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Christian. Jesus was a man of peace, honesty, integrity and intelligence. I choose to do the same. I want leaders who are the same. Professed Faith is false if a man appears through his character to have distanced himself from Jesus. Great book: "Divine Interventions" Great author: Emmanual Swedenborg, Christian mystic of the 18th century Mathematics degree. Archer. Oarsman. Track Coach. I love learning about exercise physiology. Dad. Slim and athletic my whole life. Heart Patient with a 3x bypass, 2 stents, severe artery blockages, but good collaterals. Researcher. Programmer. Body Surf, Frisbee, Chess, Scrabble. Basketball, Baseball, Football fan. Good music: Great classics, 60's, some Jazz, great hymns. Anything inspiring, or fun.

  • Best shoe for hours of volleyball?

    I crush the insoles of my shoes in about 4-5 months pf volleyball. I know, when my feet start to hurt the next morning that my shoes are about shot.

    I am slim, and usually play in full cushioned running shoes. Comfort is amazing.

    But I would like to find more inner cushioning durability.

    Indoor Volleyball shoes are too sticky, and seem to lack the cushioning I like.

    I play about 80% on grass, 20% indoor.

    3 AnswersVolleyball6 years ago
  • There is a fantastic Santana instrumental, I thought from Abraxas, but it does not seem to be on that album ?

    What is it ? I just heard it on the radio. Its from the 70's. Fantastic piece. Sort of a fanfare, with series of high note riffs at the end, with pounding loud bass along the way.

    1 AnswerJazz7 years ago
  • Sony Bravia lost part of blue spectrum, but not all?

    My room mate had a Sony Bravia TV, and it had lost part of its blue spectum.

    I also had one, but its colors were all fine. We moved out his TV and moved in mine. It lost the same range of blue spectrum. That does not make sense. Is this a radio spectrum or some other signal interference ? I supposed we could just move the TV all around the room and see whee it gets its proper blue back. Laker Jersey's look more deep forest green and orange, rather than the deep purple and gold. But Oklahoma Thunder colors with Can still looks pretty much their correct cyan color. Ocean colors look algae green always, not the correct blue green. A lot of movies come out in strict sepia towns with a greenish tint.

    Anyone able to say what is causing this ?

    1 AnswerTVs8 years ago
  • Heel repair - which is best product ?

    I knew of Shoe Goo before today. Now I have found Barge Cement and FreeSole.

    Which one will work best ? FreeSole says to apply thickly. ShoeGoo says layering and Barge Cement seems to suggest layering.

    I have a room mate with a leg deformity and he goes through a pair of shoes a month, wearing out the heel. Way cheaper to re-build the heel, and rotate the shoes with wear and repair cycles. But that suggests finding the easiest method of repair. Also suggests he not let the shoes first become unwearable, so repair is easier.

    1 AnswerDo It Yourself (DIY)9 years ago
  • how long a duration having $ex?

    I've read average is 2 minutes, "long" is seven minutes. So where does that put a guy who can go 30 minutes for his woman ?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • My recycle bin icon is gone, what exe to run ?

    So I have an invisible folder to empty, or I can't really delete anything.

    I should be able to drag the exe to the desktop, or a deeply buried Recycle Bin folder

    5 AnswersSoftware9 years ago
  • replacement battery for lumix fz5 camera ?

    Too many brands, are any reliable ? Its such a great camera, and the batteries are now down to a recharge of about 1 hour from the original 4-5.

    2 AnswersCameras9 years ago
  • photo digital signature - how reilable is it ?

    I'm trying to trace some photos I've been sent. More recent photos seem to be on different cameras. So this person uses many cameras ? If on a tight budget, that seems odd, yes ?

    They include:

    Canon Powershot A410

    Nikon D90

    Canon EOS 500D

    3 AnswersPhotography9 years ago
  • '98 mazda protege uses water, overheats?

    My daughter's 98 Mazda Protege uses up water. We filled the radiator, and the oveflow tank to the max fill line with coolant, let it sit a couple days. No leaks.

    Yesterday we drove it about 20 miles, street and freeway. Afterwards, the radiator needed a couple cups of water, and the coolant was down about an inch. The car runs fine.

    My daughter had not been checking it often, thought it "just overheats". But it uses water. When I filled it, the resevoir was empty, and the radiator took almost two quarts of water. So it likely runs very low in the course of a single tank of gas.

    They already replaced the engine 4 months ago.

    Slight hose leak ? Or what's a better idea

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs10 years ago
  • Car diagnostic scanners?

    There are lot of car diagnostic scanners for the "Check Engine" light. Lots of them seem to be highly rated on Are some overpriced for the average car owner, or will almost anyone of them do fine ? Here is a link to a sample list.

    2 AnswersBuying & Selling10 years ago
  • Vicious owner and dog at a dog park?

    A couple showed up at the dog park with a large rottweiler off leash. We had been there about 90 minutes, our border collie ignoring other dogs and just chasing a frisbee, mostly shying away from other dogs. As we made our way back across to leave, the rottweiler first is sniffing the bc, starts to set on the bc, trying to bite his neck, actually got hair stuck in his mouth.

