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Retired and have been around the block a few times! Have used computers since Windows 3.1 and DOS and have been on line for about 19 years moving onto cable fibre optic Broadband from dial up as soon as it first came on line in the UK. Have been a customer of Virgin Media for 19 years when it first started out as Telecential 1994. Have had to move over to ADSL because I can't get cable where I now live. Very annoying to say the least! Feel free to email me, but PLEASE DO NOT ask me specific computer questions. Only do so if I ask you to contact me in your questions. I'm sorry I have now got to ask this but I'm being swamped with email questions. Some of which are highly technical and complicated and I'm not qualified to answer them. Also I and other contributors do not have the chance of earning points for answering questions off the board. Not only that, I don't know everything and you don't get a proper selection of answers to chose from.

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