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  • I've seen so many questions on here about how to make my 125 more powerful?

    Uk learners are you aware of the .12 BHP/ Kg rule for combinations?

    You teens/ beginners are aware of the above?

    It allows you to have a 125 at full bhp legally on the road on L plates

    All you need to do is add a third wheel!

    SIDEWINDER from the 1980's produced such a sidecar to get around the 250- 125 law..

    They are still available from ebay....

    BUT my question is.. Would you buy one if they were commercially available?

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  • Has anyone on here street fightered a ZZR 1100 & kept the full power?

    My ZZR is now long in tooth I paid less than 1000 for it two years ago, But the fairing was always tatty and though I've tried to locate a replacement , those on offer on ebay etc are all early C series and so don't fit. So I've decided I'll consider street fightering it.

    BUT what to do with the PITOT ( static pressure) tubes for the pressurized float bowls?

    How did you get over this hurdle? did you even bother? I'm considering swapping the carbs for those off of a ZRX 1100 and losing masses of power in the process.

    Please if you are going to answer with abuse at least look at the real reason for the question, before answering with double B.S.

    I ask but one question a year and I try to make it a goodie....!

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  • Super XTzDM or XTzRX or you got any ideas? Hybred?

    Guys looking to build a hybred. My TDM is going through a few radical changes

    after having £1,000 spent on the engine and a further £700 on the cycleparts suspension etc it is having a mid life crisis!!! 48,000 miles and it is being reborn...

    Always hankered for the BIG desert cross-er having tried one loved it ; but with the XT 660 I'm like a toddler on his dads bike ( Short leg syndrome) and the new 1200 just aint the biscuit (all plastic Go and Show - all the gear no idea) and favouring Austin Vince over Mc Greggor and Boorman I'm not into the BMW route

    So I'm on the lookout...

    So before I commit myself to building a complete "Mary Shelley" from the Yamaha parts bin!

    Anyone got any ideas!

    Before you ask , No i'm not heading off on a one way trip to mongolia or even a return trip either....

    Well not yet, but scotland and back again LEJOG-JOGLE or the " Back to Back" as it is known is probably on the cards!!

    I just want to improve my playing capacity on salisbury ilk ! The TDM has had a "mild" heart attack and arthritus after too many expeditions seems fitting it out like an "AUZIE" tdm wasn't enough for UK gravel roads

    BTW. you might think why did I spend so much on a old bike, it was the devil I knew and it only " Went in for a service!"

    So anyone got any ideas advice and stories??

    Best regards

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  • Harley Recalls 110,000 + bikes for tank mounts problems Check to see if you are effected?

    Harley have recalled models made between June 6, 2008, and Nov. 19, 2009, over fuel tank mounts on models listed below.

    The affected models are as follows:

    Vehicle Make / Model: Model Year(s):

    H-D / FLHP 2009-2010

    H-D / FLHPE 2009-2010

    H-D / FLHR 2009-2010

    H-D / FLHR SHRINE 2009-2010

    H-D / FLHRC 2009-2010

    H-D / FLHT 2009-2010

    H-D / FLHTC 2009-2010

    H-D / FLHTCU 2009-2010

    H-D / FLHTCU SHRINE 2009-2010

    H-D / FLHTCU W/SC 2009-2010

    H-D / FLHTCU4-CVO 2009

    H-D / FLHTCUSE4 2009

    H-D / FLHTCUSE5 2010

    H-D / FLHTCUTG 2009-2010

    H-D / FLHTK 2010

    H-D / FLHTP 2009-2010

    H-D / FLHX 2009-2010

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  • To past and present BMW K1100 owners "PERFORMANCE"CHIP?

    I've been offered a supplement to my herd

    A 1993 BMW K1100-LT

    This is not my first choice of tourer but it has been offered cheap years T & T and low mileage and with full very comprehensive service history and luggage "one careful extremely important lady owner" !... though she never rode it ...! if you get my drift.

    Been doing my research and found a GENUINE BMW "performance" replacement chip for the ECU at a very reasonable price...

    ANYONE out there used one?

    ANYONE had experience of the difference it makes

    I've ridden the "K" series of bike before and was hoping THIS mod would make a difference.

    BTW NO! it isn't White and it never has been, some never saw that kind of use

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  • Who lives by "THE CREED"?

    B. I. A.

    who of you lives by the motorcyclists creed?

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  • Are we being dupped into EU driving laws (UK contributors)?

