.

    He left the house to live with his "friends" & he says he still loves me & it was my mum's fault for doing so. she wanted him to "stay" she says but wanted the rent for the months he stayed.

    I want him & he says he wants me but wants us together. My mum keeps saying sh*t about him & every single time keeps mentioning sh*t he's done when I tell her it hurts to keep thinking about him. Now she's saying it's my fault that our whole family is family apart Bc she fights with my dad & that my brother listens to her more (when he doesn't & talks back to her.) she has hit me for still wanting him. Like wtf. Seriously ? How am I supposed to get over a relationship of almost a year where we've been through so much. My dad wants me with him but says it'll take time. Now my mum got mad & started crying then screaming then that she wanted to die like who the fvq does that ? What should I do ?. .

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  • Is it fine that my right cheek is still swollen & will calm down later on ?

    I had my cheeks pierced last Friday I had them swollen a little bit, the little bumps around it, i've read that it happens a lot & I supposed it's normal,

    I brush my teeth & rinse with antiseptic mouthwash (Listerine). I also use bactine to clean around the piercing on the outside of my cheek.

    I'm worried because my left cheek is better now & doesn't hurt, my right one does hurt when I touch it & in the ball, in the inside, is sinking into my skin, should I be worried ??

    1 AnswerOther - Skin & Body5 years ago
  • Attachment image

    So I ordered an item for my puppy from cute, it said that the item is "delivered" to my address already which it has not been.?

    Does this mean the mail still has it or did it just not arrive ???? It says from the 3rd to the 13th.

    I preferred something else & it arrived like 3 days ago, until now it shows that it had been delivered, so should I just wait or ???

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories5 years ago
  • /: Help on my story.?

    Does anyone want to be friends on wattpad to read parts of my stories ??

    I love to write, but I have difficulties getting a plot ready for a suspece or horror story. ._. Please help.

    1 AnswerBooks & Authors5 years ago
  • Ordering on CUTE?

    /: I have ordered things on CUTE, but most of the items have not even shipped yet. 2 items have, yet no updates. What's going on ??

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories5 years ago