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I'm Cara. I <3 nature & being outdoors. I am really good at giving advise :). Anything yah need Im there :D

  • Guys --- How do you like your woman?

    just a curious question.

    more super thin or heavy/curvy

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  • Is Beats by Dre worth the money?

    No I don't want them to look "cool" I'm asking if they last long & don't bust easy. I've bought about 6 pairs of iPod ones & they just keep busting.

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  • A proper sleep schedule.?

    I will be starting my junior year in high school in a week (27th) & I'm stressed about it to were I'm breaking out & lashing out. My sleep isn't that good...I go to bed no later then 3am & get up at about 10-11am sometimes a little past 12pm. So I was wondering what are some good sleep schedules to start before the 27th.

    Please & thank you xx

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  • I'm going into Time Square, New York tomorrow, where is a store to buy CD's, movies....almost like an FYE.?

    I'm heading into the city cause I'm at my aunts house. A new DVD is coming out tomorrow and I wanted to pick it up in the city if I could but I can't find any stores on google. Any things that like sells new released movies and CD, stuff like that. (clearly i'm not around here cause they don't have a walmart or target lol)

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  • Loose 20 pounds in a month. (teen)?

    I want to loose weight for school. I've already lost about 25 pounds since January but have slowed down & became lazy...I want to loose my final 20. Bad thing is my family eat out a lot & I hardly eat. I do yoga about 3 times a week but I feel that's not enough. I want to be put on a diet but I don't know what one to aim for. Help please.?

    Thanks xx

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  • About Lucid Dreaming?

    I tried it last night. I tried to stay awake & I got up & opened my eyes & couldn't move. I was in a daze & couldn't tell weather I was awake of sleeping. So I closed my eyes & started trying to dream of being on the beach & fell asleep. I could control my dream a bit but not much.

    Can someone tell me in their words how it works, that's done it.?

    Thanks (:

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  • Can't see my Admin Panel on Facebook?

    I just got added to a new page & we can't get the admin panel or showing I'm a manager on my computer. It works on my app on my phone but isn't showing. I get an e-mail & a notification that I'm one but can't get into it. Please help, Facebook help sucks...

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  • i want to learn american sign language, got any tips for me.?

    I do have one question; When signing do you have to hand every word like "to" "be" etc.

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  • Shirt Cutting Up The Sides?

    I don't know what it's called wear you take a shirt and you have like ties on the seams on your sides. Can someone tell me what that is and maybe a video.?

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  • He flirted with me & got another girl...?

    I really liked this guy & him & his family came to my 16th party. I slow danced with him twice, he held my back so I wouldn't fall, he hugged me a lot, he chased me around & he let me take his hat. Everyone thought he really liked me. So my friend (his cousin, how we met) sent him a message saying we should date. His mom even thinks we should date. He sent me cute forwards & flirted a lot. So since he lives an hour & half hours away or so I just waited to ask him out....but then last night he changed his relationship status on Facebook & broke my heart. Idk what to do....was I just played.?

    He texted me saying we should hang out again & he can slow dance all night...

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  • Two Questions; Is his sister preventing us from dating. & Is he holding back.? **I'll help back**?

    **sorry for it being long*** i'll help back i promise,

    i had a 16th party friday & my crushes family & him drove 1 1/2 hours for the party. The whole time he watched me dance. I tried to get him to dance but he wouldn't. So the whole night he asked "How are you going to get me to dance." & i couldn't figure it out. So a slow song came on & i was walking toward the back & my BFF (would be his cousin) pushed him to me & we slow danced. then he said "You got me to dance." & smiled. Then another slow dance came on & I was slow dancing with my BFF & he walks over & he takes my hand & we slow dance again. This time my one friend who is slow dancing with her bf is telling him to kiss me. We started singing & held gaze. that's when i got nervous & looked away.

    things he did;

    -he always followed me outside

    -when i was about to fall into the gravel he put his hand on my back so i wouldn't fall

    -always gave my hugs like i was his gf

    -let me wear his hat (even when i got icing all over it)

    -he let me put icing all over his face & he got cake all over me (a cake fight)

    -he chased me around.

    -he texted me right after he left

    -we called each other our nicknames for each other.

    before he showed up he sent me a forward saying "a beautiful friend.." & the next day a "I love you day.." one.

    he texted me things like "we should do that again some time :)" & "i could slow dance all night." & used smileys all the time. My BFF said it was a new side he hasn't saw of him & he was very shy. (she was at there house when his ex was there & she said he acted super shy in a way)

    When i first liked him & told him he said he liked someone else (this was like 2 years ago) but i didn't give up. then i told him the night before Valentines Day & i woke up to a "Happy Valentines Day :)"

    his mom, my BFF's mom and all my friends think we need to BFF sent him a message saying "you and (my name) should go out" but he hasn't sent back (which is normal for him cause he hardly gets on in the week due to sports)

    his sister texted me last night saying that she really liked me (like like) & that she thinks about me. (she is in 7th grade i'm in 10th...) so i told her i don't like her like that. She said "Well i don't think he likes you back." little me. started crying cause i believed it. but now i realize she is jealous. i think.