    Since 1999 the only 250cc motorbikes you saw in the shops were either non road legal motocrossers or bikes you'd see your grand dad on...

    BUT now, Kawasaki Honda and Yamaha have all introduced or reintroduced sub 33 bhp 250 cc sports bikes.

    Mopeds are no longer capable of 31 mph BUT only 28mph ( the Euro limit for a taxable reg bike) That one was sneaked in they even have a RED LINE on the speedo showing this ( not tacho speedo ok)

    Our rural roads increasingly are being restricted to 50mph (80 kmh) not the national speed limit This is the speed limit having been applied to non urban roads europe.

    Even in towns increasingly the limit is being reduced to 20mph (30 kmh) again in line with urban europe..

    I'm all for safety But shouldn't there be a choice?

    Does this mean that 14 year olds will be able to ride untaxed un licenced un insured 49cc 28 mph scooters on cycleways????

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  • Is this the begining of the end or will the US gov pull them back from the verge of extinction?

    News is that Both BUELL and Harley Davidson have agreed to cease production of bikes from October through to January.. Claiming a world wide slump in the demand for motorbikes....?

    Why then are the major 4 and Triumph as well as Ducati announcing new models and expansion further into the US market...

    Will the US gov intervene and bail HD /BUELL out of the recession; or will they fold?

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  • who has a key lime pie recipe?

    Has anyone got a really nice recipe for key lime pie

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  • WHY do people associate S.Q.U.I.D riders with sports bikes?

    In the Uk a SQUID is a SQUID stupidly quick under dressed imminently dead...

    MOST in this weather I have seen were on CRUISERS .. ALL types

    Few were on sports bikes and a the rest were on naked's and scooters..( yup a scooter can be quick)

    It scares me as having worked teaching kids to ride and showing them the results of road ABRASION they all look serious go outside and then load their jackets into the luggage and ride home in t shirt as if there was a bubble of armour around them.

    There are two one on a CBR900 and another on a GSXR1000 that persistently drive round my town. they have now been joined by a third on a hyabusa trike and now it is endemic amongst the lesser riders.

    This week I saw a girl in a pair of sports shorts and a gym top and trainers her only concession was a skid lid ( required by law) on a scooter exposed vulnerable and a reminder of one of the worst accidents i have ever seen in my 46 years..

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  • what is going wrong with motorcycling?

    Today i attended the Inquest into a 41 year old motorcyclist who lost his life in MAY of this year.. It was a needless loss of life...

    I've checked the records recorded for the year past and of the 2,500 odd deaths on the UK roads over 960 were motorcyclists that is over a 1/3rd..

    Now if it was proportional in that 1/3 of road users were motorcyclists the stat's would add up. But motorcyclists make up less than 1/5th of road users.

    That means statistically that every time you go out on a bike you risk an 1/5 chance of having an accident and if you have an accident you have a 20% chance of survival

    This makes motorcycling a riskier sport than skydiving....!

    What has gone wrong!!!

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  • what would you choose ( I've altered the question)?

    Nothing in my eyes beats a EXILE CYCLES bike, NOTHING!

    And I'm very happy with my TDM

    But here is the quandry I want a bike that is complimentary to what I already have

    Now I'm not interested in clones, copies or imitations. So you can exclude the Japanese/chinese GENERIC Copies of other bikes etc.

    So I want something classic ( and i don't mean old) something off the shelf that I can personalise. so spares and dealers aren't a problem

    Give me your choice and the reason why you chose it.

    I welcome answers from all BUT if you just Say HD and say" well if you don't know you'll never know" your wasting my time! HD owners be a bit more inventive

    12 hours ago - 4 days left to answer.

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  • Which would you choose!!?

    Nothing in my eyes beats a EXILE CYCLES bike, NOTHING!

    And I'm very happy with my TDM

    But here is the quandry I want a bike that is complimentary to what I already have

    Now I'm not interested in clones, copies or imitations. So you can exclude the Japanese/chinese harley generics etc.

    So I want something classic ( and i don't mean old) something off the shelf that I can personalise. so spares and dealers aren't a problem

    Give me your choice and the reason why you chose it.

    I welcome answers from all BUT if you just Say HD and say" well if you don't know you'll never know" your wasting my time! HD owners be a bit more inventive

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  • Who is the new Raymond BAXTER on UK TV?

    As a kid Raymond Baxter was my idol he did biggin hill he did the major science prog's like "tommorows world" and he was on "Top Gear" and covered the moon landings.

