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  • Shaving down there?

    Every time I shave down there I get a bunch of sore red bumps. Advice on what to do? I use a men's razor, exfoliate, shave in the direction of hair growth, but yet still get bumps. What am I doing wrong?

    11 AnswersOther - Skin & Body1 week ago
  • Gillette proglide power razor?

    Can I use the Gillette proglide power razor in water? I wanted to try a men's razor for shaving my legs, but I didn't realize I bought one with a battery vibration thing on it. Is it waterproof?

    2 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style2 weeks ago
  • Shampoo recommendations?

    I have long, thick hair. I have blonde highlights, and it's constantly frizzy. I'm looking for a shampoo that'll make my hair softer, less frizzy, possibly makes shinier, and is color safe. I know it's a long shot that a shampoo will have all 4 qualities, but I'm kinda desperate. I've tried red ken and that didn't work. I'm not too worried about price. As long as it works really well, then it's worth the money lol

    1 AnswerHair3 months ago
  • About how much will these nails cost?

    I'm getting my nails done (not sure where yet) I was wondering about how much it would cost to get light pink gel, short acrylics and have the ring fingers be a glittery pink?

    3 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style3 months ago
  • Royal Caribbean cruise?

    I'm going on a royal Caribbean cruise next year with my family. It stops in Florida, Nassau, and Cocoa cay. I'm gonna be turning 19 on the cruise. I've read that the drinking age in Nassau is 18. And my mom has agreed that i would be fine with one drink. Would I be allowed to drink since the ship knows I'm under 21? I'm scared of getting in trouble by the ship. 

    7 AnswersCruise Travel3 months ago
  • How to shave down there?

    I don't know if my skin there is just very sensitive or what. Every time I shave I get itchy red bumps. I've tried regular razors and electric ones. I don't know what to do. Please help.

    1 AnswerSkin Conditions4 months ago
  • Do I have to go to a gynecologist to get birth control prescribed by my doctor?

    I'm only 17, and my periods are very bad, so I'd like to talk to my doctor about starting birth control. I'm worried about having to go to a gynecologist cause I've never went before. I'm not sexually active, (I'm still a virgin) and i don't even have a boyfriend yet. I'd really just like to consider birth control, but I'm nervous if I have to go to a gynecologist.

    3 AnswersWomen's Health6 months ago
  • Blotchy skin?

    I don't have a ton of acne, but my face is always really blotchy and reddish, and even dry sometimes. My current face wash obviously isn't working, so I'm looking for any good recommendations for products that'll help

    Skin Conditions6 months ago
  • Rock climbing wall?

    My school has a rock climbing wall. For gym, we are going to be doing it, but the problem is I have arthritis in my wrist (from a few breaks in the past). I was wondering if it's a bad idea to do it. I'm afraid of flaring up my wrist. I especially have weak strength in it too. 

    2 AnswersClimbing9 months ago
  • What to pack in a lunch at school?

    I'm a 16 year old female. I recently started packing my lunch for school because the school food is gross and unhealthy. I'm currently dieting. I'm mainly trying to avoid a ton of carbs and sugar. Any ideas on what to pack to make a healthy school lunch?

    10 AnswersDiet & Fitness2 years ago
  • How much water should I drink in a day?

    I'm a 16 year old female and I weigh 185. I drink a good amount of water, but I wanna start drinking more to keep myself hydrated. However, I looked it up, and I can't figure out how much water I should be drinking.

    6 AnswersDiet & Fitness2 years ago
  • How bad does it hurt to get your belly button pierced?

    I've been wanting to get it done for awhile now. I have my ears pierced, and the pain from that barely bothered me. How much more does the belly button hurt than the ears? Answers are really appreciated!!

    5 AnswersOther - Skin & Body2 years ago
  • Please help!! Pain after removing acrylic nails?

    About 3 and a half weeks ago I got acrylics done for the first time. I removed them today. My nails are so sore and sensitive. It is really uncomfortable. Is there any kind of home remedies I could do to ease the pain? Thank you for any advice!

    3 AnswersOther - Beauty & Style2 years ago