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  • Should I even bother try again with her?

    I invited this young lady for lunch years ago. The big thing that I was upset with is that she was too busy fawning over this other guy. That time I had left her there and she came back with one of my family members (we had gone together originally to meet up where the lunch was being held). Now years later she hit me up, and asked if I wanted to hang out. I said yes (even though I know it's stupid), I just figured maybe she might be different. Yes I have gotten older and maybe dumber, because I know I shouldn't have said yes. The reason I said I probably shouldn't have said yes, was due to the disrespect and recently I have been overlooking a lot of things. Then again a lot I am not as quick with the uptake as I was back then, now things have been going over my head, and doesn't hit me until way later (so yeah I am stupid). Just sitting here thinking should I wholeheartedly pursue her, after this. Thanks in the advance.

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  • How to get over addiction and get closer to God?

    Well this is the first time I am really putting this out there on the internet (Yeah I know, I am still being a keyboard warrior).  I am addicted to Porn, and always Lusting.  This is an addiction that I have been facing since I was 13 (which I know is not an excuse, for not stopping).  I just feel so far from God right now it is unbelievable.  I claim to be a Christian, but based on my actions and addiction I am very lukewarm (we know what the bible says about being lukewarm).  In my life I am admitting that I never felt like I ever had that break through moment, where I had a close connection to God.  I just feel that it is time for me to change and actually do better in my life.  Right now I feel so empty and drained whenever I go out into the world.   I barely pray anymore, and I don't read the bible as much as I used to when I was younger.  I don't know God's voice and have any direction.  One of the things I want is to be able to hear God and truly have him direct my life.  I need some advice on getting closer to God and stop looking at Porn and all the other things that go with that.  The reason I focus on that particular sin vs all the other sins (because I am not perfect), is that this is the "Elephant in the room," so to speak in my life.   I need some advice and thanks ahead of time. 

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  • Attachment image

    Can exhaust for 92 exhaust fit aftermarket B18 headers?

    I have a 92 civic hatchback which I did an ls vtec swap. It has an aftermarket headers, which goes from the engine and ends under the car. Where the headers ends, it has the flange for what I assume is the where the catback bolt's on to. The headers looks almost like the one attached. I would like to know if an exhaust meant for the 92 civic will fit this header?

    Honda7 months ago
  • Need some work advice?

    So I didn’t go into work the other day, because I thought I was to be off.  I remember looking at the schedule and supposed to work two days.  Then was not to come in two days, but one of the days I don’t remember seeing that I was scheduled for that day, so I thought it was meant the two days I know i was to work.  So the second day I should’ve worked I didn’t go in, but received calls saying I should be there.  I explained what happened to my supervisor and so forth and that I never received any updated schedules.  So now I keep going back and forth with myself saying did I miss something.  I feel like crap because if this was a mistake on my part then I screwed up, but I can just remember being scheduled those two days.  I looked through my email and everything for the schedule and don’t have it, and I don’t delete emails.  I have emails from early last year.  I don’t know what to do now, because I don’t want to be accused of being a liar when I am not, and that I don’t take my job seriously (especially when I haven’t been late and I sometimes even stay late off the clock).  I need some advice.

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  • What am I doing wrong with women?

    Well for the most part I always try to treat everyone kind. Sometimes I might not want to do something but will do it anyway if it will help somebody out. So my thing is with the girls I like I do this too, and I tend to not joke around with them too much at the beginning even though I’m a joker/goofy at heart, but I’m told that I can be mean sometimes even though I’m joking. I should also say I’m a homebody, so I don’t go out and party and whatever, but I do go to the movies, travel occasionally. It takes a lot for me to ask a girl out, but I do when the time comes. So when I’m pursuing a girl I kind of hold back certain things, I try to tell her about myself and ask about herself, and I joke a little. I should say that even though I try to make conversation, it’s an area that I’m horrible with due to not really like talking much. Another thing I tend to do a lot for the girl I like, things I know well at least thought a girl would like from someone she would be interested in.  I might get a date here or there, but they ultimately go after other guys. Which is rough, especially when you see the girl and the guy she chose everyday. The reason I say it’s rough, is that I always see them and wonder what did I do, or what’s wrong with me why she didn’t want me (all I do is just accept it and keep it moving). So I don’t know what I am doing wrong and how to fix it. If someone can help me out.  I just feel like I am destined to be alone for the rest of my life.

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  • How to recover from a horrible Sax performance?

