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James W.

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I have earned one Bachelor's and two Master's degrees, but I have learned the most from the School of Hard Knocks (making mistakes). I have over fifteen years of experience working with teens at the Boys' Club, a children's home, the "Y", and in school as a middle school counselor as well as extensive experience as a volunteer Sunday School teacher and church youth group leader. Based upon this experience, I wrote Straight Talk About Teen Dating (for pre-teens and teens) and Straight Talk About Dating (for young adults age 18-29) as guides to dating from a Christian perspective. The books challenge the misinformation dispensed daily by the media about dating by communicating crucial practical information including: how to prepare for dating by becoming the type of person that God wants you to date, when and who to date, how to do dating right, how to decide whether or not to continue in a dating relationship, the harmful effects of having sex before marriage,