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  • Have you ever got a CT scan and was afraid of the radiation?

    Asking for a friend here, i been told to get a CT scan for chest , i am a relatively young person at being 25. I am scared if in the future i will develop some serious illness from it. 

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  • Cough,Chest pain/upper Back pain for around 8 months?

    I'm so annoyed. Ive had this cough for months and than i got really sick on april maybe a strong flu or covid? I was so sick for 2 weeks. After i developed chest congestion everyday with same annoying chesty cough and upper back pain. I been through every test XRAY,EKG, ASTHMA TESTS etc all normal. XRAY AND EKG WERE MULTIPLE AND NORMAL. I did notice i started taking allegra and my cough really decreased but still have flare ups days. I have had an allergy test 2 years ago and i am highly allergic to dust mites and cats ( dont have a cat) 

    How do i get rid of this ??? Doctors dont know what to do but just send me anti biotics WHICH I TOOK A LOT THIS YEAR , Inhalers and other crap. None of it works.

    I am 24. Male. Non Smoker

    Can't be lung cancer right? 

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  • I have a 10.5mg/dl in blood and almost 25 is that too high?

    Yesterday i was feeling very dizzy most of the day since i woke up. Today it comes and goes , its very annoying ... should i be worried?

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  • Do i need a permit/license to sell soccer jerseys?

    Dows anyone know if its against the law to flip jerseys that are made by nike , puma , adidas soccer jerseys 

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  • Can you feel lymph nodes under armpit?

    I been having pain under both my armpits and also I see a little swell on my left one but I cant seem to find bumps or signs of lymph nodes. The pain is usually on a direct spot.

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management5 months ago
  • Chronic cough, mucous feeling in chest when laying down for long period of time?

    I've had this cough for 4 months now,  I been tested twice for covid and negative.. everyone just wants to assume is covid now.. I've gotten a chest x ray and came back normal , also a EKG and normal .... I been to many doctors from urgent care, primary and also pulmonologist but all seem to not really know what it is and just assume is either covid19 or allergies or asthma or post nasal drip.... i dont have shortness of breath , i just cough and sounds dry and chesty but when i do cough i feel like i push up a bit of phlegm up my throat but i cant seem to bring up to spit it out ... i did get very sick almost 2 months ago which i believe it was a horrible flu or covid19 , i had all the symptoms of covid except for loss of smell and taste... but this annoying chronic cough wont go away.. it did get a lot better these last 2 weeks and all I been taking is zyrtec, flonase spray.. but today it started acting up again .. I am getting a physical this wednesday. I just hope I dont have cancer or anything like that,  I hope I am just overreacting.... any one might know what it could be or anyone going through this?

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  • Would you ever forgive your bf/gf for cheating on you?

    I was cheated on by my gf that i did not treat all that great but i also showed her love like no other. She has been through alot in her life sexual abuse as kid, rape, drug abuse but she very caring which is why i think she easily to manipulate. Thats just a little of me , i love her and hate her as of now ... just looking for your guys experiences and outcomes

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  • How to recover files/photos/numbers from broken samsung s6 phone?

    Its completly broken , wont turn on but when it broke it was still on until the baterry died , so it can still work and it just want charge any way i can recover files from it , i had important things on it ..thanks

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans2 years ago
  • Gf cheated to cover up her addiction ?

    Well first i really loved this woman i thought she was everything for me. I have issues to play to much with a person feelings, in the beginning i made her feel like i wasnt going to always be there and will just leave randomly , its true and she also told me this is one of the reasons. Another one is that she has had previous addiction problems with mostly every hardcore drug there is specially meth and heroin, so i stated if she ever relapsed i wont be there. Well i didnt know much better but we were drinking together alot and one day i got crazy and locked her out of her own room... she than went out and got heroin (while being drunk) i didnt know she was doing heroin after months , well she stated that she wanted to cover it up so i never find out and went out and but suboxone. Her drug dealer took advantage and slept with her for exchange of those pills , i found out my self few months ago (we been together for about 8-9 months) i felt CRUSHED , we still together she been clean for 3-4 months now , but i dont know what to do , i wouldnt be able to trust her anymore , she CRIES her lungs out daily saying she feels terrible also BLAMES heroin not infedility because she feels she didnt cheat she just "cared so much for me to want to cover up the addiction so i never find out and not leave her" idkk..... i wish someone will legitimately help me ... i am human with feelings and those feelings was really in love with this woman , still am but i feel hurt tine to time

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  • I want to move away alone , after my semester or gradutation with associates. Help?

    I am 23 and almost got my associtaes i know im late , but better late than never but i want to move out and start my own life and become a man already. How much should i have saved up ? What are some countries or states to get a good new life started alone?

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  • Drinking problem?

    I am 23 and i been drinking alot recently , mostly beers though like 5-6 a day everyday sometimes breaks of 1-3 days , also drink whiskey , am i too young to develop any serious problems? I been only drinking for about 2 years

    14 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits2 years ago
  • Are heroin addicts cheaters ?

