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MRA. Anti-feminist. Atheist. Piercing addict, I'm not whole unless I have holes. Have a bachelor in applied science double major bioscience and chemistry.

  • Poll and opinions on feminism vs feminism?

    The far left has continued to esculate. We have witnessed the increasing insanity of intersectional fourth wave feminism. I once looked on at radfems and terfs as totally off their rockers but now I finding for the first time that they actually appear sane after watching intersectional go down. opinions and thoughts. Are they all insane? Are some more insane then others? do some appear sane? ect.

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  • Opinions of trans-trenders vs transtrenders?

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    Riley comes more off as a trans-trender. he has made very little effort to appear female this would conclude he doesn't in fact have gender dysphoria consider how "out of the closest" he is with it. He's just done a little with his hair which if not groomed slightly would look male, he is wearing very little makeup, he has not tried in the slightest to change that masculinity of his vocals and his clothes are quiet gender neutral. Very very little effort for someone how has come out as trans not just socially but publically and "has" gender dysphoria. Mean the other guy is wearing clearly masculine clothes, clearly masculine hair and clearly trying to have masculine vocals he clearly has gender dysphoria.

    Transtrenders claim gender is a social construct then that basically nullifies transgenders who have gender dysphoria over the gender they were born as, athis shouldn't be an issue due to it's not really real. I find they are disgusting, they invalidate the real hardships and hate crimes that actual transgenders have to face. They use the pain of other for their own selfish gain.

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  • **** walk in Vancouver 2016? thoughts?

    Okay so it was held on the 6th this month as indicated by

    Lauren Southern briefly described it in a post as "So the **** walk was pulling a BLM today and blocked hundreds of cars on the road and shut down major intersections while yelling "MASTURBATE EVERYWHERE." Achieving literally nothing in the process other than confusing the hell out of people on the street. They had a car participating in the walk with signs all over it and I figured I'd stand in front of it for kicks. I was tackled within seconds by a chick yelling "WHY ARE YOU STANDING IN FRONT OF THE CAR." These people have no sense of irony. You can't make this **** up." indeed the irony.

    Though I thought slvt walks on a whole were described better in this article

    "was really about misandry. Misandry is defined as a hatred of men by Merriam-Webster. How do I know the agenda was anti-male? Because all of the speakers and attendees at the event espoused:

    · Lies about a rape culture in the west.

    · The paranoid belief that many or all men are rapists.

    · The insane belief that females are being victimized left and right by men.

    · An aggressive, ideological insistence to play speech police by wanting to outlaw certain words (like “rape,” for instance.)"

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  • Odd reoccurring similar dreams?

    Normally I wouldn't be so stuck on dreams because I largely don't remember them and they don't normal repeat. Though this one keeps repeating so it confuses so some help with understanding it would be appreciated.

    Basically I keep having these dreams though the events and interactions are largely different but they're always the three same people in them though there are also others but they're not in all the dreams unlike these 3 and every time in the dreams we're all stoned or getting stoned.

    2 of them make sense because I've known them both for a long time I'm personally quiet close to them in RL and in the dream. The other person though really stumps me why they are in my dreams. Plus the stoned thing makes sense coz I've smoked a lot of weed with the other 2 over the years.

    Though the 3rd person really stumps me why they keep showing up in these dreams. I know this person on a less then associate level. You know someone you know but don't really know and they're kind of in the background like some person who may work under the same company as you so you occasionally see them walking around but you don't interact. Which kind of makes sense in the dream but doesn't really at all. In the dream we don't interact for no real reason in fact I don't think the other 2 even interact with them which makes sense. However in the dream despite no interaction they're not in the background. It's like it's this unspoken thing that they are part of group and on same level of

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  • Dream interp: what does it mean when?

    You keep having odd dreams yet there's a particular person in all of them though youse don't ever interact they're always there through out it and it seems on a friendly note. Though don't really know the person much in real life.

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  • How do I pretend that I'm actually genuinely highly appreciative of this,?

    I'm suppose to see a psychologist once a week but I could only afford 1 session per month at the $180 rate. My psychologist then later gave me a permanent special rate just for me at $85 per session and joined medicare so I could then get a rebate meaning it only costs me $0.20 each session. This is a tremendous thing because now not only can I afford the treatments I need also have over $150 each month in my pocket that could definiently be used as I earn under minimum wage and have other medical expenses I really can't afford. But I don't care even though coming across this kind of generosity is extremely rare. I just see it as just is which is kind of weird because that how I tend to see negative ****, just is but this is positive and yet I view it the same way. I know it's futile to try an force myself to give a **** so how can I fake this other then a simple useless thankyou which I already did.

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  • Why do we need to teach boys to not rape specifically? and not girl?

    Why isn't teaching children to treat people how they would like to be treated or to not abuse others boundaries enough?

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  • Poll: Naming a kitten?

    I need help deciding a name. It's boy, black and white with green eyes. I was thinking;

    Alex after Alex James a musician

    Kang after Liu Kang from mortal kombat

    Adrian latin for dark one



    Jordie after Jordie White a musician.

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  • Restoration or butcher project?

    I have an original VL Nitron Calias '87 one of around 400 made but not the turbo variety. I initially bought it with restoration project in mind but now I'm thinking of butchering it. I'm more of VH or VK fan anyway. What should I do?

    info and pics of VL Nitrons;

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  • Would it be inappropriate?

    There's a cute mechanic at my place. Would be inappropriate since he's working and has to be nice to ask if he's single and try to give him my number?

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  • Top 5 essential CDs/albums including favourite song from each?

    1. Australian Crawl greatest hits- Australian crawl; Things don't seem

    2. Modern life is rubbish- Blur; Chemical world

    3. Suede- Suede; Animal Nitrate

    4. Toxicity- System of a down; Toxicity

    5. Doolittle- Pixies; Debaser

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  • First song you listened to today?

    The boys light up - Australian crawl

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  • Dermal or surface?

    I already have a dermal teardrop but I want a surface anti-eyebrow. I like the look and idea of it better but I know there are more pros to dermals then surface. I can't really decide on what to do.

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  • What therapies are there for complex PTSD?

    I recently got diagnosed with complex ptsd. I currently getting counselling and ACT. I'm already looking into CBT and EDMR/T. Are there any other forms that would help? or just any tips would be great.

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  • Who here is actually MRA?

    As far as I'm aware majority are just anti-feminists but the feminists on here like to claim BS is MRA.

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