    I had a performance tonight which for me went bad.   Hit some notes without really resolving them and had some fumbles while playing.  People said it sounded good, but in my soul I know better.  How do I go from here, because my performances have gone down, and now I think I might not be asked to play again next year.  Thanks in advance.

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  • Should I keep pursuing this girl?

    Well I have posted about this particular young lady I really like, but just can't seem to gain any traction with. So far I have asked her out three times, with two times she agreed and cancelled. The third time she hadn't agreed to, but told me that we will hang out. Yet I find out she hangs with her girl-friends, so I don't know how I should feel. This point in time I would have just left her alone, and not say anything else to her. Yet, at this point I am still pushing forward and talking to her, hoping that something will happen one of these days. I don't know what to do, if I should just leave her along, or keep trying. I really like this young lady, but I am not sure how she really feels about me, or if she is even into me like that. I need some advice.

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  • Why do I feel like an idiot for going after this girl?

    Well there is this girl I was talking to for a little bit. I mentioned we should hang out, and she thought it was a good idea. So I tried to set something up with her twice, but both times she cancelled (I said lets reschedule the first time she cancelled, the second time I didn't bother say anything). She mentioned that she felt bad about cancelling (she mentioned that both times). Since then I reached out to her and just spoke to her like normal. She answered and that was the last time we spoke. The crazy thing is that sometimes she would've texted me out of the blue to see how I was doing, how my day went, or just to say what's up. After the second time she cancelled she hasn't done any of that, so I just didn't text again since the last time I did. I just don't know what the heck happened. Now I feel like a fool for even trying, because I feel just said yeah, just because and was like I don't really like him let me back out. My thing is why not just be upfront and say look I am not interested that way, I don't think we should hang out. Now I am sitting here like bobo the fool, for even trying. What are some signs that a woman is truly interested? I just feel like I thought I knew, but after this it's clear that I don't.

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  • How not be boring with women?

    I just started talking to this young lady about two weeks ago. It started off great, but I feel like the conversation is starting to fizzle out. We would joke around and so forth and eventually we would still kind of joke around, and things started stalling with that and I would try to ask her questions about herself. I just feel like I’m boring her and that way she is probably feeling uninterested now. I’m supposed to have a date with her tomorrow, but now I’m not sure where I stand with her. In my head I know I shouldn’t really care about it, because I barely know her and vice versa. I just really want it to eventually work out, especially since I’m tired of being single. So how can I be more exciting to her/women in general?

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  • How to approach a girl I find attractive?

    I have a hard time even approaching a girl, since I don't know what to say. When I do talk to a girl, I have no idea of how to keep her interested. For some of you folks that have no problems getting relationships, what did you do? Women what worked for you? I have completely no idea of what I need to do or say to women that I would like to have a relationship with.

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  • Already starting to hear bad things about new job. How to get mentally prepared?

    Ok so I am starting a new job at a hospital in another week and a half. I was talking with folks who worked there in the overnight shift, which I will be working. From my interview I was forewarned that it is not a walk in the park, but now I am hear from an ex-employee really how bad it is, in terms of that shift. I have no idea of what to do, because from what I was told, learn as much as I can and try to move on. I just am scared that I don't get fired (I have never been fired before, and don't want to ever) from there, because I'm still a "newbie," just have been working in the healthcare field for 1 year, and I am nervous to say that I might not know enough. I am starting to wonder if this field is really my "calling." I don't know how to mentally prepare for this new job, and the different scenarios I might see.

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  • How to change my luck with women?

    I have been on several dates, but could never convert them into something more meaningful. Recently I went out of town to see this young lady and see where it would go. It didn't work out, because I don't know how to create a connection, and ask more meaningful questions (open ended questions). I am trying to find out how I can change this and turn my luck around with women, because it's my communication and fear of rejection that really hold me back. I believe that if I can fix this (well other things as well, but these are the main things), then I can hopefully change my luck. Any advice is welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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  • Still don't know what to talk about with young lady I am into?

