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  • I am never tired?

    (First off let me note this is not like the other posts on this site and others, I did my own research because I really at least want to know what this is, and at best I want a way to fix it.)

    I can stay awake for up to 10 days and only on that last day will I feel the slightest bit tired, before it used to be more, I have beat the record twice when I was younger and didn’t feel tired until a day after I beat the record. It’s a problem, I can’t sleep, and when I try to sleep the earliest I can fall asleep is 3am, and that’s on a good night with melatonin. I exercise everyday, that either being actual exercise or just VR exercise games. So it’s not the case and I also don’t eat well which I would think would make me more tired but I still don’t get tired and it’s not a case of me being constantly fatigued and me thinking that’s just normal awake feeling, because after the 10 days I can feel tired so I know what it feels like.

    Someone, anyone, if you know what my problem is or want to help me then please do, this is affecting me very harshly and has been my whole life.

    (Sorry this is a long read I just would like to give you all the info so that anyone willing to help has a better chance of being able to help)

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  • one of my nostrils is clogged constantly?

    No I’m not talking about the nasal cycle I’m talking about how constantly (24/7) even when I’m not sick my right nostril is almost fully clogged 

    Other - Health5 months ago
  • My mom is the source of my depression what do I do?

    My mom has been the main reason of my depression for most of my live (I’m 13) I don’t know what to do and now she’s breaking up with my step dad and she’s being more of a ****

    3 AnswersMental Health1 year ago
  • Is it normal to cry myself to sleep every night?

    I’m 12 almost 13 not sure if age makes a difference

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