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I'm a Registered Nurse with 50 years experience in a wide variety of areas from ER, ICU, CCU, Administration, Nursing Homes, Burn Unit, Med- surg, and Hospice (for the last 10 years). Also spent 3 years in a nurse, not an inmate.When those doors clank behind you, it's always a little unsettling. But then I get to go home after my shift is over.

  • B & B- Are Bill & Katie divorced or not? Since they seemed to be finalizing the?

    divorce months ago I don't remember any court hearings or decisions about it. The worse thing about this "divorce" is about custody of the baby being entirely in Katie's hands, Really? In almost every divorce nowadays custody is joint or at least with equal visitation. Their's is taking custody entirely away from Bill. She is working full time too which would mean he could be visiting Bill all that time. Bill has enough money to challenge the terms of that "divorce" & it is making him look like a fool not to fight for his son. Katie just acts like a vengeful spirit, not even thinking of her son's needs.Katie's behavior is not making her into a sympathetic character at all. I'd like to see everything reversed (Bill back in control which could happen if Katie lost too much money & clients for the Board to support her anymore) . Then with a new Judge, a change in custody for the baby in Bill's hands for a change, at least long enough to teach Katie to be fair to Bill. A child needs 2 parents working together not with so much hatred that it harms an innocent baby. Have these issues been shown on camera & I missed it? Does anyone else think these changes would be fair?

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  • Question on Big Brother rules:?

    Heathcliff (the HOH) names Peter (the Pawn) and Tony (the target) for eviction. After the battle for Veto happens, George (a guest) wins the Power of Veto & wants to save Tony, which will make the HOH furious. If George does save Tony from the block, can Heathcliff then put up George in retaliation for him saving Tony? Is there a rule protection the person using the power that way or is he then in danger of going on the block, replacing Tony the original target?

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  • Y&R & B&B spoiler alert- Have you heard about the writers just fired?

    Maria Arena Bell (d-i-l of the original creators) just let go ! Could it be because of the destroying character plots written, especially joining Victor & Sharon? Even with being the No. One show, you are still in danger if the network or big bosses do not like where a story is going. B&B viewers also are getting tired of the endless trio between Steffy, Liam & Hope too, since it's just a repeat of the previous trio involving their parents. I just hope they get another writer to come up with original stories for they sure have enough characters on each show to work with. Maybe that's the problem - they have too many characters for fans to root for. Any thoughts?

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  • On B & B , what is the "big secret" that is supposed to be between Steffy &?

    Liam that could break up Liam & Hope? Was it the old annulment papers? Would Hope even care now? Or did something happen in that hotel room between Liam & Steffy when he thought Hope left him again? Could we be looking for Steffy to become a mommy in 9 months? Now, that's a secret !

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  • B & B If Liam & Hope pair up and a hurt Steffi clings onto Bill leaving Katie out?

    in the cold, ignoring her "heart problems"how many think he'd change his mind because of all the manipulating Katie's been doing with Liam &Steffi's marriage.Katie & Brooke did interfere & were PROUD of it. Despite how much he loved Katie, she is not being a devoted wife to him & of course she sides with the Logan branch breaking up Liam's marriage. But Bill's got one huge problem...Katie didn't sign a pre nup & can take half of Bill's company, unless he is sneaky enough to stop her or find some loop hole.If he could find out she was lying about how serious her illness really was, that's fraud. Bill's got enough sneaky lawyers to do some miracle legal work to do to get Liam with Steffi again.

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  • B & B We now know it's Hope. But how many think Liam should have picked?

    ...Steffi ? Hope is beautiful, smart, untouched (go ahead & let the whole world know about your sex life or lack thereof) and don't be concerned when your mom keeps encouraging you to chase after a married man & break up his marriage. After all this behavior worked for Brooke...many times. Hope saw him first & after all it's "true love". Hope is the one who broke off the engagement & no one forced Liam to ask Steffi to marry him. Ask any woman if they saw their husband's ex if they would tell him she was around. Not if the wife has any brains for you just don't go looking for trouble. Katie & Brooke hounded Liam about "all those lies" & said he shouldn't forgive her. The Logan's don't they? Break up a marriage? Nah, not them. Didn't Ridge just forgive Brooke for some fiasco a few months ago? And a year or so ago ? Sleep (or stand up, whatever the case might be) with Oliver at the graduation? The Logans seem to live by a low standards but expect others to live by high standards. Hope should have backed way off so Liam could have a chance to work out any problems with Steffi. But I bet if Liam goes with Hope the Logans will scream is Steffi chased after Liam again & call foul, even though it's exactly what Hope just did. But I have a solution & hope the writers thought of it. What if it turns out that...dare I dream?...Steffi is pregnant? Take that scheming Logans ! Brooke did that one before ! That'll wake up Liam to the reality of having responsibilities & taking your vows seriously. Anyone else like that idea? After all they both do love each other.

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  • Y & R. Sharon did it again. Anyone else can't believe that she could be so?

    stupid hopping back into bed with Adam? Then she says she couldn't "bear to see him go to jail" ? After him letting her sit for months in jail herself? You just know Victor will find out she was the one who warned Adam of the plot. It's going to be "Goodbye Faith" when she loses custody again. Nikki sure will push for Faith to go back with Nick after the battle she had with Sharon.We all know where Sharon's priorities are & they aren't with Faith. I always thought she was a good mother, but not now for this is the second time she put Adam before her baby. It's back to Adam & Sharon against the world!

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  • Bold & Beautiful - Brooke's change?

