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  • How to get over a grudge ?

    Hey everyone i am a 21 Year old male and the thing is that i am holding a grudge against a guy i shared my apartment with in my college... He was from a poorer background than me and was always used to get jealous of my money . So one day i got to know that he had duped me out of a few bucks and we got in an argument over that which led to a fight and i unfortunately got knocked out by him. He apologized for it and made the settlement for money but one day he again stole some of my money while i was asleep and as i confronted him about it he started boasting about how he beat me the previous time and if i wanted that again but this time i insulted him badly in front of his friend and even complained about him to the apartment owner and got him thrown out of the apartment too after which he mocked me by saying that i don't have guts to fight and even said i am not a real man. I am not able to get over the fact that i spared him and didn't fight back when i had the chance to do so and not able to let go of the grudge

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