    i completely trust this guy. I've known him for 3 years and it feels like his whole life. I've been there for him through all the girls he's dated. He knows my deepest secret & i know his. I accepted him for him. I don't know what is holding him back...I kind thought cause his last gf moved away and he tried the long distance & she cheated on him. I broke up with my bf of like a week -.- cause i wasn't over this guy. & haven't had a bf since i liked him besides one i broke up with. i'm faithful, i hate cheaters & turn down guys all the time cause i like to get to know them first.

    my questions are;

    You think his sister just said that cause she is jealous.?

    He holding back from long distance.?

    Should i just wait for that message from him and see what happens.?

    You think he is shy.?

    Everyone thinks we would be a good couple. My friend said this was cuter than Twilight lol. I wanna ask him out but my BFF said it might ruin everything....


    leave yours so i can help back <3

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  • what do you think is holding him back.? **i'll answer yours in return**?

    try and make this short....

    my crush of 3 years came down for my 16th party. it was amazing. he slow danced with me twice, chased me around, let me wear his hat, made sure i didn't fall by holding his hand out, kept hugging me, called me my nickname no one really calls me. things like that. before he showed up he send me a forward saying "you're a beautiful friend..." right in the middle of conversation before showing up. then the next morning he sent me about saying it's "I love you day...." it made me fell like he REALLY liked me. but he lives like 1 1/2 hours away. we completely trust each other. i told him my deepest secret and i know his. his mom and my friends mom (who is how i met him through my friends mom) said we should date. they even got pictures of us slow dancing.

    the first time we slow danced my friends came by and said "get some." and we just smiled. the second slow dance i was dancing with my bff and he just walked over and took my hand. then my friend who was slow dancing with her boy friend was telling him to kiss me. we locked eyes, both were singing and that's when i got nervous and looked away.

    then his sister texts me last night saying how much she likes me and wants me to date her (i don't go that way but i don't have a problem with her being gay/bi) i told her i didn't like her like that and she said "well he might not like you." (which i now release it's not true) hes the one that walked over to me and did all those things. on his own. the whole night he asked me how i was going to get him to dance. then as soon as he left he texted me all the ride home.

    idk if he is up for a long distance relationship. my friend messaged him saying "you and cara (me) should date" but he hasn't messaged back cause he has been busy with school and sports. should i wait to see what happens to ask him out.?

    thank you so much for reading. i tried to shorten it as much as i could.

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  • Dreaming a someone confessing they like you.? ?

    I had a dream that a guy that I used to like said a poem to me & pretty much confessed he liked me. What was running in my mind is I was confused cause I still like this other boy & that's what my mind was saying in my dream. But then he walked out the door & said "Meet me at the park Friday." like we were dating but I didn't say yes.

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  • any good songs for a friend with issues, or anything like that.?

    i'm doing something and i need a song that is similar to kids that need help, or something like skillet.?

    thanks (:

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  • I told my crush I like him but....?

    I told him I liked him, have for three years. I got a responce of "aww really.?" we don't live by each other. He lives an hour away from me. I text him and talk to him but since I told him i liked him it's been different and I think i hurt our relationship. He promised me that he wouldn't hurt me or ignore me. At this point I'm scared to even text him and he doesn't even text me. I feel like he doesn't care about anything anymore, What does "Aww really.?" mean to you.? my friend thinks that it's more like "are you kidding.?"

    what do you think, please and thank you

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  • I told him I like him, what do I do now.?

    he liked a "to be honest" of mine on facebook so i messaged him this;

    *like my status?

    Tbh: I’ve been really thinking hard about this. I really like you & always have since like the last time I told you. It’s ok if you don’t feel the same. I still want to be the close friends we are now. You’re an amazing friend that knows how to cheer me up just had to get that off my chest v.v

    he said:aww rlly (: n we will always b friends and i will always b here for u n thnx (:

    idk what to do /:

    i haven't really talked to him since. but he still likes my status and stuff. idk.

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  • Some tips in loosing weight as a 15 year old.?

    i go to weight watchers with my grandmother. the program is usually designed for adults. There are very few things for teens. I just want to know any things as a 15 years old I can do from between school, homework and hanging out with my friends. cause i get home at 3 then i so my homework till like 4-5. then i try to work out for like an hour but with it being cold, getting dark early, and stuff.

    Thank you (:

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  • I just got a new Toshiba laptop & a woman had a password on it....?

    no one told us it was used and we can't take the password off without a disk. I've tried a disk and a UBS, nothing. How do we take it off? We can't even get into it. (Windows 7 Home Primeum.)

    2 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks9 years ago