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  • What foods can and can’t I eat while on blood pressure medication? ?

    So I went to the doctors and they said that my blood pressure was high. They gave me a medication called Jamp Perindopril (4mg). I did some research and there were some foods that I needed to avoid. However, I don’t know if they’re talking about my medication aswell. What are some foods that I should be avoiding and what foods can I eat while I’m on the medication? Please let me know. Thank you!

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  • Heart palpitations? Should I be worried?

    Okay so today I was just chilling, playing video games when all of a sudden I felt a pounding in my chest. It went away after a few seconds and I thought nothing of it but a few minutes afterwards, I felt a flutter in my chest. It went away after a few seconds but I got a bit worried so I had my mother check my pulse, and everything seemed okay. I remembered I went to the doctors office two days ago and they said that there was no problems with my heart so it couldn’t be that. Are heart palpitations normal or should I be worried? I’ve never had them before. If it helps in anyway, I started to change my diet, and I started to exercise. I also started to take vitamin B12 for my anxiety.

    Heart Diseases2 months ago
  • What’s the percentage of me dying in my sleep?

    I know I already asked this before and I’m so sorry. All I ask is everyone to be patient with me because I don’t mean to do this. For the others who don’t know, I suffer with anxiety. 

    and my dumb self stumbled on an online article that You can die in your sleep. I tried telling my brain that I’m okay because I know for a fact that I have no diseases or problems, my family’s medical history has no problems and yesterday I went to the doctors and they monitored my heart rate, checked my heart and lungs and they said that everything was okay. If it helps people, my age is 18 and my weight is 331 but I’m changing my diet and doing exercise. So what is this the percentage of me dying in my sleep? Is it rare? Once again I’m very sorry for the double questioning, it’s just when my anxiety kicks into high gear there’s no stopping it. I really appreciate everyone’s answers and their patience, I really do. 

  • How rare is it to die in your sleep?

    So my anxiety is at it again..and my dumb self stumbled on an article that You can die in your sleep. And i know for a fact that I don’t have any diseases or disorders and yesterday I went to the doctors office to do a checkup and they checked me and they said that everything was fine. I swear I’m trying my best to conquer this anxiety but it’s so hard..please just someone tell me if I have nothing wrong with me, how rare is it?

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  • Should I be worried about the symptoms?

    So as you all know, I was recently prescribed with cipralex (10 mg) for my anxiety. when i took it and i went to bed, i felt like i had the best sleep in my life. When i woke up this morning though, i started to feel dizzy, drowsy and really nauseous. is this normal? do i have to be monitored by my family while on the medication? Also, i take birth control for my period to regulate. can i still take it? i'm very sorry for all the questions its just i have never taken these before and i wanna make sure that im safe. I was really freaked out this morning and I didn’t know what to do.

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  • I’m scared of taking medication for my anxiety. Can someone please give me advice?

    Okay so I finally went to the doctors for my anxiety and they recommended me combo therapy which means medication and therapy. They prescribed me with Teva Escitalopram (Cipralex) in 10 mg. The doctors told me not to be scared of the pills but I just can’t help it. I’m really  scared because I’ve never taken them before. Are antidepressants really as bad as people say? Please let me know because I don’t think I can do it..

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  • Can you guys forgive me?

    Okay for all the people who have seen my questions about dying and Cardiac arrest, i know it’s silly for me to be scared of dying at a young age, especially since I have no medical problems

    With my heart. But the truth is, I’m just scared to die young. There is so many things that I want to do. Such as get married and have children and I’m just scared that I won’t have that. And I’m really sorry that I’ve been overthinking and driving you guys nuts. Like I’m only 18 and I shouldn’t even be acting this way. But I really do appreciate all the answers all of you have given me, I really do. Will you guys be able to forgive me?

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  • I’m 18 years old and I’m scared of cardiac arrest?

    Okay so I’m a bit of a hypochondriac. I heard That a girl that was two years younger than me died from a cardiac arrest and now I’m scared. I know for a fact that there’s no problems considering the heart in my family’s medical history And I haven’t taken any medication that affects the heart. However I will admit that I do have a stomach on me but I am working on it by doing workouts and eating healthy. I know that I’m overreacting and I have nothing to worry about, but I just can’t help it because I don’t want it to happen to me.  I have a whole life ahead of and right now I work at a really good job that pays well for a first job. Just to ease my mind, will I be okay? And how can I beat this anxiety?

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  • How do I stop stressing over my brother?

    My autistic brother has been stressing me out a lot and I can’t take it anymore. Every single morning he gives us the nastiest attitude when we didn’t do anything except say good morning, he refuses to eat whenever we tell him to eat, he sits on the couch and doesn’t do anything all day or he runs up in his room and refuses to do anything and he always talks about how he’s scared of dying and growing old. We tell him he’s fine but he refuses to believe us at any cost and I can’t do it anymore. I end up crying because of all the stress and my anxiety’s go up. My mother tells me that I shouldn’t be worrying about him because he isn’t my responsibility and she’s right. But I just can’t help it because he just doesn’t stop asking questions. How do I stop stressing about him?  I really need some advice on what I have to because I really don’t think my mental health can handle all this stress.

    Mental Health2 months ago
  • My autistic brother is stressing me out. What should I do?

    My brother’s 

    autism is low so he’s able to speak and do stuff just fine. The only thing is he’s an adult but his brain is wired to think and act like a spoiled six year old. He doesn’t do any chores, he doesn’t eat when anyone tells him to, all he does is either sit on the couch and do nothing or he runs to his room. And when you tell him something either he won’t answer you or he’ll start throwing a huge hissyfit. Today I needed help so I asked him if he could help me clean and he starts screaming at me which got me mad and I finally snapped at him. So we got into this huge fight and it ended up getting a little physical because he tried to punch me, and obviously I had to get out of there for my well being. I love my brother to bits and there’s no hate against him, but he’s stressing me out really bad and he’s stressing out my family too. What should I do because I really need some help. I don’t wanna feel like this everyday and I know for a fact my mother doesn’t want to either.

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  • I dropped water on my iPhone screen but it still works. Is there anything I should be concerned about?

    I have an iPhone XS Max. I had a bottle of water and when I went to pick it up, it tipped over a bit and I got some water on my iPhone screen. The screen and the sides were wet and the water seeped through my phone my phone case. I immediately dried off the screen, took the case off and dried the phone. It seems like it’s working fine, the charging is fine, the sound is working just fine and I checked the charging port by shining a flashlight and it looks dry. there anything I could be concerned about? Please let me know, thank you!!

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