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  • I use MK Phantom skate blades would paramount pattern 99 blades be just as good?

    I have no idea how quality made the paramount pattern 99 style ice skate blades are or if they are cheap made for money making for I love my MK phantom skate blades but is paramount any good? I tried them from a friend liked them alot but just went towards MK phantom due to shaffield steal of quality so just wondering is it bad to go paramount or are they losy not made as well HELP! Advice from one who knows about figure skate blades for I do not like the matrix blades holding onto screws that is not safe I think but really is paramount quality or just a money making blade?

    Ice Skating2 months ago
  • Are the Meinl Marathon Exsclusive Series Congas set of three Worth it?

    I am a professional conga drummer that does both traditional & freestyle conga techniques & need professional quality congas the conga,quinto & tumba to go with my LP Giovanni galaxy congas & like to mix different brand congas for unique tones yes I am different this way than most conga players & what is easier for me to save up is the meinl marathon exsclusive series congas! Are they professional quality congas since they say the working percussionist in mind? They say has many professional features without all the bells & whisles & I am like wowza sounds good to me!!! They sure sound nice better than entry level congas plus not the entry level size but are 30" tall just like my LP Giovanni galaxy congas!! Are they worth getting for my advanced professional skills of playing? Need expert advice on this for I want to make a good choice not a stupid choice for I don't see many using the meinl marathon exsclusive series congas as professional conga players & is that a bad thing? These meinl marathon exsclusive series congas are not the entry level meinl headliner series congas but to me are better plus more affordable for my budget!!! Am I terrible for getting these congas as a local professional conga drummer? 

    1 AnswerJazz3 months ago
  • Why does house music make my body feel so good?

    I just can't get enough of house music from house, tech house, funk house, dub house, deep house, progressive house, chill house, lounge house, underground house music & why does my body feel soooooooo good a different feel than any other music does. For I only listen to house music crazy for an antique cash register collector to be into this music yeah well I have other friends that collect antique cash registers that also want me to ask these same questions that I have that are not on yahoo!

    QUESTIONS: Why do I feel the beats inside of me like my body  is the rhythm & feels it hard?Why do I have sex vibes when listening to house music through out any house track? 

    Why do I feel like when I sit back in my soft recliner my body feels it is melting in the beats?

    Why is house music so relaxing?

    Why does house music relax me to where other types of music isn't relaxing? 

    Why does my g spot pump to the beats in house music if really strong beats?

    Why do I feel that I have to sit in a soft seat at all times to really feel the vibes & sex vibes when listening to house music? 

    Why at times when the house music beats are so strong that my g spot pumps so hard that I wet my recliner feeling soooooooo stimulated with desire?

    Why does house music feed my body desires?

    These are my questions & also my other friends in the same antique cash register collecting hobby like myself. We would appreciate knowing 


    1 AnswerR&B & Soul4 months ago
  • Can you use noise canceling with cable on Sony 1000xm3 headphones?

    Since I use a Sony portable cd player D-sj15 & mp3 player will noise canceling on the Sony 1000xm3 work with audio cable? Got to know this before my future purchase for now I use the cowin e7 pro noise canceling headphones & got to know information if noise canceling works with audio cable on the Sony 1000xm3 headphones. Would appreciate knowing 


    2 AnswersMusic & Music Players5 months ago
  • How long will this coronavirus last do you think?

    Just wondering if anyone would have a estimate of how long this horrible coronavirus will last for?

    29 AnswersMarriage & Divorce5 months ago
  • I play congas & use both LP Aspire & LP Giovanni galaxy congas is this bad?

    I am a conga drummer that has to save money. I bought LP Giovanni galaxy two congas & use three LP Aspire congas since of cost. My LP Aspire congas blend nicely in with my two giovanni galaxy congas that I am glad over. But later will switch to giovanni galaxy congas when can afford. Am I crazy for what I play on now? My budget is tight & have to use what I have. Is this good for my professional advanced conga skills that I have to use LP Giovanni galaxy congas with LP Aspire congas?

    1 AnswerPolls & Surveys6 months ago
  • Does pending payment mean that you have to pay for it?

    I'm wondering if when a payment is pending if you have to pay for that payment. I had someone do fraud to my bank account, and do something that I didn't have anything do do with, and I'm wondering if I have to pay for this crook's horrible mistake giving me three pending payments, that I hope I do not owe. I contacted my bank and they will find out what is going on, but I'm worried if I will get a over due fee in my checking account.

    1 AnswerCredit8 years ago