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  • Starting a diesel cube van.?

    I have a Ford E-350 cube van with a 7.3 diesel engine. The tranny was rebuilt last time it ran. The van has been sitting for over 7 years. What do i have to do to start the engine and get the van going.

    7 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • Are lexus ls430 (2000-2005) made in north america?

    I was planning to import a lexus into canada, 2005, and wanted to know if its made in north america or not. Thats because any can imported that is not made here is charged a big tax. Also is the warranty still going to be active? thanks for your help!

    6 AnswersLexus1 decade ago
  • 2001 bmw 740i engine problems.

    I have a 2001 bmw 740i. Since 3 weeks, it has been giving me problems. When the car is idling, it shakes. The shaking is coming from the engine. When i turn the car on, there is white smoke coming out the exhaust but goes away after a few seconds. There is a bit of power loss as per performance but not really a lot. The check engine light is on and after scanning it it says bank 1 and bank 2. The mechanics are hesistant to take a look at it because its a very complicated engine. When i opened the cover where the spark plugs are, there was a bit of oil there...probably the valve cover gasket needs to be replaced. Could that cause the spark plugs to not work properly or can it be something else such as the o2 sensor malfunctioning. Please Help. thanks.

    7 AnswersBMW1 decade ago
  • Exotic Massage Parlour...cheating?

    I feel like crap today. My wife and I had this huge fight yesterday and i left the house. Theres so much stress on me this whole week. I love her to death but at times she really seems selfish, and we end up in fights. So last night, i was sleeping in my office and suddenly a thought of going to a massage parlour around the corner came into my mind. I would never go into those kind of places but i thought it would take my mind off of things. There was no sex, no oral, only naked massage and hand job. The whole time I was feeling this guilt, but when i came out i thought to myself its not cheating. Today morning i woke up and its the only thing on my mind. I feel really guilty. Is this considered as cheating? Or am i just taking it out of proportion? And should i tell my wife about it?

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  • Unjustice in China?

    A person in china is jailed and tortured for days now all because he had the courage to get a petition signed by 10000 people. The petition was for the olympics to be held in china and how people are being thrown out of their homes because the government needs land to make new sports venues. My question is how can we sit back and watch the games knowing what had to happen to make these games possible. I have gone on and have yet to see anything that addresses this situation. Give me some suggestions on what we could do or just leave your name as an answer to show you care and hopefully we can get our voices heard.

    To read the full story, go to and click on world news.

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