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  • Why did we get suspended from YouTube?

    I asked this on the YouTube forum, but I'll get back to that later.

    My friend and I posted a video on basic ratios. We were planning on teaching math, 6-8 grade, and we'd start on YouTube. But a few hours later, the account was banned? The content was all strictly educational, and the only two comment replies we left were "Thanks," and "Sure!". We went through the YouTube guidelines thoroughly, and saw that we had not violated any policies.

    My friend created another account and asked me to send her the video. She posted it and it got banned again. We asked them to reevaluate, and they said they could not unban it. 

    What did we do wrong?

    With the YouTube forum, they said we weren't allowed to create a second account. That was understandable, but what about the first time? The person didn't respond, so I'm a bit confused now. Please help!

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