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  • My 4 year old won’t eat enough food no matter how hard I try. Any suggestions please?

    My 4 year old has been a picky eater for the most part of his life. 

    When he was a toddler, (2yr old) I could manage to force feed a banana, few vegetables, an egg sometimes, occasionally yogurt. 

    Now at 4, he started school. 1 hr in the morning, it’s a battle to get him eat 1 egg and half a glass milk. He can hold food in cheek for hours and spit it away. 

    Whatever I pack for his lunch (pancakes, bread ) usually comes back home. He will nibble on chips and cookies if provided.

    Dinner takes at least 2 hours and all I manage to get him eat Is a small bowl of rice and lentils. 

    As a result he usually appears weak, says he’s tired during a 5 min walk. 

    The only food he will jump at, with excitement, are chocolates, icing cream, cookies & sugary drinks. If he’s ever hungry, he will cry for the above snacks but will not eat anything healthy.

    I love my lo, I’m concerned and clueless how to improve his eating habits.

    If you have experiences on overcoming similar challenges, please share your thoughts. Thank you 🙏

    9 AnswersToddler & Preschooler2 months ago
  • How to help my 4 year old kid to integrate into school system?

    hi, my 4 year old kid just started school. He is very friendly when it comes to playing with older kids who are 4-5 years older than him. He freezes when he sees a bunch of kids his age and will totally restrain from participating in group activities like climbing climbers, slides or any activity where his classmates are around. If he is alone, he is ok. We are unable to figure out how to help him overcome his fears. When asked to do lego, he disappeared into the washroom. If anyone out there could overcome similar situations with their kids, please share your experiences. thank you.

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