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  • Chicago Bears young backfield of Jordan Howard, Tarik Cohen and now Mitchell Trubisky. Will they be good together?

    I'm a big Bears fan and watching Trubisky play the QB position the way he does with his arm and legs, is very exciting for me and looking forward to him leading us to better things. Put the Bruiser Howard and the Human Joystick Cohen with him is really intriguing. That is a young and dangerous backfield of the future.

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    Paper back book lovers.. Would you use this?

    I seen this and thought what a cool way to keep your thumb from getting fatigued and keeping the pages open.. Would you use one?

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  • Do you think Black on Black crime in America is a growing problem? And who's to blame?

    I was watching coverage on Ex football player Will Smith's death during a fender bender accident. Another senseless crime that is brought to discussion because of his fame. Unfortunately this happens everyday and is overlooked. I have a problem on some people passing the blame to "Crooks" in office for holding the Black man down.. For not giving young black kids enough productive things to do and the poor communities that spawn drugs and crime not getting help. What upsets me is what is NEVER mentioned. The parents!!! Taking ownership for raising your kids right. They blame lack of parenting on again, America.. For creating laws that lock up their dads.. How about the dad taking ownership on getting locked up? Everyone seems to blame white America for everything wrong.. How does an educated man that does something with his life and becomes a politician take the blame for idiots that don't do anything to better theirs?

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  • Question about my cars AC system? My blower won't go off, even when my car is turned off and keys are out.?

    just happened today. My AC works fine. Blows cold air but today another fan came on that blows only at my feet. Well it won't turn off. I have to disconnect the batt. to stop it. I've looked on the internet and most people say bad Blower Resister but that seems to be an issue for the AC that blower going through its different speeds.. My AC works fine but this other blower, I don't even know what it is, keeps blowing hot air at my feet. I have a 2004 GMC envoy SLT v8 engine if that helps. It has dual auto climate control.

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  • Can my Blu tooth Subwoofer connect to any soundbar with Blutooth?

    I have a Sony soundbar with blutooth Subwoofer. Someone broke into my house and stole my soundbar but left my sub. Can I buy just a soundbar and will my Sony Sub connect to it??

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  • Need help!! my Brother is terrorizing my life.?

    My brother its unemployed, on drugs, living the prison lifestyle, stealing from me, threatening me, terrorizing me and my girlfriend and my 2 month old newborn, and staying in MY house rent free. Back story: We have lived together for about 7 years and I've let hin live at my house rent free to help a family member out.. Recently I had my first baby with my girlfriend and her and the baby moved in. He calmed down a little at first but now he's out of control. I was at work not too long ago and my girlfriend text me the whole house smelled like weed. I called him about it and he said he was smoking marijuana in his bedroom. I told him no freaking way to do that indoors especially with a newborn in the house. He started taking crap and disrespecting me over the phone.. that's when everything turned bad.. so I finally told him to move out asap. He told me he isn't going anywhere even though its my house and I can't make him. He has threatened me that he will stab me and mess me up.. I've called the police and they can't do anything because he has "tenant rights" so I started a long and inconvenient eviction. Its cost me time and money. In the meantime he is still partying with gang members, smoking in my house and know stealing my expensive watches and cameras. I've tried calling the police, child protective services but they don't even make a report since he has a card to smoke weed in California, and the sheriff said since he has access to the house I can't prove he stole anything. Also I told the police he has been threatening me, but they can't do anything for things that "might happen" only things that do happen..I want to smash his head in sooooo bad but he will win again by me going to jail.. He has all the rights it seems and I don't have any help. I am evicting him, but that takes time and in the mean time he is terrorizing me every day and night in my own house!! I feel very bad for my girlfriend and I'm losing sleep and doing bad at work.. Help!!

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  • How can I prove ownership of a house in a California court?

    About 6 years ago my grandma told me she wanted me to have the house when she passed away. We went down to the county assessors and records dept and she put me on the Grant Deed as joint tenants. She recently passed away and I was told to file a affidavit of death of joint tenant which transfers the title solely to me. Unfortunately she didn't make a Will before her passing. And of course a greedy family member wants to take me to court over it. All he has is a verbal statement. Without a will can my name on the deed avoid a lengthy and maybe costly court battle over something ridiculous..All he has is that she verbally have him the house and I brainwashed my grandma in giving it to me..

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  • My brother wants to take my house from me in probate court. need help.?

    It was my grandmas house which about 6 years ago put my name on the grant deed as joint tenants. I live in California. She recently passed away and I did an affidavit of death of joint tenants resulting in transferring title solely to me. My younger brother lives with me and has been in the house rent free for years. He now says it's his house because grandma verbally gave him the house (huge lie) and I brainwashed her to put me s joint tenants. He is fighting an eviction from me. He collects unemployment and sales drugs. long story short, can me being on the grant deed avoid a long and costly probate court just because my no good brother roommate wants the house for himself. unfortunately there was no will only her putting me as joint tenants with survivorship..

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  • Can I avoid probate court if I'm on the deed of a house.?

    I live in California. 6 years ago my grandmother told me she wanted me to have the house when she passed away. She put me on the grant deed as joint tenants. She recently passed and I did a affidavit of death of joint tenants and it's solely in my name now. I'm trying to evict a no good younger brother from my house and he said he's going to take the house from me because grandma verbally said he can have it. he's lying because grandma never wanted him to have it. He's just on drugs and greedy. A eviction mediator stated that it will go to probate court now. Since there was no will when she died, can my affidavit of death of joint tenant avoid a lengthy and costly probate?

    4 AnswersRenting & Real Estate8 years ago
  • How can I evict my brother from my house.?

    I live with my girlfriend my newborn and. my brother. I own the home and I'm letting my brother stay there rent free. his lifestyle of doing drugs not working having friends over the house partying, and so on have made me tell time to move out. He blew up at me and said no way!! You gotta kick me out.. He has gone overboard by smoking marijuana inside our house and dealing drugs. I want to smash his head in but have to much too lose. How can I get him out. He stays rent free with no type of lease..

    3 AnswersLaw & Ethics8 years ago