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  • Serious question, please give your best intput?

    A woman of 33 moves to a foreign country, meets a 22-year-old man and is completely smitten by him. This guy is not only charming and gorgeous, kind and funny, very successful and interested in her, he is also a 6 foot 3 190 stone athlete.

    He takes her on a 3-day long date since they live in the same hostel and are both about to start working for the same organisation, and the 3 days of hanging out, three best days in her life end up in a night of lovemaking... The most amazing lovemaking...

    The next day she gets a text by a mutual acquaintance, who is about to be their new colleague, saying he needs to tell her something very important about Jake (her guy.)

    She goes to meet him and is told Jake is 13. She laughs it off since Jake is a grown man and cannot be 13.

    She goes back to the hostel and Jake comes back from running errands and she tells him her bizarre encounter with the new colleague and asks for his ID that she knows says 22 but just for laughs let's see it.

    Jake then admits to her he is 13. He doesn't work in her new firm, his dad does and he lied about his age so he can be with her....

    To make a long story short, after a period of disbelief that a 13-year-old can be as developed as this guy was, this woman had to leave this boy. She didn't want to, she just had to, being a decent person and all.

    Eight years later 21-year-old Jake gets in touch with her and sure as Heaven, she is just as smitten with the grown-up version of the outlier boy, if not more...

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  • Really? This is your plan?

    To hold Johns actions when he was a child and I was insane and you were trying to use both to **** whatever the **** I am, against him?

    Get it  trough your head Adrian, nothing John has done before he returns will ever again be held against him. The times you could play me are over.

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  • My son is in love with a woman 20 years his senior ?

    They just got engaged.  :(

    They've been dating for 3 years now. He just turned 21 and she is about to turn 41.It gets worse.They met when she was 33 and he was only 13. My son was 6 foot 3 and 14 stone at 13 and he was sexually active. He lied to her and told her he was 22 and they stared dating and were intimate before she found out. She did leave him after she found out he was 13 (I think they were togehter for a few weeks only) and he did pursue her for a few months after that very aggressively...I have to say she has done the right thing at the time and started dating a man more age appropriate and left my son be a child.However, he never gave up on the idea that they will be togehter and this obsession of his of reconnecting with her affected all his desicions. (He didn't go to u university and started working at 17, so he can earn his own money and get his own place.) He started pursuing her again the day of his 18th birthday and they have been together since he was 19, if not sooner.She does make him very happy (for now) they're even planning children...My question is, does this qualify as almost grooming of a sort?I'm not saying she groomed him, as she tried to do the right thing, but the situation might have been such that my son was groomed none-the-less. He was obsessed with this much older woman since he was 13.What should I do?Please state your age, I'd want to have some idea of the age of the people who are giving their input.

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  • Are you really first generation British?

    What is your mother, who is 5 years older than I am and rich kibd of sucessful going to think of Bosnian me?

    This is humiliating.

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  • So everyone seems to think I stayed away from Adrian out of guilt and till you're old enough to handle me living you?

    OK. Let's assume I'm infatuated with Adrian. I still love you. So a giy who is vs a guy who isn't my husband. No brainer.

    I know I've been a human for far too long than recommended, but I'm not going to leave my husband so I can focus on making a steanger my husband. There was never anyrhibg wrong with my husband, it's just this place.

    Also, caring for two people at the same time is hell. I desperately want to get over one of you, and again, a guy who is vs a guy who isn't my husband.

    No brainer.

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  • John, when will you come back?

    My son isn't real, is he? He will cease to exist when we destroy the simulation?

    He can't go home with us, can he?

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  • This movie is about Adrian?

    Adrian is a great man but he isn't my husband.

    My husband is a great man as well, with one thing I can't appreciative him......You neglect me....

    Ii don't want to think about Adrian, pretend I haven't hut him. It's how I cope with hurting people.

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  • How could she go with him she knows the implications of that?

    I'd say ow to protect you and then you'd abduct me.

    You know you would, lol!

    I'd be briefly angry on the ship but then super happy if a lot guilty for it but there would be no going back.

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  • What should I do?

    I'm married and my twitter info says so.

    My twitter is virtually hardly that. With a few tweets of my own I use it to follow people, public figures and stay in the loop.

    Separated with husband for 7 months, we're getting back together. I'm moving back home in a matter of weeks.

    This guy liked two of my ten tweets, lol.

    Looking at his profile he reminded me of my husband. What he does, not physically.

    I instinctively clicked follow (in retrospect cos I am lonely and his attention made me think I fancied him a bit)...

    Only to discover he fallowed me too. (Was flattered.)

    Now he's DMed me. Harmless for now, thanked me and showed off (in a cute way) how successful he is...Or, I'm lonely and his PA thanks each new follower.

    Do I read the DM and ignore it? Never click on it and ignore it? Unfollow him? Delete my twitter? (Been considering the last anyway!)

    He wasn't flirting, YET, but I do fancy him a bit and I find it odd he DMed me.

  • Vlad wasn't trying to protect me from abuse, but protect s both?

    I could have shot you that day!

    He wanted us to kill you, in controlled environment and they would protect you whilst I mate with Klye or Adrian.

    He was right. I am Rose. Abdul could have tried killing you, I could have shot you, you could have killed yourself....

    I'm sorry...

    I couldn't do what was the most sensible I got back on the ship.

    Thank you for not dying and saving my life too.

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  • How old were you when you got off drugs?

    Tell me it worked?

    Are you drug free and kind of amazing?


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  • I'm sure that was some kind of test?

    And I'm sure I failed again?!

    I really wish I died John I really wish I got cancer and died then maybe you'd feel sorry for leaving me here like a mingy ******* dog.

    I'm sorry I've been trapped in hell forever and was sexually abused by my own rescue mission and my own FIFTEEN YEAR OLD husband till I completely lost the plot and now I keep failing stupid ******* tests no one should be subjecting me to in the first place.

    I'm not being sarcastic I really am sorry.

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  • I wish we'd take loads of photos and videos but just for us, not putting it on the internent?

    We can also develop actual photos and send them to my parents, old school, ask them not to put them online.

    John, when are you coming back?

    Can we fix my teeth even though this isn't my actual body or will I change them myself once we start making love every day and I start relaxing?

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  • Who would you pick?

    In an alternate timeline arranged marriages are the way people marry, and for the stability of society everyone has to marry.

    All humans are bisexual too.

    Your community found two and only two prospective matches for you.

    Elon Musk and Steve Bartlett.

    Who'd you pick?

    Please state your gender and age.

    I'm 39 female and I'd pick Elon.

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  • John I really love your body hair, yes back included?

    I looks amazing and unlike anything I've ever seen, It sets you apart.

    You look like a sexy warewolf

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  • I knew it, your sister is sexually after you?

    She's in love with you John, and not in a sisterly way. She thinks you're saying no cos of the incest guilt not cos you're married.

    Set her straight she needs to move on this isn't healthy for her.

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