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  • WWE Universal Championship... so I guess this means Shinsuke Nakamura will be on Raw in 3 months?

    Looks like it's the perfect accessory for his costume as of late

    2 AnswersWrestling4 years ago
  • British and American Film stock/techniques?

    I've recently been watching the Saint (on H&I and MeTV) and have stumbled across 'As Time Goes By' on PBS and I've noticed that the shows 'look/feel Different' compared to US Shows of the respective eras... Is this the result of different Techniques, Technology or what?

    1 AnswerOther - Television5 years ago
  • why are Blocked Y!A users still visible?

    before this 'Purple Makeover' when you Blocked someone their Questions and answers would be denoted by the red slash symbol... Now their Question s appear in the thread like all others, and there is nothing to denote that they have been blocked until you scroll/click their Avatar .. IF Y!A isn't going to stop the Trolls why can't they make it easier for us to spot the repeat offenders

    3 AnswersYahoo Answers7 years ago
  • what the BLUE Helvetica is up with Y!A formatting?

    I needed to reload a page 3 times to get a submit button.. and the Purple format in general just plain sux

    1 AnswerYahoo Answers7 years ago
  • Question about an old Merle Haggard Song...?

    Merle has an older song called "Leonard" talking about a fellow artist, friend and song writer refered to as 'Leonard" and in the Lyrics he mentions Leonard as Being "a name he hardly ever used " and "I'm Not trying to hide his show name"

    My question is "Who is/was Leonard?"

    1 AnswerCountry7 years ago
  • TNA BFG Question/prediction?

    so between Hardy, Bully and Aries: who will be revealed as the Leader of Aces & 8s at the climax of BFG?

    3 AnswersWrestling8 years ago
  • TNA/Impact 'Branding' question?

    for assorted reasons I've not been watching Impact for about 2 months or so... Last I saw they were down playing the use of the TNA initials, and had 'Impact' or 'Impact Wrestling' on all of their signage, turnbuckle pads and generic T shirts etc... Tonight I tuned into Lockdown and I'm seeing the TNA name on the Jumbo tron, ref shirts and If I recall named dropped in promos...

    My Question (after all that)

    1. have they given up on re-branding as Impact Wrestling"

    2. and if so when?

    3. or is there a specific reason why the TNA name is being re-used for this PPV?

    3 AnswersWrestling9 years ago
  • Universal Remote Codes for a Westinghouse TV...?

    a few years ago I got a Westinghouse TV, and recently the 'Vol --' button hasn't been working....

    I do have an older RCA RCU400 Universal Remote,

    Does anyone know the 3 digit code for this remote that would get me volume control for the Westinghouse TV

    Thanks in advance.

    3 AnswersTVs9 years ago
  • Hell on Wheels, 1/8/12 episode Q...?

    what was the song that was playing when the episode began?

    1 AnswerDrama9 years ago
  • Smallville: Prophecy S10 E20 question...?

    did anyone else catch that the Mind Control device used by Toyman looked like Starro...

    Starro was the first enemy of the JLA in the comics and has appeared as a Group Enemy on several TV Versions -- notably Batman Beyond: The Call

    1 AnswerDrama10 years ago
  • Has any one else noticed/realized this about Superman?

    I found the old Superboy Series online a few weeks back and it got me nostalgic.So between IMBD-ing the random guest stars, and Smallville's impending conclusion it occurred to me.. That when you account for all of the TV shows about Superman (Superboy, Lois and Clark, the Animated Series and Smallville) the character of Clark Kent (in one form or another) has been on TV for 23 years in a row

    Superboy: 10/8/88 - 5/17/92

    Lois and Clark: 9/12/93 --6/14/97

    Animated Series-: 9/6/96 -- 2/12/2000

    Smallville : 10/23/01--5/13/11(planned Series Finale)

    I don't know I just thought that it was an odd statistic, and wonered if I was the only one

    4 AnswersOther - Television10 years ago
  • Did anyone else notice that Ziggler had his Trunks on Inside Out for the Rumble Match?

    I saw it during the original airing... and noticed no one asked it yet...

    But the DZ logo on the back was backwards

    2 AnswersWrestling10 years ago
  • Disconnected wire on 97 Monte Carlo...?

    Last Fall I bought a 97 MC with minimal Research...Desperate times and all that...

    anyway, I recently found a wire under the hood with no clear port into which it should be connected...

    The wire in question is located in the middle of a Wire gathering tube' (I know it has a real name, but I'm not a car guy, hence coming to Y!A) the tube in question also houses the 3 cables that are anchored to the Brace that goes over the Anti-Freeze Reservoir on the passenger side

    I have searched all over and cannot see any other cables that are disconnected let alone one within reach of the offending wire..

    plz and thx

    1 AnswerChevrolet10 years ago
  • about HIMYM (How I met your Mother) -- Episode from 1/17/11: who voiced Lily's Father?

    I've recently gotten into the show, having maybe seen 1-2 episodes per season in the past... in last night's episode "Last Words" Lily gets a phoen call from her dad... and the Voice sounded so familair.. IDK if he's evere appeard on the show -- and being ID'd as Lily's Dad isn't much help in IMDB searching it as he'd no doubt be listed under a first name...

    I did recognize Michael Gross(Family Ties) as Ted's Dad, Ray Wise(Reaper) as Robin's, and of Course Bill Faggerbakke (Coach) as Marshal's-- but of course those three all appeared n camera, Lily's Dad was just the voice..

    so who 's voice was it?

    Please and thank you.

    2 AnswersComedy10 years ago
  • Smallville Season 10 Abandon questions....?

    What was Tess' Birth Mother's name (on the Certificate) and is/was it a 'name drop' to another episode?

    and since Lional is named as her Bio dad, she's clearly Lex's sister... but didn't they imply at some point that she and Lex had been lovers.... is this a script supervisor Fail (as I'm pretty sure we met Cat Grant last season when Lois wanted to be a Mary Hart) or was it open to interpretation and I simply drew a mistaken iinference

    2 AnswersDrama1 decade ago
  • NXT championship clause... and the future of SD! ?

    does anyone else see this possible booking...

    Joe Hennig Wins NXT... he uses his 'Guaranteed PPV Title" match to challenge Dolph Ziggler.. wins... and Kofi attacks him, completing a Heel Turn... Personally his 'intensity' has been registering with me as the base for a turn... and having his 2nd Gen Rookie swoop in and Beat the man he can't... to claim the Gold that Hennig's father, Mr. Perfect once held. seems like a great way to finish it

    just a thought...

    4 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Am I the only one who thought it was funny that RVD was soaked with blood, yet didn't have a scratch on him?

    He's supposedly just been violated by a 2x4 with spikes in it...

    he has more blood that the prom scene in Carrie,

    and yet no wounds to speak of...

    8 AnswersWrestling1 decade ago
  • Any one catch some of the names dropped on Leverage tonight?

    when Sophie and Hardison go into the mark's Office they ID themselves as Emily Peel and Jonathan Steed, and Parker's Mentor is named Archie Leach. (Steed and Peel were the lead characters on the UK Series the Avengers, and Archie Leach is the Real name of Cary Grant) I'm wondering if this is a new thing for this episode, or have past aliases and guest cast had names with a similar "heritage"

    1 AnswerDrama1 decade ago
  • Song during the closing Credits of Jonah Hex?

    Just saw Hex, and the very last song on the credits sounded cool, I'd like to track it down

    It was at the very end otherwise I would have looked for it in the credits, and the Film was OK, but not good enough to see it again immediately

    can anyone tell me the name, artist, or even direct me to the sountrack listings

    1 AnswerMovies1 decade ago