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  • what are the cons of poor motivation in a business?

    Please provide at least five points with small explanation for each.

    10 points for the best answer.

    Thank you.

    1 AnswerTeaching9 years ago
  • do i need gcse accounting to do A level accounting?

    I've just finished my Gcse and Im pretty satisfied wiv my report. I got A in business, A bio , B I.T nd English and C in maths..

    Well now i've got to choose my AS level subjects and im thinking bout taking Accounting, I.t and business. The problem is I've never done accounting do you think its a good idea to take it?

    Will i be able to cope with the subject?

    1 AnswerStandards & Testing9 years ago
  • Is it possible to forget a language?

    Well I'm from Bangladesh and I have been living in the middle east for 15 years..I've been studying in Cambridge all these years and its obvious that I know how to speak English. I wouldn't say that I can speak like an English man but i do speak which is enough to express my feelings to others.

    I go to my country for holidays every year for like a month but this time I guess I'm going there for good. I've finished my GCSE and willing to continue my AS levels which I have to in Bangladesh =/ After that I hope to join an University in Australia.

    The problem is that in my country nobody speaks English and I'm afraid I may loose my accent or may not speak the same way as I do now. Here I only speak Bengali with my family..So this means Im speaking English all the time with my friends and I spend most of my time with my friends..

    Any suggestions or advices will be really helpful =)

    7 AnswersLanguages10 years ago
  • What genre(s) of music do you like?

    I like Heavy Metal/ Melodic Death metal/ Power metal/ Gothic metal/ Progressive Metal/ Techno/ Drum n Bass/ Some Hard style/ Reggae/ Some Electro/ UK garage music.

    16 AnswersRock and Pop10 years ago
  • What would you do, if you father beat you when you are 19 years old?

    I'm 19 years old and going to be 20 this April. There was an argument between me and my father. He was blaming me for something I didn't do. I lost my temper and broke a coffee cup which was in my hand. After that I was just shocked with his reaction. First he punched me on my chest and then twice on my Face. I didn't so anything. I just stood there and took them. I'm still shocked as how could he possibly hit me when I'm already 19. I can't move out as I'm still dependent on him. I don't have enough money to move out. What should I do?

    6 AnswersFamily10 years ago
  • Quality of Education in Bangladesh?

    I'm not aware of the quality of education provided in Bangladesh..I am from Bangladesh but I was raised up in U.A.E and only visited Dhaka a few times. I am currently following the British curriculum and have done my IGCSE. I am looking forward to complete my AS levels but I'm not quite sure if there are any schools in Bangladesh which follow the British curriculum (CIE and Ed-excel examinations).

    2 AnswersHigher Education (University +)10 years ago
  • How do you define a gangster?

    Too many out there these days.

    2 AnswersLanguages10 years ago
  • How to install os6 in blackberry 9300?

    So i have this blackberry 9300. Its running on OS5. There is an official release of OS6 for this model. I tried installing OS6 but the desktop software for blackberry dosen't recognize the software which its supposed to..otherwise i can't continue the installation =/ (I did unzip the software before connecting ,y device to the PC) The desktop software I'm using is version device is not from T-mobies etc, I got it from the Plug Ins.

    Help me out

    2 AnswersPDAs & Handhelds10 years ago
  • Your Favorite movies?

    Mine are



    The Hangover

    Due Date

    Shutter Island

    Lock stock and two smoking barrels

    The Girl next door

    The girl with the dragon tattoo


    Gangs of New York



    Dumb and Dumber

    The dark knight


    Crank 1& 2


    American Pie (1,2 &3)

    Inglorious Bastards


    Shoot em up

    Fight Club


    Zombie land


    Many more =p this is all I can think of atm

    7 AnswersMovies10 years ago
  • Your favourite metal bands?

    I like:

    Lamb of god

    In Flames

    As blood runs Black

    Black Label Society

    Avenged Sevenfold


    System of a down

    Winds of plague










    Cradle of Filth

    Threat Signal

    14 AnswersRock and Pop10 years ago
  • Which brand of cigarette do you like and why?

    This place will stink for non smokers so, keep out..

    nd I don't want to quit ha..No advices on quitting please =)

    6 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits10 years ago
  • What Is psychological pricing?

    Give me an easy definition !

    5 AnswersOther - Advertising & Marketing10 years ago
  • How to finish 3 subjects in one month?

    I have my Igcse examz on may and i haven't finished all my subjects yet. I have the whole geography book to study and I haven't done maths as well..Im taking maths (core) btw!

    The worst thing is that I take a whole day to study only one chapter =/..but my friends can finish 3 or 4 a day! So m kind of worried I f i will be able to finish all my subjects before the examz start. I have business,Geography and Math to study! FML

    2 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education10 years ago
  • Please suggest some good metal bands for me =)?

    I like Avenged sevenfold, In Flames, Lamb of god, Arch Enemy, Devil Driver, Metallica, Buckethead, Machine Head, Killswitch Engaged, Disturbed..etc..

    im kind of a religious guy so no satanic stuff =p

    7 AnswersRock and Pop10 years ago