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  • My pc is not displaying a signal to my monitor? Help?

    so the other night there was a fly in my pc case so I opened it up and let it out (later killed the fly) but now my pc is not displaying a signal to my monitor. It turns on and shows it is on but the signal cannot be found on the monitor. What should I do?

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  • Do you think Epic Games is better than Valve?

    I will say I personally believe they are. I mean think about how Valve treats other developers. Valve has rested on their laurels for too long and pushed shitty technology on us. Such as VR, Steam Machines, SteamOS. It's absolutely sad to see how far this company has fallen. Whereas with Epic they have an engine that is to die for in terms of technology. They have a storefront that has quickly become the second most popular place to distribute games on, next to Steam. It is quite possible they could become number one eventually. They started a publishing division to help release newer games for other devs. Epic also has better royalties for the developers. 88% is significantly better than 70%.

    What I'm saying here is this, Epic is clearly pro developer and pro consumer. Despite what some people may think about them buying out exclusives, really, do you think any store could challenge the dominance of Steam just by competing in featureset? Hell no. Xbox One has some features PS4 does not have. Yet it's last place. It also has less exclusives. Hence, no one is supporting it. People don't like the console war mentality but that is literally how business works. Also, Epic gives away free games weekly. Nuff said.

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  • Am I too far gone?

    I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia a few years ago. My beliefs have gotten out of control. I'm now hating on other peoples happiness, saying that I hate love and think really attractive women are disgusting. My grandmother is in the hospital and I still haven't gone see her because why bother. She tried to steal my money a while back but was forced to give it back. People talk disgustingly bad about me at work, yet everywhere I turn im always hoping for someone to light up my day or give me some hope again but it never happens. A girl even at work I was friends with began ignoring me and doesn't talk to me anymore. Maybe I'm just too far gone. Maybe I should just kill myself. My grandfather has been done almost 5 years now. Maybe I should go be with him i think.

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  • I'm actually thinking about moving on to University?

    Like legitimately thinking about it. I'm in community college right now and the thing that keeps me coming back to finish my liberal studies degree is the promise of graduating. I'm doing good in my classes. Two As, plenty of B's and like three Cs so far. One D but I'm gonna be retaking the course and getting it to a C or better. I've picked out a University, the University of Maine at Farmington has not only the creative writing major I want but a good sounding community aspect that I deeply appreciate in my growing years of appreciation for the emotional aspect of our development as people. My question is though about my family, I'm not sure how I feel about just abandoning them for 5 months continuously just to attend university. At the same time though, I do not want to pass up this opportunity to get better skills and new experiences that I need in my life.

  • I have an aspiration for wanting to write stories, what do I do?

    My goal is to go to school for English and write books and possibly write movies plotlines as well. But I live in southern maine away from the places that would enjoy that sort of thing and I dont think any university here has a creative writing bachelors degree. What are my options here?

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  • Is it impossible to meet the perfect girl for me?

    My dream girl would be spontaneous, assertive, knows what she wants. She would have ambitions as big as mine, but also be shy and reserved but try to reach out. I am finding it hard to meet someone like that. Mostly because I feel like someone like that doesnt exist and because the girls I meet just arent interested in me. I also like it if they have courage to do what they believe in and say I'm wrong when I am.

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  • Am I wrong about women?

    Personally I'm of the belief nowadays that we should not desire women as sex objects and that women who use their bodies and dress up to be "kinky" are delusional and really need help. They seem to be giving men the desire to drool over them and I dont appreciate people getting used like that. Also despite the fact I'm attracted to women I think desiring them just for their bodies is sexist and pig headed.

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  • Is it wrong to treat someone a certain way if they're useful?

    Like if that's all they are to you is useful. I do not treat everyone like this. But nowadays I try to treat certain people as if they're either useful to my goals and ambitions or as if they're dirt because they have no value to me. People in the past have hurt me and still continue to hurt me and i have finally said enough is enough. If they're not useful i do not want them around. I'm gonna be freaking evil and see people as tools. Nothing more. They chose this. If they're not useful I will attack and make them hate me and steer clear.

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  • If you were in my position would you hate people too?

    I dont hate everybody. But the vast majority of people infuriate me and despise me for some odd reason. I'm pretty sure I'm nice to everyone and people look down on me for reasons I'll never understand. I'm not gonna beg and plead for everyone to like and respect me. But I do deserve their respect as I unbelievably show kindness even in the face of rejection.

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  • Why do I have such terrible luck with women?

    Here's my issue, many of them decide to abandon me when I try to get to know them without actually getting to know me entirely. I messaged someone who said on there Facebook dating profile to talk to them on their facebook and they just blocked me. One girl said someone told her I was crazy so she "dipped" even tho the reason she gave for why she dipped was so she could date her best friend. I see relatives, even ones with no college degree getting married and I'm jealous. Because I still havent met a woman I connect with like that. I know I'm not the best person in the world but i do have a heart of gold. I'd risk my life to protect those i care about. Am I cursed or something?