    Well i was dating a sober girl that had relapsed and she was scared to tell me so she decided to get suboxone from the streets and her drug dealer used that as advantage and ****** her couple times who knows how many really. But she not like that sober theres 2 people in her , one sober who is faithfull other is drug addict who has no feelings ? Should i let it slide now that shes been sober for 3 months amd forever she says

    3 AnswersSingles & Dating2 years ago
  • Are relationships/marriages dead now in 2018-2019?

    I just got cheated on , and i thought i was going to be the one and not my gf, she cheated before we got serious she states, im over it now , we still friends. I am a fairly good looking guy with confidence , i did go to a little phase where i will have different woman every weekend but i didnt like it. I like having a connection with one and only sex is way much better with an emotional connection in my opinion, but now that everything is ****** up by the media should i just learn that no one is faithful anymore or cant be ? I dont see why its so hard for people.

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  • My gf/wife cheated on me.?

    Before you jump to anything i just want to say i appreciate the people who will deep down honest try to help me here with their opinions. I been with her for about 7-8 months the first 1-2 months i would play with her emotions because i was afraid of falling in love , she says thats when she let someone else get in her pants. I dont believe it because that person started popping up around 3-4 month when things were pretty much serious and when i married her in vegas well right before that. She lived in the hood , had heroin problems at the beggining when she met me and says thats one of the biggest reason she did it because she was scared that i will find out she was using so she went to get suboxone and only person who had it was him , and he got to her head aswell making her believe i was using her etc. I took her out the hood , put her into rehab , and took her daughter as well into my house and we lived happily for the last couple months until 2 days ago since i found out , and she never told me. I feel like i invested so much for nothing , i think the right thing to do is move on as much on how much i like her now because it was a shock. She says i should give her a chance since she didnt know i was taking her serious around that time , she thought i was doing the same because girls names will pop on my phone but i did NOTHING with them while she did.

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  • Can someone fully explain what PCOS is ?

    My gf told me she has PCOS, i paid no mind to it before , but she was on medication when i met her and she stopped taking it a few amonths ago because she was bleeding constantly. She has been getting regular monthly periods which gets me confused. She is going to the doctor today to see if she can get some treatment because she keeps complaining about acne , thicker hair, weight gain , heavy painful periods, facial hair. But since i met her she looks the same i see barely any changes she states, maybe its a mental thing. She also said she cant get pregnant with out help, but she has before after not having a period for a whole year which makes no sense. We want to start a new family but i want to do it with out medications but naturally. Just scared of any side effects. Also does this mean she is partly a man since she has higher testorone than normal woman ?[dont judge me for this lol]

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  • Should i get over my girlfriend past? (Serious opinions please)?

    Dating a 28 y/o single mother of a child that is 4y/o. I am 22 my self. She has had a crazy past, from being molested as a child, raped multiple times as a teen because of it, used drugs for years pretty much every drug, mostly heroin,meth,weed,alcohol etc. Has had many abusive relationships specially her baby fathers, who beat her constantly smoked meth and did heroin with. Did nasty stuff with him [webcam] etc , was a stripper for 2 weeks bc of him. Had multiple bf after him , but says she always been faithful , she is a very caring deep hearted person , trying to better her self also a straight A student in college. Recently relapsed but i helped her out of it and now is clean for 2 months and she says forever now. I am in love with her but her past just makes me feel disgusted dissapointed. Not sure of the feeling tbh.

    5 AnswersMental Health2 years ago
  • Being in love at around 22/23 years old to young? (Male)?

    Hello, I feel very awkward doing this but i don't want to bother anyone else that i know. I recently caught deep feelings for this woman who is 28 years old with a child at first i only saw her as a booty call. Time went on and she taught me many positive things , i started developing feelings for this woman. She has her own personal issues , and also her child which was a big turn off for me at the beggining but we both know that the little girl will never be my daughter as i explained to her that she will only be my best friend , and she was fine with that. Now i am very confused and sort of sad/depressed because i have not had this feeling for someone since i was like 16 and it ended up screwing me up for years. I always had opportunities to play the field as much as i can but i always decided not to go out when i will get invited outside. I played the field not to long ago , had woman every weekend before i met this girl , and since than i been faithful. In the other hand i went through her old FB messages by accident, and saw that she had around 3 relationships in the past 1-2 years were it seemed that she was probably cheating on them with the same guys or other people. She swears shes been faithful (dont think i am a jealous freak) i am not but since these feelings developed very deeply not to long ago im becoming a crazy person, ( she is MUCH more jealous than i am) she the one who kept telling me she never loved someone as much as me etc.. Idk what to do ?

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  • Dating a 28 year old woman with a kid who was drug addict in the past ?

    I'm dating a girl that is 28 years old with a 4 year old kid while I am 22. She claims to be in love with me and says she has never felt this way before ever for someone. The few things that bother me and pushes me away is that she was a drug addict that did most of all hardcore drugs , she recently graduated from her program like a year ago , and says she has been clean for 3 years. I dont know if to take this girl serious she is smart and has goals in her life right now , studying to be a lawyer. Also another little issue is her kid. I need some suggestions about how I should feel about this , is it healthy for me to continue with this or just let it go and move on?

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