    Did anyone else catch on that Brooke is going through an emotional "crisis" ? The way it's being written she is probably going through suicidal plans. She's giving away all her money, giving away personal gifts, saying how she's "repented", setting up grants, and being written with a "calm" attitude like she's "made up her mind". These things are all behaviors that a person planning to commit suicide does. ( I don't know about giving your husband back to your old enemy & his previous wife, though. That's new.). They'll probably write this in & she'll take an overdose or do something else dramatic. That way, Thomas will really feel guilty & he'll confess all to everyone. Even Stephanie won't see that coming talk about guilt. Brooke will almost die, then poor Taylor will lose out again & Ridge will bounce back to Brooke again. I hope Taylor gets a few weeks of happiness before the whole thing explodes. Anyone else see these signs or others?

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  • Do the writers on Y&R ever consult real lawyers about their stories?

    They play loose & hard over the decisions & lawsuits & I don't see how these cases get before a judge.Phyllis wants custody of Lucy to try to make up the time she lost with Daniel, ignoring the fact it is Daniel's decision to grow into being a good father.Men who are pushed into child rearing can become child abusers in the real world.They can't take the pressure of a crying child. Daniel also could just take Lucy & run off to NY & adopt the baby there where Phyllis wouldn't be around to interfere.You can't make a man into a father if he doesn't want to be one. This bullying action could turn Daniel against her for good. Courts will not take the rights of a parent away from a dad & give a baby to a grandmother unless the dad is unfit.(Alcoholic, drug abuser, physical abuser, or if a child abuser.) Phyllis has been in jail, lost custody of Daniel years ago, and could be in danger of never seeing Lucy again if the baby goes out of state & is privately adopted there.Parents with histories of alcoholism, drug abuse (even while the child is in labor) and courts will give the babies back to these unfit parents for they always try to keep families together. Parents do not legally have to allow grandparents to see these kids. Parents have the power over their kids that way. My step sister was not even allowed to see her grand kids (age 6 & 8) when their mother was murdered by a boyfriend. She could only speak to them once a week behind the father's back. He forbade visits even though he knew how much the murder had hurt those kids. If a parent wants to & really pushes it, he can move, & isolate the child from everyone.Courts can't make people be friends, no matter how much it hurts the kids.

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  • Y & R storyline. Good grief! How unrealistic this storyline is now?

    Our friendly neighborhood kidnapper & all around threat to society "Crazy Daisy" is on the loose, driving off into the sunset. Anyone who has been in active labor knows how realistic all this activity is. (You can just about breathe & scream at the same time when you're in labor, but I digress). What happened to the 24 hour security guard? He just let her go with her best bud Jana alone in the car? They just " turned off" the electronic ankle monitor too? Why? It should always be on...that's what it's for... to keep track of a person on bail. Why didn't they call 911, which anyone with half a brain would have done.Suppose she started to bleed again or deliver the baby...could Jana handle an emergency like that? This story has so many holes you could drive a snow plow through them! ( Oh wait...we don't have any extra snow plows because of the blizzard here.Maybe drive an ambulance for Crazy Daisy could have used one.) Even if you excuse the missing guard & letting Jana take her alone in the car, all they have to do is turn on the ankle monitor to find her. Do all these things bother anyone else who would just like Y & R to have logical story lines?

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  • On Y&R did anyone else think they have made unrealistic legal decisions like letting Daisy out of jail?

    Daisy was caught & jailed with no bail for kidnapping ( 2 people) , assisting with attempted murder, threats with a gun, and assault & battery. Probably other charges too, so " no bail" is logical for a judge to rule. Then because she developed bleeding with placenta previa the judge lets her out into Phyllis's care (she's not a nurse, thank God) with just an ankle monitor & bail. This is totally wrong. Phyllis leaves her with no guard & today while Daisy is alone, her door is unlocked & she just calls out from the couch "Come in". Of course she's supposed to be on bed rest like that would stop her from walking out the door if someone could cut the monitor off or disarm if. In the prison system ( I worked in one for years) there are medical units including the section where the prisoners come to see the doctor for sick call & a hospital wing with 20 - 30 beds (depending on the size of the prison) for in patients, where prisoners can stay under an RN supervision 24 hours a day. Daisy could have been sent to the prison hospital wing, with a nurse & correction officer, under guard. If she started to bleed she would have been sent to the hospital for surgery or delivery immediately with no chance of escape. Instead she's alone & if something happens to her she also has no phone & could bleed to death. Or go into labor & lose the baby with no one to help her. It makes no sense logically to leave her alone since the reason she was let out was because her pregnancy was in danger & she needed supervision which a prison hospital would give her. Y&R should check their facts for they either didn't or feel their viewers wouldn't know about prisons & how they work. Also it is just plain stupid too to leave her alone. By the way, prisoners watch soap operas too.Although their favorite show is "America's Most Wanted" they watch Y&R because so many people go to jail in it.

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  • is there current surgert available & RWJ for repair L4L5 disc repair (osteoporosis) w/neuro sympto (amb)?)?

    have had workup 8/06 & conserv. tx with 3 epidural ( decadron) with minimal pain relief: walking with cane now, loss balance , neuro symptoms worse, on temp disability. PT min. help (Can't climb stairs so can't function @ work).CAN SURGERY HELP? (previous neurosurgeon unavail> until May)

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  • is there current surgert available & RWJ for repair L4L5 disc repair (osteoporosis) w/neuro sympto (amb)?)?

    have had workup 8/06 & conserv. tx with 3 epidural ( decadron) with minimal pain relief: walking with cane now, loss balance , neuro symptoms worse, on temp disability. PT min. help (Can't climb stairs so can't function @ work).CAN SURGERY HELP? (previous neurosurgeon unavail> until May)

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