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  • why when digital camera is focused on to a live electric wire, we see ripples on the wire.?

    Is the ripples move on the direction of the flow of electricity or opposite to it. What is that ripples called and in my investigation, it is seen only in a digital camera and not in a analogue film camera. (digital including: Mobile phone cameras)

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  • I am a HAM operator, but this is new to me. I am able to get Sri Lankan FM here in Chennai how?

    Today when I was tuning my Pocket FM Radio, I was able to get many Sri Lankan FM channels here in Chennai load and clear. Some channels like Sooriyan FM 103.2 MHz Colombo, Vasantham 97.6 MHz (Colombo) and many Singhalese, a Hindi, a English and a Urdu Channels were able to be listened. As a HAM Radio Operator, I know ionospheric conditions will help SW to reach a greater distance and some times MW too will be distracted by ionosphere. But FM being a line of sight transmission, how it able to reach Chennai which more than 1000 Kms away from Colombo. And I was able to get a maximum of 2 spikes(Signal strength) in the digital dial. Can anyone thorough some light. Also, I am able to get Karaikal, Kodaikanal AIR FM, Bangalore Radio City and Mumbai FM here. As this is new esp in FM range even though Tx Power can be taken high, but this far, it is wondering. Kindly show some light.

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  • Few years back I had this phenomenon: Gaining consciousness while still sleep. What is this called?

    Few years back atleast twice a year I had this phenomenon: This happened only when in deep sleep I gain(d) consciousness, I am able to hear everything around me, my eye lids are partially open but still I was in deep sleep, and that time, it was felt like some thing was pressing against my lungs and I was going out of body and at the same time, fighting back to stay back in body, but cannot come out and after much struggle, finally I regain full consciousness. Presently I don't get this kind of phenomenon. Last got I think a decade back. And mostly this occurred during sleeping in day time and rarely in night and that too when in deep sound sleep. What is this phenomenon called, is it Out of body feeling or anything else. That time as well as now, I am healthy with no aliments of any kind. And during this feeling, it also felt like twiddling. Can any one reply the real cause is it same like Anaesthesia awareness they call in medicine? And 100% sure this is not a dream.

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  • My wall clock freezes in AC?

    I have two wall clocks in two different rooms. Both rooms have air conditioners. When the A/c is running, both clocks stop working and when the a/c is not in use, after a small shake, they start running again. Why is this, is the temp inside the room, makes the movements in the clock to freeze or cold affects the clock movement? Batteries are good. I usually keep A/c temp at 17C or 24 C. What is causing this freeze on the running of the clock. Kindly expatiate.

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  • Conversion one HD partition into FAT 32?

    I have a Intel Core 2 Duo with 250 GB HDD under NTFS with 50 GBx5 partitions with XP service pack 3

    Mother board is Original Intel

    My question: I want to:

    1. Convert one drive into FAT 32 system


    2. Add a FAT 32 HD as secondary HDD

    I want to install Win 98 in the partition and the another HDD is already having Win 98.

    My question: how to convert one partition into FAT 32 and Add FAT 32 based HD as Secondary.

    Is there a way? Kindly expatiate in detail

    PS: is there a way to add 3.5 inch FDD into the current system?

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  • Why there is a time lag between TV channels.?

    I seen several times there is a time lag between any given channel. I agree there will be some lag between Terrestrial and Satellite broadcast. But Every satellite TV has some lag. We can see it clearly when they show same live broadcast. Also, Satellite TV is slightly ahead of Cable Broadcast. Why there is a +/- lag of time. Can anyone kindly expatiate.

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  • Mobile operator Code?

    I am in Chennai, when I manually search for Mobile signals, I get IND 20 apart from signals for Chennai operators. When I refered COAI website, the IND 20 was seems to be allocated to Vodafone Mumbai. If this is right, then how come I get that signal here. For Airtel Chennai it is IND Airtel IND 40, for TN - INA Airtel or IND 94, Bsnl IND 64, Vodafone: IND 84; Aircel IND 41.

    My question is How a signal from Mumbai's cellular network is displayed here. I tried with several mobiles and found same indicators.

    If the code is not of Mumbai, then which operator's code is that.