    A couple owners all converged, and yelled at them, and the Rott let go, but kept after the bc as it scampered away. I put my leg out to block its path, and its chest bumped my calf, and it turned around, and went away.

    The a$$H0!! owner comes running up and screaming about kicking his dog and he was going to bust my teeth in. I told him I did not kick his dog. If he had a brain, he would have noticed the dog just turned and walked away. It was not knocked down, or even pushed sideways. Its head did not snap away from a strike. Anyway, this guy is more vicious than his dog. My nephew was comforting the bc, and came over and got in the idiot's face and told him to back off. The rott owner knocked a bag my wife was holding on the ground, but did apologize for that. There was a man standing near by who said afterwards that if it got worse he would have called 911.

    With both vicious dog and owner, should someone have called 911 right away, or a park ranger, considering he was threatening me with assault? I never raised my voice, and looked at him like he was out of control, which he was. He did not seem like he was going to back down until my nephew got in his face, and the rott owner was giving up 50 lbs in weight if he had a fight on his hands.

    The owner telegraphed to the whole park that he's a jerk, and neither he or his dog are to be trusted.

    12 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • what kind of microwave bulb is this ?

    GE AP3671146

    halogen ? 10w, 20w ? is their a valid replacement bulb ?

    2 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • garage door opener motor, clicks, hums, clicks off again?

    So what might it need ? It has power, the door can move manually. The chain shoe is out of the disconnect.

    5 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Could super sensitive hearing claim be valid ?

    My super annoying sister-in-law claims to have super sensitive hearing. She does listen to TVs at very low levels that require no one else to make a sound. I can hear it, but it is just so low I have to not move to not make any additional sounds. Any other sound blocks out the volume. But she does not cringe or wince when something loud happens.

    Blind people can detect DIRECTION of sound, and lower volumes, but they tolerate normal sound volumes.

    What are the chances her hearing is actually sensitive, vs she is simple pretty annoying and controlling ?

    My daughters when at age 3 and 4 were in tears and crying with pain at some parties and said there ears hurt when the music was extremely loud. That hurt my ears, but I could tolerate it, but I took them outside away from the music and they were fine.

    1 AnswerOther - Health1 decade ago
  • The cost of 3 days in the hospital with viral meningitis ?

    Without my health insurance, I can't pay this. But I do have it, so the services are completely covered. My symptoms were vague, and possibly stroke or a heart attack, or bacterial meningitis which is more dangerous and highly contagious.

    Semi-Private Room $ 5,286

    Drugs - General $ 2,253

    Drugs - Radiology $ 540

    Drugs - IV Solutions $ 1,253

    Supplies General $ 431

    Supplies Non-Sterile $ 363

    Supplies - Sterile $ 103

    Laboratory $ 4,739

    CT Scan $ 2,536

    Emergency Room $ 1,901

    Magnetic Resonance $7,437

    Drugs $ 207

    Electrocardiogram $ 610

    Total (approximately) $ 27,659

    2 AnswersMedicine1 decade ago
  • Unusual chest pain on leaning over?

    When I lean forward to horizontal, or further, I get a moderate chest pain in the upper left side of my chest. If I stand or sit up again, it goes away. This has been going on for about 4-5 days. Last night it came on when I lay down to go to sleep. I sat up again, and lay down more slowly and it did not return.

    I have severe heart disease, but have been mostly very healthy with a very good diet and regular exercise. I had bypass surgery three and a half years ago.

    I am also getting some tingling in the outer part of both hands, in the morning especially. I don't do heavy typing, nor excessive grip work, so I do not think it is carpal tunnel. I get no forearm burning pain, just this light numbness.

    3 AnswersHeart Diseases1 decade ago
  • What key adjustment for flute music to be read as bass clef for trombone ?

    I know tenor clef to read piano music: add 2 flats, and shift the notes down 2 lines, I think.

    Looking at this flute music, the range fits well playing the lines directly as bass clef, but what about the key ?

    3 AnswersClassical1 decade ago
  • Does the coxswain's weight matter very much ?

    A 20 lb difference in a coxswain's weight is near 1.6% of the total weight of an 8, about 3% of a 4.

    Rowers can increase their strength far easier and faster than a person can lose 20 pounds in a healthy manner.

    If rowers work really hard, it may help motivate the coxswain to do their part and lose a few pounds, too. But 20 lbs has minimal effect on total boat weight relative to the rowers being able to increase their strength and cardio capacity.

    Worry more about ability to steer straight, motivate the boat without being irritating, and keep workouts from burning out the rowers. Happy, well-trained rowers can pull harder than stressed out over-worked ones.

    9 AnswersWater Sports1 decade ago
  • What's the best thing about George W. Bush ?













    No sons.

    9 AnswersJokes & Riddles1 decade ago