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  • Did you prefer Nintendo 64 or PSone?

    Currently I have a PSone but I grew up with the N64. Nowadays I'll tell you PSone was factually better however I do like the N64 and it's games a lot. I do plan on purchasing a new one so I can play those games i miss playing. Which did you prefer and why?

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  • Do women just not want friends or what not?

    So sometimes I have a thing with women where it doesnt work out. Sometimes they decide to just abandon ship without thinking we can just be friends or what not and it gets annoying. I'm so confused by it all. I thought being friends was something they adamantly wanted. It's not like I'm incapable of just being friends.

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  • What's better? PlayStation or Xbox to you? Should I get a next gen Xbox or PS5?

    Ok being honest about my views I find the PS1 and PS2 being super awesome. I love both of mine and I own all the PlayStations aside from the PSP. The issue lies with the fact I do not love the PS3 or PS4 that much. Like I really am not in love with them. Will I play them? Of course. But I'm not really keen on using them as much as I was the 360 or Xbox One. Yes, Xbox One's exclusives are pretty lackluster (aside from Halo, Gears, Forza) however I only really beat a few of the Sony exclusives. I'm not sure why but Microsoft as far as the 360 and One are concerned I just preferred. Speaking of this new generation, I'm stuck between both options because I believe that both will be good but I'm not sure which one I personally would rather go with. I dont like the Series X's design, and from what I hear of the PS5's design it might be like the dev kits design and that is horrendous looking. Power is not a big deal to me as much as games are concerned and barely any games have been announced for either. Based on your personal preferences which one do you think would be better to go with? Should I just stick to using my PS4 Pro and Xbox One S?

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  • Should I assume I'm a friendly person and that I can make friends easily?

    I connect with a lot of people despite how I feel about myself. I've made a few friends at work, people I talk to all the time and connect with. People who call me a friend. And just today someone at school just starts talking to me a little throughout class out of the blue. We never communicated before much. I'm not sure why people seem to have no issue talking to me, and I know I'm outgoing so that's why I talk to them and joke around with them and what not.

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  • Is it wrong to admire and respect and like those who are against you?

    Like if you are saying something or are being attacked, to find that person more desirable or actually think they have a fire that you think is great. I once got told off by a girl, who literally started attacking me, calling me someone who degrades women (while I was partially drunk mind you) and what not after meeting me that same day. I found her hatred of me and that antagonistic attitude very appealing.

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  • Why can no one love me for my heart?

    I feel like I'm alone in the world. I feel like no one can love me for the goodness that I have or the heart that I have that I can love with. It's like people cant put their faith in me and just realize that I care about them. I just wanna die right now because of it. I realize no one can love me and no one does. I'm truly feeling alone in the world. Is it me? Did I do something wrong? I know I get mad at people when I'm in emotional pain when rejected but that's obviously because I'm hurting because everyone proves to me they cannot love me. What'd I do wrong?

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  • Why do we try to deny our feelings to ourselves?

    Like if we like someone. Why on earth do we try to deny it, bury it on the inside, and forget about it? I am going through that situation right now and it sucks because I know I like her but I want to deny it and not admit it to myself.

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  • Do you think my work friend appreciated me going to visit her at work?

    She and I have some sort of connection. We are always happy to see each other. And we always say hey. I told her I'd be down to see her Monday while she was working (we work for the same store) and I did that. She was all smiley and we talked probably for a good 15 minutes before I went home. I found out she is working again on Wednesday and since I'm working then I guess I'll see her again then which I'm happy about.

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  • What changed in my life?

    Lately the past couple of weeks I've been on a high in life. Very confident about things in my life. I've made some friends at work. People I can talk to and actually see myself continuing to talk to. I had dinner with former coworkers I've kept in contact with. I've been talking to some girls. Some of whom I'm friends with. And they actually seem happy to talk to me. Plus I'm doing ok in school. I mean my test was a 52 but if I can get better grades than that for the next few I'll be doing good (doing good on the homework). I used to be so depressed and hateful of things but lately I've been positive and realizing my own mistakes.

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  • Why do you think I barely found any connections in high school?

    So the situation is my mom moved us all over Maine because she couldn't afford to live at one place for too long being on SSI. Shes still having trouble affording anywhere. So basically I've found that for the past month I've made more connections with people at work, and even trying to make connections talking to people from school. I've had a few friends throughout my primary and secondary school years but nothing like I'm making now. I seem to really connect with some people on a personal level that I've found and I havent really found that before.

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