    Expecting a reply.


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  • Which is correct Vakiya or Tirukanitha Panchang?

    I request learned members and those learning Astrology to comment on this write-up. This write-up is entirely based on my observations and view.

    Question1: Which horoscope system is best or right or perfect -> Vakiya panchangam or Tirukanitha Panchangam

    Question 2: Here in Tamil Nadu, off late many astrologers are starting to say Only tirukanitha is right and vakiya is wrong. why?

    Question 3. If Vakiya is wrong -> these guys were using it to predict for several centuries and now why they are not using - > it will mean they were wrong in predicting for several centuries because of using a wrong system.

    Question 4. Tirukanitha panchang was authored by Aryabatta and baskara in early 4 Century AD. Actually they were using Vakiya panchang but they mixed it with mathematics to calculate all scientifically.

    Question 5: During last few years say last 17 years only this tirukanitha phanchangam is used every where to cast horoscopes because a software is developed to cast horoscopes in Computer. An at that time computers in India were just a fundamental devices so they understood only tirukanitha system

    Question 6. Because computers are eliminating the problem of painful calculation of horoscopes by astrologers using a paper and pen to cast a entire horoscope in paper from beginning -> can it be a reason for astrologers to say tirukanitha system is correct because it was drafted by a computer at a input of minor details as computer is idiot box with no knowledge on its own.

    Question 7. For last few years say 18 years I am seeing lot of broken-down marriages, wrong predictions etc, is it because of this so called computer horoscopes as they were cast using tirukanitha system

    In tirukanitha system and valiya system there is lot of difference. For example: in my horoscope: Sun is in only in 4 house from lagna and 5th house is occupied by Venus, Mercury and Kethu -> this is as per vakiya and as per Tirukanitha system: The 4th house is occupied by sun and venus and 5th house by Mercury and Kethu. In my sister's horoscope the rasi and navamsa are same for both systems but dasa bukti is different: in Vakiya her Venus dasa is 3-2-22 and in Tirukanitha it is 0 - 6 - 22. For some the star is different. For my cousin in vakiya it is uthiram and as per tirukanita it is pouram.

    Question 8. Why is this difference? If One astrologer says his predictions based on tirukanitha then the palans may entirely different from one told as per vakiya system.

    In my opinion, the reasons for wrong predictions is using Tirukanitha charts, as our rishis who devised the astrology in Veda, were using only Vakiya system, and their predictions were correct, even now, see nadi -> the nadi predictions are nearly 95 % correct. But once when people (astrologers ) started using Tirukanitha panchangam stating simple to cast using computer, I think all predictions were starting going wrong.

    All the above were my observations, I request the people who knows astrology and has interest in astrology to post their vox populi / animadverts, as many like me will have this doubt, and if there is a healthy debate on this, many will get benefited also those learning astrology will also get their enlightenment. So please post your honest opines. Thanks in advance.

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  • Income Tax?

    Suppose I get 1 crore from a business deal as my income (this income is my profit): I remit 30% as IT and invest balance in a Bank as FD @ 9.5 percent PA: My question is:

    a. is this income will be treated as investment because it is deposited

    b. interest is taken as income?

    c. is the interest is chargeable for Tax?

    As I already paid the Tax and invested the balance in FD and that FD gives a interest and why it is chargeable. If chargeable can I get a rebate on the ground that the investment has already suffered 30% Tax. I collect the interest monthly but the deposit is locked for a year.

    I request a Tax Auditor who is well versed in Indian IT Rules to answer this question.

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  • What is PMPO - indicated for indicating wattage of a sound output.?

    Need proper correct technical answer. No hanky panky replies.

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  • I get a urge or feeling to urinate whenever I wash my hands or wet my hands Why?

    I consulted a psychiatrist in Govt. Institute of Mental Health, he said nothing to to worry as this is not a case of psychiatric problem. My urination is normal and I urinate after a normal urge to do so. There is no urinary infection or bladder problem, but don't understand why this happens, Can any one give a proper scientific answer to this problem. Please don't give imporper or dirty answers.

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  • What is Black Steel? Is it same as Mild Steel or different? Earliest reply solicited.?

    Please provide correct, relavent and proper answer.

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