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  • How can I deal with abusive but ill father?

    I am a 40 yr divorcee women from India, no child, living with my parents. I do not have any job or source of income also at present, kind of dependent on my parents. I am a total disappointment to them as I do not have any sibling and they expected that I would be very successful in life. On the contrary I have no job no family of my own, suffering from depression (which my parents ignore) and just do not have any social life. My father is very ill but he still works in his own company. He expects me to do many works for him without money and without any kind of acknowledgement. I have never heard a thank you or seen a smile in his face when I did all the work he wanted me to do. Yesterday he asked me about a writing which I was supposed to give him at my own convenience, he demanded that I must give it to him in two days and started shouting at me and calling names. Shouting is his pressure tactics as due to his heart condition he should not shout and I and my mother will do anything to stop him from shouting. Then I told him I would give the writing to him by the end of this month. He was furious, verbally abused me to extreme extent and finally said "It was a mistake to give birth to you" then he shut the door of his room on my face. I am so used to his abusive nature that I didn't mind all the name callings and shouting but when he said that 'It was a mistake..." that hurts me very much. My mother tried to talk to him but he said he did not say anything wrong and he would never apologise. I am financially dependent, can't go away from this place, have no social contacts to ask for shelter, but I feel extremely miserable living under the same roof with this abusive person, who genuinely regrets being my father. Can anyone suggest what shall I do Now? I really have no one else to ask, please serious advice only

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  • What does he want to say?

    I met a man through internet and then we also met few times for coffee, he says he loves me and I am the dream woman etc. wants to live together. When our meeting ends, he would always propose another date for the meeting and then he would leave. After that he never calls, never writes to me , not even a sms. If I write or SMS him he does not respond, but then he will come for the next meeting, I do not understand whether he has any genuine feeling for me? what does he want to say by behaving like this? Is this normal? Serious responses please.

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  • How to cope with everyday abuse?

    I am 40yrs woman living with my parents. My father, who has always been abusive, is terminally ill since last five years. Despite his disease he is able to lead a kind of normal life and looks after his own office etc. I left my job (in another city) and came back to my parents place five years back to look after them. Recently my father is becoming more and more aggressive and I am his only target. He refuses any psychiatric counselling and doesn't allow us to go for any such help. He verbally abuses me all the time for nothing and always looks for excuses to verbally abuse me even in public. I can't protest as he is ill (heart condition) and if I protest he starts shouting very loudly, then starts feeling ill and puts the entire blame on me for making him feeling unwell. Due to same reason my mother has to keep quiet. I do not have siblings. I have left my career and it is hard to find a job nowadays and I can't move out and start living alone in our culture (more so being a woman), so I am kind of financially dependent on them too.

    I am extremely depressed since last three years and do not find any meaning of my life. I have my parents only and I do my best for them in return my father calling insulting names to me, throws shoes at me and verbally abuses me even in public. This is a trap for me as any protest against his totally unjustified act is explained by him as an offence (due to his ill health). Is there at all an exit for me from this situation? I often think of suicide nowadays, please help, please serious answers only. I am not allowed to go to a doctor for depression so please do not suggest that

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  • Can burn scar be removed?

    I have a fairly big and ugly scar on my left breast from a two months old deep 2nd degree burn. The scar is painful, itchy, dark in colour and it really looks bad. How van I get it removed or minimised? Can plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery help? Are there non-invasive procedures? I am female and 40 yrs

    Please suggest

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  • Is my boy friend serious?

    I have a bf for 9 months. He is quite caring and sympathetic. I love him a lot and have introduced him to my parents. He is happy about this. But he never proposes to introduce me to his family. Whenever I raise this issue and request him to introduce me to his mother, he makes an excuse and avoids that. Is this normal? Is he serious? What can I do?

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  • Never find a match for marriage: am I too old?

    I am an Indian female, 40yrs, divorcee, no kid. Despite dating for many moths, I failed to find anyone as a partner. I put all my efforts to start a relationship, I guess I am simple looking and nothing is very much wrong with me. But it seems I am not at all attractive to men. I would love to have a partner, a family, am I too old for this? Please advise what can I do?

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  • I am tired and hopeless, no point to live longer?

    I am Indian female 40, divorcee, no kid, living with parents. The social stigma of divorce is on me. Do not have any stable job, sort of dependent on parents, who are also ill. Do not have any relationship, have very few friends or relatives to share my frustrations. I believe that nothing good/positive is waiting for me in future. I can only suffer more. What can I do? isn't exiting gracefully good for me?

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