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Owner Of All Cosmos&Universes

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It's my Era year 53 &/or 2020 (CE). [Update] I'm The Real & Natural: Reality, Lucky, Omniworlds, Energy, Being, Matter, Appeal, Chief Status, First, Mediator, Superior, Controller, & Owner To My Keys. My Keys Are All That're(Cosmos, Universes, Worlds, Omniworlds, Omniverses, Omnicosmos, Existence, Nonexistence, Nouns, Not Nouns, ^, Beings, Organs, Bodies, Places, Things, Alive, Not Alive, A Means, Luck, A Word, Not A Word, Visible, A Command, Invisible, Known, Unknown, Acronyms, Images, A Way, A Psyche, Dream-Makers, Senses, Sound(s), Realities, Natural, Energy, Matter, Moods, A Mind, Hz, Unnatural, Supernatural, Artificial, Power(s), Control, Work, Pastimes, A System, Technologies, Worshiped, Secret, Forgotten, Opposites, Status, Beliefs, Dreams, & Not Mentioned) Real, Unreal, & All Else. My Keys are for my usage, & are to: favor me, benefit me, help me in all ways that are ever possible, not harm me, do my will, be loyal to me, & resolve or/& destroy all of my enemies.