    Now with the plethora of channels and progs Who is the nearest to him in ability?

    James May

    Richard Hammond

    Tiff Needell

    Jer Clarkson

    Chris Barry

    or the top gear dog??

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  • Is this the american myth?

    ok the story goes like this:

    WW2 ends

    americans as occupying peace keeping forces leave and in doing so leave water pumps and generators behind and boxes of tail wheels for airplanes;-

    Entrepeneurs then take these and create modes of transport:-

    Honda/ Yamaha in japan

    Piaggio / lambretta in italy

    Geepnee in thailand/vietnam

    Are we really to believe this? darwin's theory of evolution says we should!!!

    Your comments

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  • Lambretta AC 4 pole electrics?

    Lambretta 125 bored to 150cc Mk1-2 built 1964. AC four pole 6 Volt alternator.

    Hi Guys, been working on a 45 year old lambretta, the wiring is totally flaky and after removing stripping and cleaning the carb the engine is running as sweet as a hair dryer could do.

    Problem is the original reason the bike was barn stored is that it blew lights for a pastime the original 6 Volt Bulbs have been replaced with 12 Volt Bulbs and they are really bright.

    As there is no battery there is no need for a rectifier and there is no regulator as such just a huge SHUNT. The lights only work when the engine is running as does the horn.

    Problem is that if you rev the engine the bulbs blow or if you hit the brake pedal the result is the engine cuts out and dies.

    The engine ignition is magneto driven and a totally seperate circuit to that of the brake light I'm flumoxed....!

    Anyone got any ideas.

    Just to remind you

    No Battery

    No Rectifier ( not required)

    No regulator ( just the original transformer coil SHUNT)

    No ignition switch ( they never had one)

    Magneto Ignition

    Seperate lighting coil in mag

    Power 6 volts AC

    All circuits AC

    THERE IS NO DC on this bike!

    It is as it came out of the factory except the 12 volt bulbs front and rear.

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  • Should we ban cars from twisty A roads in the UK.?

    There is a healthy debate going on in motoring about banning motorcycles from overtaking on ordinary roads "As they are dangerous!"

    Well most weekends and evenings when driving home from work i take the scenic route. I ride the bike at a speed within the legal limit for that road , sticking to the posted speed limits when they appear. The Art is cornering at speed without loosing momentum.

    HOWEVER you can guarantee at almost every junction into that road a car/vehicle driver irrespective of sex age or ethnicity will look directly at me or through me and pull out into the road across my line or route.

    some about a third will actually enter the carriageway and proceed along the route at some 10-20 MPH below the legal limit.

    I'm observant and as soon as i see a vehicle in such a position i'm preparing for the posibility of reacting.

    I've got a choice.

    1 I can brake hard and slow down to their speed and and to the conjestion

    2 Overtake as I reach the situation; responding to the potential Hazard

    These other road users are inconsiderate to my making progress or to my enjoyment; they also endanger my life.

    So my question is

    Should we petition to get the roads cleared of slow moving miopic drivers who are incapable of understanding the highway code and always reply with" Sorry I didn't see you!!!!)

    Which bit of me and my bike is invisible?

    Is it the 110 Watts of double headlight.

    The high intensity driving light above the headlight

    The flourescent jacket/ Sam Browne. the Neon blue illuminated rucsac cover the mulit coloured helmet

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  • restrictions your say or not?

    Since the 1970's the motorcyclist in the UK has suffered under european law.First the 16 law restricting youths to 49 cc and being restricted to a 250 as a learner.. Then the 125 CC learner law and the two part test. 33bhp restriction. And now even tougher tests and fewer test centres...

    Now the Euro crats are introducing 50mph limits on A class roads ( highway to you americans) and the 100BHP and power delivery restrictions are next.

    Not to mention RFID tags in your bike where you can't remove them and average speed camera / detector traps which will report you for speeding without giving you any warning.

    Come on do you see any of this effecting the car driver or thier human rights!!!! as a motorcyclist my human rights are now effected everyday..

    Are we right to moan?

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  • bmw 1200 RT final drive failure @60,000 miles?

    just received a call from a mate whose BMW shaft driven bike started making an awful noise on the way home.

    Up shot is that a short trip to bharn-stormers in Alton hants has him looking at a £3000 bill for a new final drive.

    The bike is regularly maintained and nurtured and was serviced by them less than 1 month ago and less than 2000 miles ago.

    Has anyone else experienced this kind of expensive failure on the big boxer...long wrong way rounders can also reply :-)

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