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The REAL Steel Deal!!!

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I allow contacts and fans, but because some sit there just to read my Q & A to report them and give me ridiculous vio after vio, I would appreciate an e mail if you would like to add me. I will NOT block you, but it is just nice to get to know my audience. My objective is to HELP people and to provide humor. I am not here to hit on anyone or pick up anyone. I really suck at arguing, so do not bother to send me differing opinions on any Q & A I list. All of my content is light hearted and not meant to be taken seriously by any means. If that is not enough for you, then be the grown up and move on to another question. When you respond to one of my questions with a "your mom" response, expect to be IMMEDIATELY REPORTED!!! I try to be creative, original and respectful... I would like to ask the same to those who answer my questions. Thank you.