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  • Quick pay pal question ?

    Can I ask how can I get someone to send me some money on PayPal with out a bank card set up 

    2 AnswersCredit3 weeks ago
  • Panic attack ?

    Can anyone help me when I go to bed and go to

    Sleep I wake up in the night with panic attacks I have  my hand on my chest breathing fast and my heart beating fast  and I don’t know if I need to go the doctors and how to I stop having panic attacks and how can I lower my heart rate 

    2 AnswersHeart Diseases2 months ago
  • Heart burn ?

    Dose anyone know if I need to go to the doctors at tonight I had heartburn but it’s still not gone but getting worried 

    4 AnswersHeart Diseases2 months ago
  • Heart problems ?

    Is it normal

    For your heart to keep beating faster and faster when I’m on my left and dose anyone know why it’s getting faster and faster and my why my chest is really hot 

    Heart Diseases2 months ago
  • Heart beat ?

    Dose anyone know why my heart beats faster and faster for about 45 mins after exercise is that normal 

    Heart Diseases2 months ago
  • Cocaine problem ?

    Hi I’m 17 I have smoked for a few years and for about a year or 2 I have been taking cocaine and it’s made my heart beat faster and faster but I don’t get pain in my chest and just wondering if I carry on taking cocaine will I die or will I be In hospital I usually take cocaine 4 times Aday is that good for my heart when I listen to my heart after I take it it’s beating really fast but I am addicted to cocaine and think my heart is too dose anyone know what I can do 

    1 AnswerHeart Diseases2 months ago