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  • Teacher Only Grades a few assignments?

    In algebra 2 i get homework everyday and out of all the homework she may only grade 1 homework assignment and the rest was so i could waste my ******* time doing work apperently. Thats just my personal opinion but anyway is it right that a teacher is allowed to grade only 1 assignment out of like 10 papers you did? Is it legal? Why does my teacher do this? 

    Why does she do this if it will encourage the student not to do his homework? Ps one homework assignment is only worth 5 point so u can prolly see why it pisses me off that she does this because a 5/5 isnt much at all towards your grade.

    2 AnswersHomework Help2 months ago
  • How much trouble can you get in if pulled over without a license? South Dakota?

    I am 17 and living with my parents i have obtained my drivers license through a written test about 2 years ago but have not taken the driving test yet )dont ask me why its a long depressing story) lol but anyway i want to drive withought having my parent sit with me but i tecnically cant because its just a permit but how much trouble would i get into if i was pulled over and i showed them my permit and not an actual license? The main reason i want to do this is because my parents dont wanna go with me everywhere i drive they dont have time

    15 AnswersInsurance & Registration3 months ago
  • 1985 Yamaha Dirtbike wants to shut off when I give it throttle?

    My 1985 Yamaha Dirtbike was working fine last night until I woke up and tried to start it! It started up just fine and sounded normal, BUT asoon as i tried giving it gas/More throttle it wants to shut off so I figured I'd let it warm up for 5 minutes I did that and it still does the same thing! I'm thinking the tube or carberator could be jammed with dirt? What do you think the issue could be???

    4 AnswersMotorcycles5 months ago
  • Can Catfish survive in a small creek?

    I fish in a small creek it has a little pond area that isnt big at all mabye 25ft long max and width is like 10 ft or 20ft I could be wrong I'm not good at distance lol but its small but anyway max depth is like 3 or 4 ft and I was wondering if I put catfish in there if they could survive? I heard they are incredible survivors in any body of water which makes sense cause I was at a lake with a tiny clear puddle but it was like 2 ft deep and i threw 3 giant cats in there and herring next week comes around and the cats are fine but the herring were all dead floating ontop of the water so I was wondering if the catfish could survive in the creek if I tried stocking it with catfish I catch from the river? Cause it is really close to were I live and it would be really fun to catch catfish there!

    2 AnswersFishing5 months ago
  • Internet Provider?

    My wifi only has about a 3mbps max for download and is as low as 17.5kbps for upload (for the record this is if noone is on the wifi but i even one person is it drops massively lower) idk about you but I feel like that is terrible but I was wondering if anyone knows why it could be that shitty? Like is it possible to pay for that bad of wifi or is he being lazy asf and not getting me a better speed?? Or do you think it might have something to do with the cabling? Or something else? 

    5 AnswersComputer Networking7 months ago
  • Donald Trump 2020?

    Do you want Donald Trump to remain president in 2020 or no and why?

    What do you like or not like about Mr.Trump?

    9 AnswersPolitics9 months ago
  • Donald Trump vs Senate!?

    Do you think Senate will impeach Donald Trump on Wednesday? 

    Also: What do you think about this whole impeachment process that the Democrats started? Stupid or Not?

    9 AnswersPolitics9 months ago
  • Impeachment of Donald Trump?

    Do you think the impeachment of Donald Trump will work or fail? Also Do you want him impeached or do u want him to stay for 2020 and why?

    8 AnswersPolitics9 months ago
  • Donald J Trump?

    If you could replace Donald Trump with anyone else to be president of the USA who would it be and why do you chose that person over Trump?

    13 AnswersPolitics9 months ago
  • Apex Legends?

    I was in a match of squads and while i was playing we got to the end with just 2 other squads. My two teamates ended up getting killed by the squad but i was able to clutch it and kill the two squads buuut my other two teamates left before i won the match so therefore does that mean that they did not get the win added to their account only i did since they left???

    1 AnswerVideo & Online Games10 months ago
  • Call of Duty Friendly Fire?

    Why does COD and Blackops and other ganes have friendly fire? I understand having friendly fire for the main characters like So u dont kill captain price in Cod but why dont they let you kill as many teamates as you want? What does it hurt? In my opinion it doesnt hurt anythibg to kill the unimportant friendlies!

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games10 months ago
  • Video Game Doors?

    Why do some video games have doors that u can go through just fine and then they also have other doors where when u go through them it basically shows a loading screen and you have to wait like a minute? Why dont they make it so that every door you go through u can go through without a loading screen?

    2 AnswersVideo & Online Games10 months ago
  • Pheasants South Dakota ?

    There is only a 3 pheasants a day limit but if i am with my brother can i shoot more to help him with his 3 birds or am i done and not allowed to help him get his limit?

    4 AnswersBirds10 months ago
  • School Work?

    I am going to join the Air force when i am older and afterwards try to become a Police Officer. I am just curious if u could name anything that you learn in school that is completely useless for those jobs?

    3 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police10 months ago
  • trigonometric ratios?

    What jobs do you use trigonometric ratios for?

    3 AnswersMathematics10 months ago
  • My WiFi Router?

    My WiFi will be working for the whole week and then next week it will randomly stop working for up to 3 days. and then it will work again for maybe 3 days and then shut off again.My cords look fine and so does my router altho i have had my router for 4 years now. What could be the problem is my router bad? Or does it have to do with the Tower and my internet provider? or something else? I have tried restarting it or unplugging cords i even rebooted it from the website but it still doesn't work. I can tell my WiFi works randomly at night some times cause ill get up in the morning with a crap load of massages and notifications but my WiFi will be basically off at this point cause it doesn't work. Yes, i have tried almost everything including changing channels. Can someone help me?

    4 AnswersComputer Networking11 months ago
  • Air Force Jobs?

    What are the more harder jobs to go and join in the Air Force? What are some of the easier jobs to join into?

    5 AnswersMilitary11 months ago
  • Air force Basic Training?

    Why do many people say the Air Force isn't nearly as hard in training as the Marines or any other branch? Is it true? What makes it easier if it is true?

    3 AnswersMilitary11 months ago
  • Air Force Load Master?

    What are the skills needed? What is the current Job Market? What is the education required?

    2 AnswersMilitary11 months ago
  • The Plane You Are On Is Going Down!?

    You can either brace for impact and hope you survive hitting very forested land or take the chance of jumping out with a parachute right away so you have enough altitude and landing into the middle of the ocean and most likely drowning or on land safely depending on where the wind takes you, what would you chose? Do you wanna put your trust in The Pilot Or The Wind?

    (Before you ask no you cannot wait until the pilot is over the land because by then you wont have enough altitude and the parachute wont open in time.) and well THE END FOR YOU LOL!

    8 AnswersAircraft12 months ago