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  • 4Chan is Blocking My IP Address from Posting and Uploading Due to Abuse, But I Haven't Done Anything!?

    I just started posting on 4chan like a month ago, and right from the start it would tell me I can't make a new thread because "My IP Range is Blocked Due to Abuse" but I'd never gone to the site before! That was frustrating enough but at least I could still post. Now it's not even letting me do that! All I can think of is that on Friday, for the first time I uploaded an image, then when I went to upload another one I forgot it and posted without it, so I deleted the post right away, but very stupidly somehow I did it again so I deleted the post again and then finally uploaded it correctly with the image.

    Would that really be enough to block my IP or whatever? And why couldn't I make threads when I never even posted there before?! I made one more post without an image on Friday night, didn't posting anything else 'til today when it didn't work.

    Isn't there a way to get un-blocked?

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  • Translate this message into Japanese?

    I want to send a Japanese fanartist this message on her website:

    Hi! I want to tell you that I really like your art style! ^o^ I wish I was that good at drawing..

    I, too, am a [franchise] fan, I've been one all of my life, and [movie] is one of my very favorites, and I just adore [characters]! But sadly, as you might know, it's not that common to find stuff for them, so it was so, so great to find all of your pictures of them on one of your twitter accounts! I was so happy!

    I saw some really cool-looking comics you were working on, and I really wanted to read them! I'd like to see them even if they're not finished, in fact!

    You really inspired me, and I don't want [movie] and [characters] to become forgotten, because they're too awesome and don't deserve that, so I'm gonna draw some works as well, despite my lame skills. T.T I really hope you draw them some more in the future, too!

    Keep up the great work with whatever you do!

    P.S. Your birthday is the day before mine! ^.^

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