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    The feelings of guilt and resentment have turned into depression over past mistakes,, will I get over it.

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    With the condition of the economy now is it even worth it?

    3 AnswersInvesting3 months ago
  • Which way do I go?

    I've recently found myself unemployed at a pivotal time in the nation's history I do have a company that wants to relocate me to have me punch the clock again. For some reason I am hesitant not lazy but I am in the mindset that I want to invest in myself for once. But where do I start is it worth it.

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  • Is it real or are we both delusional?

    So me and a co-worker of mine found ourselves sexually attracted to each other,though she is married which was a conflict for me ,after about five six months of turning her down because of the marriage in a moment of weakness I caved. I mean the chemistry was just off-the-charts we get along on every aspect of a relationship. So it's been about six seven months now of the adulterous affair which has turned into a love affair. She says she wants me to just hold out until the divorce is finalized , but whenever she's at home there is no contact anymore.Am I wasting my tim,her time,the world's time.

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