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  • Why is my girlfriend so jealous?

    I was assigned a project where I work and another employee Jill was assigned to work with me on the project. I am a 25 year old non married guy. Jill is my age and is beautiful. She has won several local beauty contests. I have a girlfriend and Jill has a boyfriend. Jill told me from day one that she will not date anyone she works with. She said it just makes work too difficult.

    My girlfriend Ann is jealous to the max. Ann has met Jill a few times and she knows about Jill winning the beauty contests. I NEVER mention Jill when I am with Ann. However Ann often asks me what I have been doing with Jill. All I can tell her is the truth. Jill and I work together but I am not interesting in dating Jill nor is she interested in dating me.

    I would like to help my girlfriend get over being jealous but the question is how?

    Is there a way I can get them to be friends? Do you think it would help if I invite Jill and her boyfriend to have dinner with me and Ann sometime. Or would it help if I had Jill tell Ann she has no interest in me?

    Girls (and guys too), PLEASE educate me. As you can see I don’t know how the female mind works?

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  • Do you find this as outrageous as I do?

    I am a college student. In one of my classes we were told to do a class project the would “Enhance our knowledge of the world”. We choose a project that was a test. The athletic director of the college, a guy, had an opening for an assistant. My classmate Betty is very flat chested (A cup). We had Betty apply for the job. Betty has an A grade point average. She has volunteer coached several college sports teams and has been a player on several college sports teams. She had a resume that detailed all her sports experience. Betty’s interview lasted one half hour and they ask her many questions about sports rules and the sports teams she liked. She answered every one of the questions

    My classmate Nancy bought the biggest bra she could find (G cup) and stuffed it with tissue. She wore a blond wig to the interview for the job. She wore a sweater that showed off her big boobs and she wore Daisy Duke style shorts. She had no resume and no sports experience and no interest in sports. She had a C grade point average. He interview lasted 5 minutes and mostly considered of whether she could work on weekends.

    We all learned a great lesson from this and it really enhanced our knowledge of the world. Nancy got the job offer. I think that is disgusting. Is it legal to discriminate in hiring because of boob size?

    Should we inform the college president of this or the local media or do nothing? Please give us your opinion what we should do.


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  • Was this the right answer to her question?

    I am a guy intern at a company. My good friend Ann is also an intern at the company. One day Ann’s mom came buy to pick her up from work and Ann introduced me to her mom. We had a brief conversation before they left. Ann’s mom seemed to me to be a very nice person.

    The next day a work Ann asked me if I saw anything unusual about her mom. I did. Her mom had the biggest boobs I had ever seen. However there was no way I was going to say that to Ann. I just said “your mom is unusually beautiful”. I though I had dodged a bullet by not saying anything about her mom’s boobs.

    Giving this more thought I think Ann wanted me to say something about her mom’s unusual boob size. But what could I say?

    Did I do the right thing to not comment about boob size?

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  • Do you think my ex would appreciate a little humor?

    For my birthday I got a present from my ex wife who I am still friends with. It was a box of 12 condoms. A note with the present said “Do these still work”? “Come by some time and lets find out”? “If I am not there, start with out me”.

    Do you think she would appreciate a little humor in my thank you note. It might say “Thanks for a one day supply” or “can you return them for extra, extra large size”.

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  • I need help with a car insurance question?

    My classic car, a restored 1957 Chevrolet, was parked on the street in the front of my house. A UPS truck was delivering a package to someone on the street. The UPS driver got out of his truck and took a package to a house on the street. It looks like he forget to set the brake and as he went to deliver the package the truck rolled down a hill and into my Chevrolet. There was extensive damage to my car.

    Since the car is so old and parts to repair are VERY HARD TO GET AND VERY EXPENSIVE, UPS wants to declare it a total loss and pay me what a used 1957 Chevrolet is worth. There first offer was a few thousand dollars.

    I think UPS should pay what ever it takes to restore it to the way it was before the crash. Anyone have any advice on what I should do in this situation. Should I report it to my insurance company? If I do will they raise my insurance premium

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  • I need help with a level 7 changing my questions category.?

    Some level 7 is changing the category of my questions so they will not get any answers.

    Anyone know how I can find out who is doing that so I can block them and/or get them to stop doing that.


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  • Does anyone know of software that will copy DVD's on a PC and ....?

    skip any bads spots on the DVD that is being copied?

    I have some video I made that have a bad spot on the on the DVD. I just want to copy the DVD and skip the bad spots.


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  • How did the video's on Youtube of old TV shows get made?

    The VCR was not invented yet when the recording of these very old TV shows were made.

    How did they do that?

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  • Big boobs day???

    All the boys at our school seem to be interested in big boobs. So us girls are organizing a “Big Boobs Day”. We are all going to wear a sweater and padded bras to school. The girl with the biggest boobs will win a $100 prize. Do you think this will be a fun project?

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  • Did I really screw up????

    A girl at school asked me for a date. When I went to pick her up, her mother said she wanted to talk to me privately and sent her daughter out of the room. The mother told me I was her daughter’s first date and she begged me NOT to have sex with her even if she wanted to. I told her I would not and then she told me her story. The mother got pregnant at 16 and her parents kicked her out of the house as their religion would not let them associate with anyone that had sex that was not married (they must not associate with very many people). She had a VERY hard life living with various relatives. I could just see the pain in her eyes as she was telling me this. She had vowed to do everything in her power to keep her daughter from repeating her mistake. I told her she should get her daughter on birth control as it was very hard to keep someone from having sex that wanted to. She was afraid this would encourage the daughter to have a lot of sex. I said, “would you rather have a daughter that had sex and did not get pregnant or a daughter that had sex and got pregnant?” She took my advice and had a birth control implant in the daughter that last a year.

    I hope I did the right thing in this matter. What do you think please. Did I screw up?

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  • Nudist wedding?

    Could you spot the best man at a nudist wedding?

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  • What is the worst car ever sold in the U.S.?

    Mv vote is the YUGO. What do you think?

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  • Girls only. Guys don't read.?

    What is your first thought when your period is late?

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  • What do I tell a guy that dumped me?

    I worked a lot of weekends to get the money to buy a dress from my prom. On the day of the prom, the guy that was going to take me called and said he wouldn’t unless we had sex afterwards. I told him to go f**k himself. I then called my mom at work and told her what happened. She called back shortly and told me her coworker John was going to take me to the prom. I almost fell out of my chair. I am 17. John is 21 and works part time as a male model. He is probably the hottest guy in town. He only dates the most beautiful girls which I am not. He took me to the prom and I had a wonderful time. He was the nicest guy you can ever meet. Every girl at the prom wanted to dance with him. What an ego trip for me. On the way home I told John I was so grateful for what he did that I would do anything he wanted me to do with him. All he would do is kiss me and nothing else. When we got home we went inside and mom thanked him for taking me to the prom. He told my mom who is a single parent he knew where I got my good looks from (her) and he enjoyed taking me. Wouldn’t it be neat if mom dated someone I had dated?

    Today the jerk that dumped me called and offered me one more chance to go out with him. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should tell him.

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