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  • I found a bee. Should i let it out?

    I found a bumblebee during the night on my window. Its weird since bees fly during the day. He was there for a few hours. Until i decided to scoop him up and feed him. He couldnt fly so i fed him honey. He is more energised now and is flying with optimism. Idk should i let it out. Its very dark and im afraid he might die. 

    Should i let him out or wait till the morning?

    3 AnswersZoology3 months ago
  • Does anyone know any good Copyright-free Guitar music?

    I'm looking for some copyright free guitar rhythm music. I want it to be a sorrow almost tone. And I really nice rhythm to it. I'm looking for something that's like from The Last Of Us

    R&B & Soul5 months ago
  • Anyone know any similar music to The Last of us?

    Anyone know the main theme from TLOU? I LOVE IT. And im looking for something REALLY similar which i can use for my project. Since it will propably be easier to ask for premission. Im looking for something EXTREMELLY similar. or atleast something that has a good guitar rythm

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    I found a Bee hugging another bug?

    So i found a dead honey bee. And i looked closer at it...and it was hugging another small blue insect? Could someone explain what happened

    5 AnswersZoology1 year ago
  • My hand really hurts?

    So today i tripped and fell on some concrete. And i scrached my legs and i could feel my hand for a minute. I felt it again but it still really hurt. Its been 3h now and it still hurts. When i fell i didnt hear any cracks or pops. And i felt my hand and everything seemed in place. But when i fell i also hit my elbow. So i think i hit a nerve very hard so my hand hurts. Someone got any ideas on what happend or what should i do?

    3 AnswersInjuries1 year ago
  • Outlast 2 wont save,?

    Hey everyone. i recently installed Outlast 2 from kickass torrents. from igggames. and when i try to save my game. it says saving... but then i save and quit and go to the menu. there isnt any "Continue" just start new game. can someone please help me?

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games1 year ago
  • My monitor isnt working?


    My monitor isnt working.

    I have an ASUS monitor.

    A few days ago, at the bottom of the screen appeared black spots.

    And now the Monitor is just complete black.

    When i turn it on, the power on light is flashing but the screen is just black. Everything is hooked up properly but still nothing. The screen is just pure black.

    Can someone help?

    4 AnswersMonitors1 year ago