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  • Is it legal for my mom to take away my property when I'm over 18?

    So I bought a Nintendo Switch Lite with my own money recently. I'm 21, an only child, living in New Hampshire (US), going to college (which my parents are mostly paying for), and still living with my parents when I'm not in school. I do go to work though, and earn my own money. 

    Some background: my mom is very controlling. She homeschooled me for most of my life before college, and is very controlling and worried especially about electronics. So much so that I'm not allowed to bring any electronics upstairs at night and she requires that my dad and I keep our phones in the kitchen. She's taken many things away from me my whole life, and required access to my laptop, phone, and social media accounts until I turned 18. She doesn't work, and my dad makes all of the money.


    I bought a USED nintendo switch LITE, which I've been wanting for a few years. I didn't tell my mom that I was buying it, because I used my own money and I knew she would control it. I kept it upstairs, until she was going through my stuff while I was at work and found it. She then hid it. When I got home I knew that she had taken it, but waited until she brought it up. She says she's taking it away for two weeks because I was hiding it from her, I kept it upstairs (we're not allowed to keep electronics upstairs), and that I was spending extra money when money is tight (which is not entirely true, also it was my own money). 

    Is this legal for her to do since I'm over 18 and bought this with my own money?

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  • how do i fix libraries and camera on laptop? (windows 8)?

    on my lenovo laptop that has windows 8, the libraries and camera arent working. how do i fix this?

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  • hogwarts halloween costume? ?

    Im being a hogwarts student for Halloween and im going to this party tomorrow where there's going to be running games and stuff, and we have to be in costume. Except for a hogwarts uniform you have to wear black shoes... and the only black shoes i have are dress shoes that would get dirty if i ran around in them. And i really dont want to buy new shoes. What do i dooo? ??

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  • Watching doctor who?

    I really want to watch doctor who because my friends are going on and on about how its so good, but i started watching the first season and i thought it was... bad. I forced myself through like 10 episodes saying to my self - it'll get better it'll get better!! But it never really did, so i stopped watching it. But now im talking to my friend and he says, yeah, i never watched the first season. No one does. It sucks. In like ok, WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME THAT! I tortured myself with those episodes for nothing? So... any doctor who fans who can tell me where to start ? Maybe later in the first season? Or a specific episode in the second or third? Thanks :)

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