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  • Are Pisces truly compatible with anyone?

    I am a Pisces, and I've read my compatibility and noticed that no sign really understands Pisces and really likes a Pisces, except another Pisces. Scorpio comes close, but they have ulterior motives of possession, and the Pisces merely gives in to the Scorpio. Capricorn gets tired of the changing, whimsical nature of Pisces, and Taurus will eventually tire of the Pisces nature, too. It seems to be a pattern of the Pisces having to accommodate everyone else, and no one wants to accommodate a Pisces! It's like Pisces is a doormat on which for all to walk. I've noticed that in my relationships, too. Why is this the case with Pisces? Why is it we seem to be, at the least, disliked or simply tolerated but never truly appreciated or enjoyed by all the other signs in personal relationships, romantic or not?

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