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  • How personal is your outrage?

    I mean no disrespect to others suffering. 

    News and social media is on a 24/7 cycle about Social injustice.  How many of you are actual victims of rape culture or gender bias that harmed you physically ? Have you ever personally experienced racism causing physical harm or loss of housing or employment? 

    Please share your personal experiences. I want to hear from you about your life directly. Thank you in advance for sharing. 

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  • 3 Short Questions About God?

    Three short questions. I am not trying to prove anything. I am not attempting to upset people. I prefer actual answers in your own words if possible.

    1). If our souls are not physical, how can we burn in hell?

    2). Why does God 'test' us? Isn't he all-knowing?

    3). Why are we granted free will if our duty in this life to God is to do as we are told? We are told to follow rules upon threat of eternal punishment. Is that really free will?

    Thanks for your time =)

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  • A question about Homosexuality.?


    I know people who are gay and support their affections to one another. It is legal, moral (in my opinion), and real.

    I draw no parallels between being gay and being a pedophile. Pedophilia is illegal, damages children, and literally turns my stomach.

    I fear the explanation that being gay is a "just born with it" reasoning is now being used by pedophiles to excuse their actions.

    I have seen the same genetic explanations used behind their actions on TV. I have read many times over they have almost no chance of rehabilitating them through counseling. There has always been a population of them throughout history. The same thing has been proved within studies of the animal kingdom.

    I have seen them use these tactics on Yahoo Answers several time as well. If it was some persons disgusting idea of a joke I will never know for sure.


    As you can not make them stop, how would you define your lifestyle differently in the hope of support for your cause from the general population?

    If this becomes their standard tactic I strongly urge a change in explaining yourselves so people can not lump both groups into the same category.

    Some of you may feel no explanation necessary. Although I can respect that notion, you will not pass any legislation without the support of a majority. Joe six pack has to know you offer no harm, and is easily mislead by poor reporting and rhetoric from unfavorable sources.


    I don't have a problem with homosexuals. I have do have a problem with pedophiles. There is no link between the two. I am only asking (with all due respect and courtesy) how do you explain to someone who doesn't understand your situation in a new way to distance yourselves from pedophiles who have hijacked your explanations?

    I thank you for your time and wish you well.

  • Magic cards duel. Noncombat damage resolution.?

    You have 3 Arch Druids (4/4 each currently) in play. You have Nissa's Chosen (currently 5/6 ) in play as well.

    I earthqake for 4 damage. I believe all the Arch Druids go immediatly to the graveyard. As this is noncombat damage your Nissa's Chosen will also go to the graveyard. Damage remains after the the Arch Druids have gone to the graveyard the Nissa's Chosen will die after the increase from the Arch Druids has left play.

    Is my assumption correct?

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