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  • What kind of man is this?

    Ok... what kind of man do u think he is?!....

    Doesn't give much money to help with bills from 0-$120 the most a month. Cooks up so much food like he is feeding an army and let's it go to waste. Bitches and moans if he is asked to help wash dishes or vacuum... etc... bc he spends most of his time watching tv, bitching or not home. Always asks for beer money and cigarette from me but when he has to buy them he doesn't get them. When he is asked to leave out the house... like pack his **** that's already packed goes crazy and violent. Has pornos and single women on his Facebook page. Tells other women they look good, when clearly they don't.... why do men like this exist?

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  • I just found out I have diabetes 2, why is my boyfriend getting made when I bring healthy food in the house?

    This dude crazy... he is tripping keep bringing up my diet to maintain my diabetes... I don't know what his problem is, y don't he want me to eat healthy? He tripping bc my healthy food is in the fridge... well he gonna b even more mad when there is nothin but healthy in my freezer n fridge... he should b force me to eat healthy instead he says y don't u start eating healthy on Monday... I been eating good since Friday. Shouldn't my boyfriend be recognizing my motivation on eating good. Why is he treating me the opposite

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  • Why does this man treat me like this?

    I’ve been dating someone 20 years older then me for 3 years. He has disappointed our relationship quite a few times . Now he spends every day all day away from my house he isn’t on my lease and I have kids. He comes home around 9 to eat and sleep. He leave a mess of his clothes around and expect me to pick up after him like I’m his wife. I know I will never marry this man. Honestly the only reason I’m with him is because I need him to drive me to and fro work. I can’t get a car right now. Why is he disrespecting me so much I tell him all the time I don’t like him and don’t want to be with him but he always threatens me

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  • Why is my boyfriend giving me the silent treatment.?

    My boyfriend was out all day doing who know what. I feel deep down it was **** he shouldn't be doing, because his talk didn't add up. He came home and was in the room quiet all night. I stayed downstairs a d watched tv with my kids. I came upstairs and layed down because I was cramping. He asked me if I was ok and I said yes. I was laying in bed minding my own business.  Its always really cold in my room. I asked him was our ac / he at vents closed. He flipped on me starting to get loud and told me that was a stupid question. He got so verbal he woke my kids up. I told him to get out because my kids don't need to hear him getting loud at me just because I asked him a question.  Why did he get so crazy. I mean if he doesn't want to be in this relationship which it seems not why wint he tell me the truth and leave? Did I really ask a stupid question?

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  • Is he cheating?

    I had reason to go through my boyfriend phone. I saw text messages between him and another female who once came to my home to take a shower when I was gone. The texts were saying good morning, missing u, thinking of you, I want some of u  He told me he doesn't know y he text her those things. I asked him dod he sleep with her he denied it. I feel he has.

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  • Attachment image

    Is he cheating?

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  • Should I break my relationship off?!?

    My boyfriend knows I had kids. We been living together for a year. My kids just moved in with us 2 months ago. My boyfriend told me he doesn't want to be my kids step dad. What should I do? He is building some kind of relationship... communication with my daughters but he says my son is gay and disrespectful to him. I love my son regardless of his gender. Its what my kids need they need a male figure in there life. Should I break it off with my boyfriend?

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  • Is he being ungrateful?

    I bought my boyfriend sweat pants, jeans, and tops for the fall. He said he doesn't wear no name gear (tek gear from kohls) he said he would rather go to the $ store. He said just take it back. Is he being ungrateful?

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  • Why doesn t my boyfriend ever say he is happy that I accomplished anything?

    He always tells everyone that he hasn t seen in a while and that is doing well, that he is really happy for them but never tells me his proud of my accomplishments.

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  • What types of food should I eat if I'm 75 lbs over weight?

    I'm overweight from not loosing weight from my pregnancies. I just signed up to the gym, what kind of diet is best to help me loose weight

    6 AnswersDiet & Fitness2 years ago
  • Why did my boyfriend never ***?

    My boyfriend was out for 5 hours the other night drinking. He said there was men and women there. He came home that night and passed out asleep. The next night we has sex, he was very long winded and never ejaculated. Why is this? Normally he comes so quick.

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  • Is he cheating?

    What do u think. My boyfriend had a women call and ask him to pick her up from work. This is not the first time. He didn't go because he is watching his football. I asked him about an hour later bc it was on my mind and festering. Plus I wanted to see if he would tell me. Which he didn't. I ask him who he was going to pick up he wouldn't tell me... he got defensive. He said they are friends and he is going to help no matter what. And he thinks I shouldn't be in a relationship. I snuck and called the girl it was... I got here number which he doesn't know... I text her and told her she needs to save her money and but her own car. And to stop calling my man for a ride. She turned around and called my man and told him I text her that. Was I wrong? Is he cheating on me with her?

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  • Am I getting my taxes or not?

    I called the offset agency it says at this time there is no offset with my social security number. But on my where's my refund page it says my taxes may be offset to pay a past due debt. I'm so confused. Am I getting my taxes or not?! Please help.. serious inquiries only.

    6 AnswersUnited States3 years ago
  • Why am I not getting pregnant again?

    I have three kids and trying for a fourth, but with my new husband. He has one son who is 21 years old. We have been trying for 3 years. What is going on?

    4 AnswersTrying to Conceive5 years ago
  • Does he still want to be with me?

    I ve been loving a married man for 3 years. He says he loves me. I have only seen 4 times in 5 months and before that only 1 time a week physically, because I was living with him and his wife. One day he promised me to dinner but instead he put me off. I flipped out on him and told him my deep feelings of how I felt. And because of that he doesn t want to be with me. I want to be with him. I was angry and tired of having no time with him. I told him I was tired of being put off. The next morning he called me, we spoke for a while about us. We text the rest of the day. Ihe stopped by my house to bring me something I asked for a big and he said no. I even saw him later that evening. He kissed me not once but twice. Then he told me he loves me that will never change. But he doesn t want to be with me anymore. He says he is going to disappear and block me. Why is he doing this to me. I just want to be with him more. I ve been waiting for 3 years.

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  • im confused am I wrong for loving this man?

    I have been dating a married man for 10 months we now live together two weeks now but he still sees his wife on a casual note yes its true bc I talk with her as well I know am pregnant by him how and what should I say to her if she asks am I pregnant his wife knows we live together but not sleep together or she is just in denial how should I break the news

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