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  • CBP Entrance Exam?

    When you take the entrance exam for Customs and Border Patrol you need to pass with a 70% or greater. Is that 70% for all 3 parts OR in total? Because for example if you get zero right on the first part and everything right on the second and third part it’d be over 70%. 

    Personal Finance2 months ago
  • Unemployment ?

    Hello. To keep quick. I re applied for unemployment. Under my submissions it said for two weeks “processing” and now both weeks are “processed” under completed. “Processed” have anything to do with being denied or eligible?? Because I never received the money and it says “processed” when I originally applied it said “processing” then I got paid and said “processed”. Sorry I don’t know much about unemployment. 

    1 AnswerInsurance3 months ago
  • Polygraph ...?

    In Michigan can a polygraph determine if you get a job offer. I know some jobs require you to take the test which is very controversial on its accuracy. But I read before that in the state of Michigan that a person polygraph results can’t determine wether they receive a job or not under a certain act.  

    2 AnswersLaw & Ethics3 months ago
  • What's the name of this job?

    I know you wouldn't only do this. What's the job where you blow up balloons and make designs with them or other decorations for party's? Or any type of gathering. A celebration, graduation party ect. The people who create designs and decorations out of balloons and delivers them. What would this job be called?

    3 AnswersEntertaining6 years ago