    I’m supposed to be visiting another state to go see this young lady that I’ve been talking about. I’ve been told not to go there and act like an idiot without having something interesting to say. Well I’ve been talking to this young lady for a while and can’t seem to get past the superficial talk. I ask her interests/hobbies, about her family (how many brothers and sisters she has, what her parents do, and pretty much how was it growing up), why she chose her profession, and if she is into sports. I feel like I haven’t gotten much from her and struggling to get her to talk or it could be me, because with some of the girls I’ve spoken to, this happens. There have been a few where things went smoother and they actually talked quite a bit and gave me points, where I can ask more questions. With her it seems like I’m pulling questions out of the air and most times repeating questions. I know why am I going to visit her, well I mentioned the thought, because I was going to visit my friends and threw out the idea of while I’m there to meet somewhere close to her. She said why not come to her and visit her, so I chose to do that instead. Now I’m afraid I’m going to go up there and bomb and not gonna have anything to say. I’m might end up meeting her family and nervous of what to do, and what to say. I don’t know what else to talk about with her without repeating and getting the same few word respons that doesn’t give me much else to go with. I need some help and advice.

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  • Did she really mean this?

    Ok so I went out with this girl the other day, and she ended up getting an uber to where we met up. So after us going on this date, I told her I would give her the money for the trip to met up. I accidentally sent the money twice, and she accepted it both times (instead of just the one and rejecting the other, and didn't mention it was sent twice). I looked back at it, and mention it to her, she asked me if she should send it back. In my head I am thinking "did you really ask me that?" That question just rubbed me the wrong way and feel like she would only be around for all the wrong reasons. I need advice on that.

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  • I don't know why Women do this?

    So I am talking to this woman, and we are asking each other different relationship questions. She also text back something to one of my answers, and ask "what's up?", and no answer. So it gets to the point where she ask me if I am ready for a long term relationship which I answer (she also expects me to answer). Then when I flip the question back to her, same thing as before no answer. So I wait a little bit then I ask both questions again, the first one in regards to clarify her prior statement to one of my answers, and then the second being is she ready for a longterm relationship (and why). Still no answers, and I have no idea why women do this. It is like they expect you to answer their questions and will chase you down to the end of the earth to answer those questions. Yet, when you turn the questions back on them it's like um I am not answering that and will never answer it. It is very infuriating that this is going on. Just looking for why women do this.

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  • Thinking about selling my dream car for a gt mustang?

    I have gotten a Civic Type-R which is my absolute dream car. I still quite a bit on it, but have the itch to get a Mustang GT. I have never had a muscle car (v8) engine, which I am still curious about. I can't currently afford both, so it would be either or the other. The fun of the Type-R has kind of left, because I would like to modify it, but family and friends always saying don't, because the car is one of kind and will drop the value of the car. Where as the Mustang is a more common car, and I wouldn't necessarily care about the resale value like with the Type-R. Looking for advice.

    5 AnswersFord2 years ago
  • Going from a 2014 tc to a 93 Civic?

    I currently own a TC that needs a new tranny, I've already put a new engine in it (Bought it from the auction with a bad engine). I am considering fixing the transmission and eventually boosting it, if I can still find a turbo kit for it when the time comes. Something came up to get a running auto 93 civic, for $600, which needs a little body work. I'm am really considering buying that selling the tc and eventually do b or k series swap and use it as my daily driver. Looking for advice. Both cars are very reliable, especially when setup properly.

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  • How to get started in the Music Business as a Musician?

    Just as the question says. I am a Sax player and have always been told that I should be playing professionally. I have a lot to learn (currently taking lessons in Jazz), and think that I am not ready. I have been thinking recently to take a chance, but don't know where to start.

    3 AnswersJazz2 years ago
  • How to approach random women?

    This is something I struggle with everyday, ever since I was younger and has gotten worse. I am working at a hospital now and there are several attractive young ladies, but I don't know how to approach them and find a way to get to know them. I just feel bad that I have gotten this far and haven't come up with a way to really sweep a woman off her feet, or even get to the point where I can have a "successful" dating life. There are people my age (I am 33 years old) who are married and having children, and I don't even have anything going on. I am just trying to figure out how to see the girl (whether she is by herself or in a group), approaching her and actually getting her attention and a go from not knowing her to possible relationship. Another thing is wondering if I am good enough (do I have enough money, am I too fat, don't have my own place yet, etc.). Lastly, is knowing what to say to keep things going, even though she might not say much. I really need some advice on this situation.

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  • How to be more outgoing with the girls I like?

    When it comes to random people I come off as being very outgoing. Yet when I am attracted to a girl, because I don't know what to say. I never want to seem stupid and turn her off, so I keep things light and never know what to do. My family always tell me to say whats on my mind. Yet like I said before I am scared to run the girl off, and don't want to come off as a creep (which also plays a role with how I actually proceed to pursue her). I need a lot of help on how to be more outgoing and really pursue the girl I am interested in.

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