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  • twilight, the italian vampires?

    Im sitting in line for the premiere of new moon. and the people waiting in line are arguing about what color the voltouri cloaks are. red verses black. im just wondering which it is. because i remember in book four, during the big confrontation that the voultouri marched in in formation and it was describbed as looking like *a flower opening up mid bloom*

    anyone have the books that could check. that would be awesome

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  • Intimacy difference. salty?

    well a bit embarrasing, but after me and my boy's last intimacy session, his excretion was more salty than normal, ALOT more. i was wondering what caused this

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  • Weird mail. should i be scarred?

    today i got a weird letter in the mail, inside was was a blank sheet of paper folded up. inside was the remains of two insects and a needle/pin thing

    i reverse looked up the adress because i never saw it before and the results came back negative. the place didnt exist.

    should i be scarred?

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